Harbaugh says Colt McCoy is his guy


Sometimes coaches see things we scribes, pundits and so-called experts fail to see.

Such was the case late last night, when 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Colt McCoy had done enough to win the backup quarterback job.

I feel real good about Colt as the backup quarterback,” Harbaugh said after Sunday’s game, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

Meetings last week apparently put him on more stable footing.

“Jim (Harbaugh) and I had a great week. We talked and we met a lot,” McCoy said. “Between us, I think we figured each other out a lot better.

“I hadn’t performed the way I know I can’t perform. I hadn’t picked up the offense as well as I’d like to.”

It was a big weekend for the quarterback, who helped his chances of staying by agreeing to a pay cut as well.

“It really happened quick,” McCoy said. “This is a tremendous team. It’s well-coached. It’s a great organization from top to bottom. And when I was approached. This is personal, but I’m glad to be here. That’s new to me. I’d never done anything like that. But it’s all fine.”

Of course, to suggest McCoy is on stable footing would be a little naive. He was dangled in trade talks over the weekend, and his line from last night’s game (11-of-15 for 109 yards with an interception) wasn’t the kind of light bulb moment that made you see his true brilliance as a player.

Mostly, it seems about a temporary lack of better options. McCoy played the bulk of the game, with rookie B.J. Daniels getting some time, along with Seneca Wallace. Scott Tolzien didn’t play, which can’t help his chances of hanging on.

54 responses to “Harbaugh says Colt McCoy is his guy

  1. It’s the kiss of death. When Harbaugh praises you, you either get cut or traded.

    P.S. I’m fluent in Harbaughnese.

  2. It was a big weekend for the quarterback, who helped his chances of staying by agreeing to a pay cut as well.


    Backup QB is announced as making the roster the SAME DAY as he accepts a 50% paycut. Shocker.

  3. Funny… wasn’t this guy a goner earlier this weekend? Goes to show what media guys know.

  4. McCoy will do just fine. The 49er scheme is complex. Harbaugh has a “pretty good” track record when it comes to grooming quarterbacks.

    I think Baalke used McCoy’s contract reduction as a way to increase possible trade value but also to really get a fire going under McCoy. He’ll be fine.

    Plus BJ Daniels looked strong as well.

  5. Not unlike Harbaugh to say “He’s my guy” and then have him traded the next day.

  6. Expect the lunatic Harbaugh to get kicked out of at least 4 games this year for his out of control behaviour and theatrics. The Di Bartolo-Yorks’ need to fire him, he’s such a total embarassment

  7. I hope the same trolls that go on Cleveland’s board come on here and talk about how he hasn’t been given a fair chance and that he’s actually a good QB, etc. All I read anytime there was a Colt post was how its Cleveland and no QB could play good there. Maybe he just isn’t good enough to play in the NFL. Seems crazy but if he can’t succeed in SF then I don’t think he can anywhere.

  8. “I hadn’t performed the way I know I can’t perform.”

    Huh? So he thinks he performed well? I don’t think he shouldn’t not use anymore double negatives.

  9. Alex Smith was his guy as well…

    They got him to take a pay cut to make him a more attractive trade.

  10. “I feel real good about Colt as the backup quarterback,” Harbaugh said after Sunday’s game.

    In other words, the fact that he took the pay cut, allowed him to be “Jims Guy”. Sometimes it’s not your performance that wins you a spot, but the contractual price of your talents that make you seem more attractive and conducive to getting a roster spot.

  11. If anyone picks any team but the 49’ers to be the NFC rep in the Super Bowl, you are delusional. Seattle is strong, but the 49’ers don’t seem to have a weakness.
    I’m a die-hard Packers fan, but facing reality is better than getting run over by it.

    Packers open with the 49’ers. I’m hoping the Packers will stay within two touchdowns.

  12. “I feel real good about Colt as the backup quarterback,” – for another team…

    No way should the Niners keep Colt when Daniels and Wallace give them better backup options.

    Just my 2 cents…

  13. Wallace can win games if Kaepernick goes down, I just don’t think McCoy can. BJ has earned a roster spot with his performance thus far. I’m sure McCoy can have success somewhere, in a different offense, just not in SF.

  14. Packers beat them to the punch by snagging Vince Young, who would have been the perfect backup in SF.

    Given that they asked McCoy to take a pay cut, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s replaced if they see a better option get released by another team.

  15. It’s funny, the whole narrative among both pundits and experts is that the NFL is more quarterback driven than ever, yet the 49ers have managed to have tremendous success over the past couple of seasons with very modestly paid quarterbacks on their roster. Alex Smith was the highest paid signal caller they had during the Harbaugh era, and his salary was middle-to-low for starting QBs in the league in Harbaugh’s two years with him.

    Running, defense, special teams, and game management. What’s old is new again.

  16. Quick question, , why did they just sign Seneca Wallace? Will he be cut next week?
    Niner fans should worry about bj Daniel though. He’s obviously a developmental player with talent. He’ll be put on practice squad. Jets are likely to snatch him away since he played better then any qb on their roster

  17. @seatownballer…… buddy, you and I played better QB over the weekend than that clown car in Jersey! Lol.

  18. Can we please stop showing Harbaugh’s face every time they throw a flag. If I wanted to see a child throw a fit I’d head to the Walmart.


  19. Colt’s a standup guy who was trapped on a horrible Cleveland team but never complained. He’s just the guy you would want on your team. Give him a little while in the Harbaugh system and he’ll be trade bait for a starter position soon. Remember, Harbaugh himself bounced around the league until he landed on his feet in Indy.

  20. All you Harbaugh trolls crack me up. You sound bitter. Yeah Harbaugh might be a whiner…..but at the end of the day….who was in the Super Bowl last year? Who turned Alex Smith into a decent QB? Who drafted an incredible sleeper in Kaep? That’s right….Harbaugh. So as much as you want to hate on him….the guy is getting paid to win, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

    We know deep inside you wish you had him 😉

  21. If I was Scott Tolzien, I might just be a little nervous right now…

    And Alex Smith wasn’t kept on the roster as a backup because of his $8 million salary. Neither party would budge on any negotiations which led to his trade. The 49ers wanted him at league minimum, Alex wanted the full $8 million so please don’t put this solely on Harbaugh.

  22. Why does it matter??? Kap is #1 any of the 4 others can be Back-up and never see the field.

    I think McCoy is a good pick and likely BJ Daniels will be 3rd string with long term seeing him as the Back-Up.

    Why are people soooooooooo fired up about a Back-up QB announcement??

    Niners BABY!!! It’s all coming home this year!

  23. He stunk against the Vikings first stringers and moved the ball on the Vikings’ scrubs. I suppose he’s the guy if the 49ers play a bunch of second stringers during the regular season.

  24. Since when is a backup any coaches guy? Cept maybe Rex and Tbow. We saw the play time he got when sanchez was benched.

    My thought is now, the niners have much less to pay when they cut or trade him next week.

  25. First of all lyrical, Colt did not attend UTEP. He attended UT Austin. EP stands for El Paso.
    I agree with SparkyGump- the Niners have a great coaching staff and Colt should get along fine (if they keep him). I have to admit that I’m a relative of Colt so I am not unbiased! It troubled me when he played for Cleveland and no one could catch a pass. Let’s not forget that Colt was a Heisman Trophy candiate as well.

  26. Ya, McCoy probably won’t take the 49ers to the Super Bowl. That being said, how many teams can afford to lose their starting QB and expect to even make the playoffs? I’m guessing McCoy is insurance while they develop BJ Daniels or Seneca Wallace.

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