Steelers trim roster to 75

Most teams that have made roster moves in advance of Tuesday’s 75-man deadline have stopped short of going all the way to the new deadline.  The Steelers have decided not to waste any more time.

A flurry of moves puts the Steelers at 75, with six days to go until the team cuts to 53.

Linebacker Sean Spence, who suffered a severe knee injury during the 2012 preseason, has been placed on the team’s reserve/physically unable to perform list.   He’ll be eligible to return to practice after Week 6 and through Week 11.  The Steelers also have placed guard Justin Cheadle and cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke on the waived/injured list; if unclaimed by another team, they’ll revert to injured reserve.  Rookie defensive end Nick Williams has been placed on the injured reserve list.

Finally, the Steelers have released tackle D’Anthony Batiste, running back Baron Batch, tackle Mike Farrell, receiver David Gilreath, receiver Tyler Shaw, cornerback Ryan Steed, linebacker Stevenson Sylvester, tight end Peter Tuitupou, quarterback John Parker Wilson, receiver J.D. Woods, and running back Jeremy Wright.

41 responses to “Steelers trim roster to 75

  1. Nothing usual here… Im hoping Spence can come back, so far everything seems positive.

  2. Really hope Sean Spence can get that knee right – not just for Steeler factors, but for the kid himself. Spence is a heart and soul guy who deserves better than that nasty injury from his rookie pre-season.

    Best of luck to all the guys who got trimmed. Sylvester did some nice things for us on Special Teams – so deserves some appreciation on that level.

    Batch showed the occasional flash, and Van Dyke has potential — but it looks like it’ll take some patience to see if it can be tapped.

  3. I understand the cuts are done by lottery since everyone on the team is equally useless.

  4. “I understand the cuts are done by lottery since everyone on the team is equally useless.”

    Yup, just like clockwork, R-avenator alias, wanna be steeler fan, “Joemontanaflacco” post his 2 yr old comments and betrays his Raven fans who may actually have class in their post.

    Don’t you have to be in bed and ready for school?

  5. steelers6rings says: Aug 25, 2013 7:57 PM

    This is how it’s done, NFL. Take notes.


    You really need to quit living in the past.

  6. steelers6rings must not realize the steelers were irrelevant the last 2 seasons, and will be for years to come. How many SB’s did you witness clown? I bet you just became a pirate fan this year huh? #7 is so far away!

  7. Classy to cut some of theses guys while they still have a chance to catch on somewhere else. Namely Batch, Sylvester and Gilreath. Also, good news for Spence I don’t think they would have put him on PUP if they didn’t think he’d be back before week 11.

    Steelers are gonna be juuuuust fine this year don’t worry fans and haters alike.

  8. bengalguy – have you paid any attention to the steelers this offseason? I believe y’all took one of the old and slow guys from us… A bunch more have been purged from the team the last two seasons. They’re much younger than they’ve been in years, especially on offense

  9. I love how these clown fans like to come on the steelers board when their team comes up a little and talk smack. As for the Bengals right now paper champs. Like Stevie Wonder once said You Haven’t Done Nothing Yet. No playoff wins since the George Bush Sr. administration. A Broncos fan here really. I know Peyton Manning has inflated Broncos fans ego and understandably so as he is the best regular season qb of this generation but his playoff failures is as big a part of his legacy as his success as a regular season qb so until Denver actually wins the Super Bowl with Manning I will refer to them as paper champs too.

  10. >bengalguy said: Slower, older team now<

    I miss the days around here when even though someone was bagging on someone else's team, they at least said something funny or otherwise worth reading.

    And yes, I realize there are idiot Steelers fans who do the same thing. It's not interesting or worth reading when they do it either.

  11. steeley mcbeam:
    Well, I’m plenty worried.
    — There are zero players left from the 2008 draft.
    — The Steelers have played the league’s weakest schedule in back-to-back seasons, yet are only 20-13 with just six wins against opponents that finished each season with a winning record.
    — The Steelers’ top two draft picks this year are both hobbled by injuries.
    — The Steelers’ offense is coming consecutive seasons in which it ranked No. 22 in scoring.
    — The Steelers’ best offensive player, Heath Miller, may miss as many as six games to start the season.
    — And I won’t even mention the pitiful play of the Steelers’ special teams this preseason.
    As the team’s official mascot, steeley, please explain to me why I shouldn’t be even just a little worried.

  12. I’m a little surprised at Sylvester He is a good special teams guy. Batch also surprising they would release him with all the injuries at rb.

  13. These guys won’t be woefully disappointed when the Ravens mercilessly sweep the Steelers this year.

    Really! Just like the ravens mercilessly almost got swept by Steelers last year. The ratbirds will be lucky to split with the browns. Good One!

  14. This season will be determined by the o line. If they step it up expect 10 wins, if the continue to play like that have been 7 wins at best. Ravensynasty troll, steelers lost as many as you won and you barely managed a split with them last year against a 2nd and 3rd string QBs. The defense will be fine, like what I’ve seen from Jones, hopefully he will bounce back quickly. The weakest point is the o line, which makes the RBs look that much worse. Big Ben may not be Brees, Rodgers, Brady, or Manning, but he can make his WR look good, I do credit about a third of sacks to him tho. Young offensive starters, Big Ben as the old man, 6 younger defensive starters, Foote, Kiesle, Clark, Taylor, and Polamolu are the old men who will be gone within the next 1-3 years. Back in the SB hunt in 2-3 years.

  15. Wasn’t Batiste signed like two months ago? He washed out pretty fast.

    I love the popular line for the first round of cuts: “You are a good player so we are releasing you in the first round of cuts to increase your chances of signing with another team”

  16. “Slower, older team now”

    You may have a point. Cutting the younger, faster players might be the Steelers’ well-guarded secret to failure.

  17. Baron Batch and Steve Sylvester were good special team players they needed. the special teams are awful as usual. just sat a chief had a 109 kickoff return TD so they best twork it out. Danny Smith has done nothing to make them better. 5-11 if Big Bum Rozzenbagger geys hurt they could go 2-14 3-13 Neffs ike

  18. bobzilla1001 says:
    Aug 25, 2013 9:18 PM

    Well, I’m plenty worried.


    What else is new.

  19. @bobzilla, I’ll answer for Steely. You shouldn’t be worried because, even with all those issues listed, we still have the best QB in the nfl. That was easy.

  20. Let me guess, keeping with form, the Ravens will copy the steelers again and trim their roster to 75 soon. Little sisters.

  21. No, keep him. Every circus needs a clown. The guy can’t execute an actual play. Instead, he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off until he dumps something off, causing all the towel waving crazies to jump up and down. It’s a big show, but when the post season rolls around, it’s all over.

  22. The circus clown is Unibrow Fako……just watch all the INT’s he throws this season as he forces passes into coverage…just like he has been doing all pre-season…..HE SUCKS……couldn’t even beat out Tyler Palko at Pitt for the starting role

  23. “couldn’t even beat out Tyler Palko at Pitt for the starting role”

    Wow! Only a Steelers fan would try to compare a SB MVP with an insurance salesman. Well done.

  24. guitarkevin says: Aug 27, 2013 12:02 PM

    Joe is gonna pick apart the Steelers 2ndary like a bunch of Hons at a crab feast.

    If I were the Ravens I would be worried about that defense that is giving up a ton of points already this season.

  25. Joemontanaflacco says: Aug 27, 2013 12:24 PM

    “couldn’t even beat out Tyler Palko at Pitt for the starting role”

    Wow! Only a Steelers fan would try to compare a SB MVP with an insurance salesman. Well done.

    LOL….you just did idiot boy……..maybe you should just get out of here and concern yourself with the Ravens season instead of being obsessed with the Steelers.

    From the look of your starters in the pre-season
    this is going to be a LONG year for the Rats…..Fako throwing a lot of picks without Boldin to bail him out

  26. “this is going to be a LONG year for the Rats”

    And it’s going to be a SHORT year for the Steelers. Maybe Flacco will wave to you while you and Roethlisbooger are sitting on the couch watching him sail through the post-season.

  27. “while you and Roethlisbooger are sitting on the couch watching him sail through the post-season.”

    The only thing sailing for “Jump Ball Joe” will be his passes out of bounds while Lamar Woodley and Jarvis Jones pound him in the turf.

  28. “The only thing sailing for “Jump Ball Joe” will be his passes out of bounds while Lamar Woodley and Jarvis Jones pound him in the turf.”

    Yes, keep playing tubby and Mr. Fragile. Discussing all his injuries will be a great anatomy lesson for all you heartless fans.

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