NFL gives Mike Goodson a four-game suspension


The NFL has suspended Jets running back Mike Goodson for four games for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, the club announced Monday night.

Goodson, 26, has missed training camp and the Jets’ first three preseason games but rejoined the club on Monday. He signed with the Jets in the offseason.

It’s unclear specifically why Goodson was suspended, but he was arrested in May on drug and handgun charges in New Jersey.

“While we welcome Mike back to the organization, we have had direct conversations to make our expectations very clear as we work together to help him move forward in a positive manner, both on and off the field,” the Jets said in a team-issued statement.

“I’ve been away from the team to take care of some important personal things,” Goodson said in a statement from the club. “The time was helpful to me and now that I am back, I am going to do everything I can to contribute to the team. I appreciate all of the support from the Jets organization and I’m thankful to be back with my teammates.”

If Goodson fulfills the terms of his suspension, he can return for the Jets’ Oct. 7 game at Atlanta. He cannot practice with the club during his four-game ban.

Should he return, Goodson would give the Jets’ backfield a little more playmaking ability and depth. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell are the club’s top two backs.

Goodson has rushed for 722 yards and three scores on 160 regular-season carries in his NFL career. He played for the Panthers from 2009 through 2011, then was acquired by Oakland in the 2012 offseason. Goodson appeared in 12 games as a backup for the Raiders a season ago, rushing for 221 yards on 35 carries and catching 16 passes for 195 yards, including a 64-yard touchdown against Miami.

31 responses to “NFL gives Mike Goodson a four-game suspension

  1. Suspended for a substance abuse issue? Or for violating Goodell’s player conduct policy? I’m confused… What’s next.. Are they going to see he was in rehab while he was away from the team? Weird situation.. Only reason the guy wasn’t released after his arrest is because they have an unproven player too much guaranteed money in his contract. Bad start for Idzik.

  2. And I thought Denver had a bad offseason. Rex reminds of a fat, defensive Josh McDaniels. While the soap opera is funny to me as a Broncos fan, I cant help but feel bad for the Jets. No fan should have to suffer like this. This franchise might have the worst curse professional sports have ever seen. Here well give you Zac Dysert, Lance Ball, Joel Dressen, Mitch Unrein, Tony Carter, Stevie Johnson, Chris Clark, and Andre Caldwell for a 4th round pick. IM rooting for you guys to beat NE at least once help Denver get a higher seed in the playoffs haha

  3. Translation: We already gave him $1,000,000 and don’t want to cut him.

    Looking at his past financial history, I’d bet he’s already spent that money.

  4. Can the Jets be any worse? I mean really, they were actually good two years ago. I can’t believe Ryan is still coach after such a massive collapse.

  5. Never made it to training camp, no preseason games, suspended four games and can’t practice, suspended for something that happened after he signed his contract with a new team and probably slightly different playbook…

    …why hasn’t this guy just been cut yet?

  6. Nothing helps a guy with a drug problem like suspending him from his job and forcing him to have 4 weeks with nothing to do. Well played NFL. Well played. Pretty obvious I would think he was on rehab or something to the effect. Guys that walk out of rehab and right home with nothing to do really helps the success rate of getting clean. At least let the guy freaking practice.

  7. He’s being suspended for not showing up at camp? Or for not being convicted of a crime yet??

  8. Wow, last time I checked this guy wasn’t Adrian Peterson. Always interesting what desperate teams are willing to deal with.

  9. Thumbs up if you agree that the BCS Champion should play the Jets every year.

    I think I know who would win. Every year.

  10. I would dare to say that the “important personal things” he refers to was probably rehab. As a recovering person, football aside, you can only hope that this young man can put the demons behind him and move forward with his life.
    For the Jets, a clean and sober Goodson with a new lease on life, can only help their backfield depth in case of injuries. Good Luck Mike!

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