Baldwin making catches with 49ers


Unlike receiver A.J. Jenkins, who made no receptions in his first game with the Chiefs, receiver Jon Baldwin picked up a pair of catches in his first game with the 49ers.

Like Jenkins, Baldwin drew praise from his head coach.

“He’s had a nice command of the offense,” coach Jim Harbaugh told reporters after Sunday night’s game.  “The very short time that he’s been here he has shown that he absorbed it real quick and put him in some situations where he hadn’t practiced.  Some of the things he did there tonight showed that he was taking mental reps and the ones he was in, that was real encouraging.  He pays attention and has real good physical ability.  Everybody likes him.  He’s fit in real well.”

It’s unclear where Baldwin specifically stands on the team’s roster; he appears nowhere on the online depth chart, where the starters are Anquan Boldin and Kyle Wiliams, the second-teamers are Marlon Moore and Chad Hall, the third-stringers are Austin Collie and Kassim Osgood/Quinton Patton.

For now, it’s too early to say whether the Jenkins-for-Baldwin trade was a win-win or a lose-lose or something in between.

15 responses to “Baldwin making catches with 49ers

  1. I wouldn’t put much in that depth chart.
    Patton will almost certainly be second team at worst.

  2. Two passes, two catches, two first downs. One nice big target for Kaepernick on third down and in the red zone.

  3. leftygun says:
    Aug 26, 2013 7:11 AM
    Harbaugh praising yet another mediocre player? Shocking.


    A fan thats jealous that Harbaugh isn’t coaching his mediocre team?
    Even more shocking.

  4. i remember the chiefs fans saying they must have got the better deal with jenkins. 1 game into the preseason and thats already NOT the case. Baldwin looked good. Patton looked even better 🙂

  5. The hate for Harbaugh is mind blowing. I can think of about 29 teams that would want and would upgrade with Jim Harbaugh as their head coach. Praising mediocre players is what a head coach is supposed to do. Get the most of your players by instilling confidence in them.

  6. Harbaugh is delivering wins in an entertainment business. It would be nice to both win and have a coach you would invite over for dinner, but understand. My lawyer is a junk yard dog too.

    Just keep giving me wins with integrity. I am not looking for anything else.

  7. Lavelle Hawkins had a couple of nice plays, followed by bonehead moves which drew penalties. Wonder if the unsportsmanlike conduct is enough to get him cut. Baldwin looked good out there, he made some nice grabs. Patton looked great too. On a side note, BJ Daniels looked great. He should definitely make the roster has a backup QB.

  8. As someone else said, Baldwin has already done more in one game than Jenkins has in his entire career. Albeit just two plays but it would be nice to have someone with his dimensions stretching the field. I say Boldin, Williams, Patton, Baldwin.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  9. I think it’s fair to say we got the better end of that trade with Baldwin……thanks KC and good luck with Jenkins!

  10. Baldwin looked good. I wouldn’t say who got the better of the deal until the seasons over. By that I mean after the niners win the Super Bowl! Go Niners!

    P.S….BJ Daniels looked awesome! WOW!

  11. I’m noticing a trend, at least with this offseason: Talented players who may have been either underutilized or “mis-utilized” on other teams hook up with the Niners and show results pretty quickly. Dorsey, Moore, Baldwin, and now Nnamdi have looked pretty good thus far, all because they’re with a coaching staff who not only knows how to use them but also instills confidence. Same with Carlos Rogers. While the Niners aren’t miracle workers (they failed to make A.J. Jenkins a serviceable NFL player), they make the most of what they got.

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