49ers trade Parys Haralson to Saints

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Parys Haralson is heading from San Francisco to New Orleans.

Haralson has been traded by the 49ers to the Saints, according to the San Jose Mercury News. There’s no immediate word on what the Saints gave up to acquire Haralson.

Haralson did not speak to reporters, but teammates confirmed that they had learned he was on the way to the Saints.

“He was a good mentor, taught me a lot and best of luck to him in New Orleans,” Aldon Smith said.

Haralson has spent his entire career in San Francisco since the 49ers chose him in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL draft. He started all 16 games in 2011 but missed the entire 2012 season with a torn triceps tendon.

In New Orleans, Haralson is expected to step in and fill the starting outside linebacker spot vacated by Will Smith, who suffered a season-ending injury on Saturday.

74 responses to “49ers trade Parys Haralson to Saints

  1. Best of luck Parys “Don’t call me Woody” Haralson. I guess the niners figured they got by fine without him last year. Hope their depth isn’t tested.

  2. While I hope we didn’t cough up too much for the guy, we need the help, and this dude looked like a beast against the Vikings the other night. Anything helps. That defense was tragic last year.

  3. I hope we are handsomely compensated. Haralson is a VERY solid player and is now going to a conference rival. No shame not starting on a team with two All-Pro’s at the position.

  4. The 49ers linebacker corps is already absurdly loaded with Willis, Bowman, Smith, and Ahmad Brooks. All four were All-Pros, and three were First Teamers. Haralson was just a depth/relief guy.

    This move also makes sense for the Saints. Will Smith was too big to be a linebacker in my opinion, and they’ll be getting a player with experience in the 3-4 defense.

    A good move all around.

  5. He will be a good fit in New Orleans. Not a superstar but very solid. Wonder what the price was?

  6. I’m thankful Saints were able to work something out with the 9ers, hopefully 9ers scored one of our rookie WRs, I’ll be sad if its Andy Tanner.

  7. The 49ers being willing to trade Haralson shows more about how well Lemonier, Skuta, and Johnson have been playing in the pre-season than anything about Haralson. Underrated OLB and the Saints got a heck of a player.

  8. More playing time for Cory Lemonier. Which isnt a bad thing.Lemonier is a pass rushing specialist. Kind of surprising though since Haralson was having a solid pre- season. Good luck Parys except when you play the 9ERS.

  9. Saints most likely got the better end of this deal. Haralson is underrated and a quality player. Lemonier is more like Aldon though than Haralson is and he has had a pretty good start for someone that was supposed to be a project. Good luck Parys.. class act

  10. He was a solid player for the Niners and was caught up in a numbers game in SF. He was not going to start and likely would have been inactive on game day while younger backup players at his position would have been active on game day and playing special teams. He never would have seen the field.

    In New Orleans, he will be a starter in 3 weeks.

    Hope he helps the Saints Defense, would be great if he was the player that helped put them into the #1 seed in the NFC.

  11. This trade makes a lot of sense because Haralson is a solid starter on any team that needs a 3-4 linebacker. He’s good at stopping the run and he’s a solid pass rusher…he’s not going to give you double digit sacks but he can rush the QB and he’s solid in pass coverage. With Aldon Smith and Brooks as the starter, Haralson needed to go to a team that will start him and the Saints fit the bill.

  12. Saints fans just don’t expect double digit sacks but he is a guy who can put pressure on the QB which is just as key. Again he is stellar against the run.

  13. I don’t see the 9ers taking a WR in the trade. They would have to subject him to waivers when Manningham comes back. Crabtree thereafter.

  14. This made too much sense not to happen. Really hope we got at least a fourth rounder though, Haralson was an awesome backup and could start on many, many teams in this league.

    Saints fans, you just got a heck of an OLB for your new 3-4.

  15. Best of luck PH! I was sad to hear he was on the trading block. Glad he is going to a good team and will start. Good solid man and solid player. You got a good player Saints fans.

  16. Good move for both teams. NO gets a solid, team-first OLB for their transition to the 3-4. SF gets some kind of compensation, only have to cut 14 players to get to the temporary limit and can get the younger, cheaper Lemonier more playing time.

  17. As a Niner fan I’m sad to see him go but also glad he gets a shot to actually play. He would have been great to keep around for depth.. But it makes sense for both sides. Best of luck to you Parys! Just hope you don’t set the edge well when the two teams face off against each other.

  18. So, he has practiced against the 49ers offense and grew up as a Saints fan? Hmmm, should be a good addition for at least one game this year.

  19. Another 49ers fan who thinks that the Saints got a really good player. Solid against the run, able to rush the passer, team player, all-around good guy. He should step right into a starting role.

  20. Great in run support and a heck of a pro.. no off field issues, great team mate (by all accounts) and well liked. Good luck sir!

  21. Worried we gave up Tanner? After Graham, Colston, Moore, Sproles, Stills, Thomas, Toon, and possibly Watson, he’s our next best option in the passing game. I would love it if that’s all we gave up, but I doubt it.

  22. Knowing Baalke..He probably raped the Saints for a high draft pick..Solid player though..8-9 sacks a year..Good for both sides..

  23. Cap space. It’s a calculated gamble – the middle-of-the-pack players cost too much for what you will get from them, relative to draft picks, assuming that you have reasonable luck with injuries.

  24. Word is it’s a 7th Round pick, and that’s a great deal for the Saints — Haralson was a solid piece on a great defense for years before Aldon Smith brought another pass rushing dimension. He’s a really great run defender.

    The 49ers have, like, 16 picks in next year’s draft — not exaggerating.

  25. How bout that clown who ran back the kickoff and received 2 unsportsmanlike penalties on the same play..Harbaugh should have cut him immediately..

  26. Another salary cap motivated move for a team with the luxury of many good players and not enough money to pay them all. Have a great contract year season, Parys!

  27. Terrible trade, I here it’s for a 7th rd pick next yr., so for a player who has little chance to make the team. They r barely saving any $ for a guy that looked like he could contribute a lot.

  28. I think the play of Lemonier led to this traded. It’s not just I’m a auburn fan but I realized he was a steal when drafted. He great about being first of the line and his pure athletic ability makes him perfect for the niners scheme. He played good on a crappy def in the sec. Auburn could cover to save there life the last year but he still blew by the high pick Oline men from sec. Depth could be a issue but I’m sure haraslon brought decent picks to come. Brooks really step up after the injury last year and showed he need to be on the other side of Aldon.

  29. Great at setting the edge against the run. Good enough against the pass to get by. Very solid player but wouldn’t have made the final 53 – 49ers are looking to the future at a lot of positions. Best of luck in New Orleans!

  30. League source says compensation is a 7th round pick “if” he makes the team. Unlike last year’s trade for Barrett Rudd this pick is protected. He’ll make the team. Good trade for the Saints!!

  31. A 7th rounder? Are you kidding me? Looks like Baalke got Baalke’d by Loomis this time. I give this trade a D. Congrats Saints fans, you got the better end of this one for sure.

  32. The fact that the haralson was expendable to the niners should make every offense in the nfc afraid… Verrrrry afraid.

  33. Reportedly the Niners are getting a 2014 7th round pick on condition that Haralson makes the Saints’ opening roster. That seems real low for a solid starting caliber outside LB.

  34. I’m surprised the 9ers made the trade with the Saints being an NFC rival but I’m pretty sure the 9ers got a little better for it too… Saints and 9ers will be amongst the last NFC teams standing in January..

  35. I really hate to see PH go. Darn good run stuffer. Like others have stated it would be nice to know the compensation.

  36. A 7th round draft pick if Parys makes the roster. That’s a steal IMHO. Saints fans, you gave up nothing for a starting-calibre LB.

  37. AT least the 9ers got something (7th rounder), they would have had to release him anyway since they’re so deep at OLB…

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