Keith Bulluck apparently has more free time


Former Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck was only hours removed from the team’s preseason broadcast when he was arrested Sunday morning.

And as a result, he appears to have been removed from future broadcasts.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans list former quarterback Kerry Collins, not Bulluck, as the analyst for Thursday’s broadcast in the team’s press release.

The initial report said Bulluck was “very intoxicated” at the time when he allegedly took a $100 bill from a man in a cab. He was charged with class C felony robbery.

And now, a part-time job has apparently been taken from him.


24 responses to “Keith Bulluck apparently has more free time

  1. There’s a bit of irony with Kerry Collins replacing a guy who got drunk and did something stupid.

  2. So a “very intoxicated” Keith Bullock makes the right call and hails a cab.
    Then robs some poor jamoke of $100.00.
    In terms of decision-making, I’d say he batted .500 on the evening.

  3. The story is that he gave the cabbie the $100 to hold in order to get him to wait, but the cabbie tried to kepp his money and not give him the ride.

    If that’s true…the cabbie should be charged.

  4. They decided to soon, he should get his day in court before they kick him to the curb. It’s a he said, he said story. Plus it’s the 4th pre season game, who really cares?

  5. Politically correct BS, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? ??
    This cabbie is a little suspect he’s been charged with filing false report for same thing few years back and some other garbage. ..

  6. Is it even a no-brainer that Bulluck’s allowed to travel out of state at the moment, if he bonded out on a robbery charge? I think Nashville is still his official residence.

    Not saying Bulluck made the smartest choice getting into any kind of confrontation with the cabbie over $100 when he could’ve walked away and filed his own complaint if warranted.

    But with all that’s come out about the cabbie since this happened, not assuming that the cabbie’s version of events is to be trusted.

  7. I remember Kerry Collins. He was the Titans’ quarterback in 2008, when they went 13-3. Yet all anybody at ESPN wants to remember is Vince Young’s 31-19 “record.”
    That’s called “selective memory,” kinda like remembering Tim Tobow’s 4-1 start but completely forgetting his 1-4 finish.

  8. If the stuff about the cabbie turns out to be true and Bullock is not at fault, he’ll probably end up suing the Titans for termination without cause and winning far more money than he would have made as a broadcasting analyst.

  9. I’d say that cabbie is fortunate that he didn’t get his hind-end kicked. As one that likes to imbibe on occasion without driving, ill attest that some of these cab drivers think they can get away with some pretty shady business one someone has had a few drinks. Good for you Keith Bulluck!

  10. Bullock was always a class act. Can’t buy this story at face value considering that, along with what we are now learning about this sketchy ass cab driver.

  11. the story going around locally is that Mr. Bullock thought the C-note was a tip for the fabulous donkey-punch he gave the the man/twink…..hehehehehehehe

  12. Class C Felony sounds a bit harsh for theft involving $100. I don’t know the state laws in Tennessee, but I thought it had to be $300 or above in value to be considered a Felony.

    Regardless, a pretty stupid move for a person that made roughly 40 million if not more over his career!!

  13. Unfortunate that the rest of the story hasn’t been included in this “update.” That the cabbie made similar claims about a female state senator several years ago; that he was convicted of filing a false accident report and later for disorderly conduct; and that he missed another court date and the sheriff’s office are trying to track him down to serve 5 civil warrants. Oh yeah – and the police did not issue the warrant; the cab driver himself signed the complaint.

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