Gronk returns to individual drills


With a decision to be made in five days regarding whether Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will stay on the PUP list through at least the first six weeks of the season or join the active roster, the Pats seem to be trying to figure out what Gronk can do in the wake of back surgery.  Which followed multiple procedures on his twice-broken arm.

Per multiple reports, Gronkowski is participating in individuals drills at practice on Monday.

He can’t return to team drills without leaving the PUP list.  And if he leaves the PUP list he’ll count toward the 53-man roster as of Saturday.

The challenge for coach Bill Belichick will be to decide whether to keep a spot for Gronkowski if he won’t be ready to play until October.  At a certain point, it makes sense to leave him on the PUP list for the first six weeks of the regular season, use the roster spot elsewhere, and allow him to get healthy.

Regardless of when Gronkowski gets healthy, the more important question is whether he can stay healthy.  Since January 2012, the answer has been “no.”

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  1. When is Aaron Hernandez returning to practice? That dude holding out for a contract or something? How is no one else wondering this?

  2. If the Pats get one smell that he’s not healed, then I would argue it’s a no-brainer that he should be placed on the PUP list.

    Gronk! Gronk! Gronk!

  3. you forgot to add the reason he can’t stay healthy according to this site and that is he like to do things that all guys his age do or would love to do and that is enjoy life. because we all know going to a bar and dancing in clubs is the cause of his back problems or the reason his arm keeps getting broke. couldn’t be because he plays a big part in a sport where there is allot of violent hitting could it?

  4. It does not make sense to put a game changer on the PUP list through week 6 if he could play in week 3 like other sites have reported. The Pats will need all the help they can get beginning week 4 they have Atlanta, Cincinnati, New Orleans.

  5. This team has the ability to make the playoffs without Gronkowski playing for the first 6 weeks. He was hurt each of the last 2 years come playoff time and it very well might have been the difference between them winning and losing . The PUP list is where he belongs.

  6. how come no post about what the governor of new jersey had to say about jets beat writer/frequent pft guest manish mehta?

  7. I wish him well. Too bad the only Patriot I can stand is such a menace to himself and has to play for the poster boy for cheaters.

  8. After 6 weeks, the Patriots will be 5-1 with him or 4-2 without him. Better keep him out of the game and focus on the second half of the season.

    Just keep him out of the individual drills. It is more dangerous than a field goal block.

  9. Best player in NFL not named Tom Brady.

    A healthy Gronk would have gotten us Super Bowl 46 and probably a trip to the super bowl last year.

  10. I find it hard to believe that he’s recovered enough to play in less than a month. When he was recovering from back surgery he couldn’t do anything.

    Yes, we need him. That’s exactly why they should err on the side of caution. I’d rather have him late in the season/the playoffs than week 3. Don’t care what BB says, week 3 is not as important as week 12 and everyone knows it.

  11. Forget this ‘save him for the playoffs’ routine. If Gronk is cleared to play, he should play. That’s what they’re trying to find out. If he goes on the PUP list, he can’t even practice for the 1rst 6 wks, never mind play. They need him. They have no dependable skill players. Teams are gonna take away Amendola, load up against the run, and try to make rookies or fringe players beat them. Good luck with that.

    Thanks for the obligatory cheater comment jimmyt. You outdid yourself once again. Not too difficult, the bar is pretty low. Yawn.

  12. Of course week 3 is important. If you don’t win in week 3, week 12 may not matter. The NFL is only 16 games long every game is important.

  13. What kind of physical condition can he possibly be in after so many months of injuries, surgeries, and layoffs? They’ll be lucky if they can get him up to speed by 8 weeks into the season, so concentrate on getting him ready for the playoff run at the end. If nothing else goes wrong.

  14. Thank you Dr fordmandalay. Nobody knows where Gronk is at, even probably the Pats, to a certain extent. But fans have no idea.

  15. It’s gonna be so fun watching these cheating losers fall into the same category as Tiger woods…Ryan Braun….Barry Bonds….Lance Armstrong….New England Patriots….

  16. Gotta love pats fans- blaming the past 2 playoff losses on not having gronk???? hahahahahahaha

    what is he gonna go out and play defense now??? maybe Bill should go find someone capable of stopping joe flacco, which apparently they are allergic too

  17. If they put him on PUP it opens up a roster spot,and Tebow will get to stay. No PUP, no Tebow.

  18. I got this guy in an auto draft fantasy league. My other TE is Martellus Bennett. I dropped Brandon LaFell and picked up Tyler Eifert just in case Gronk is out for the first 6 weeks.

    Eifert is going to do some damage for the Bengals this year. He’ll probably out perform Bennett altogether before the season is over.

  19. Gotta love pats fans- blaming the past 2 playoff losses on not having gronk???? hahahahahahaha

    what is he gonna go out and play defense now??? maybe Bill should go find someone capable of stopping joe flacco, which apparently they are allergic too

    Not saying they win with Gronk. But looking back at their last two losses, SB and Ravens, the defense actually played pretty decent. They were the weakness going into the game for sure. But IMO the offense has sputtered in those losses. You can’t win SBs/playoff games scoring 17 points and 13 points.

    You’re lying to yourself if you dont think a healthy/present Gronk doesn’t make a difference. You act like we are talking about Donte Stallworth or something. Gronk is arguably the best TE in the entire NFL.

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