Nick Foles will start Thursday as Eagles rest first team


Eagles coach Chip Kelly hasn’t shown much devotion to the traditional ways of doing things in the NFL.

Whether it comes to deemphasizing the importance of time of possession or having his team practice on Tuesdays and Saturdays, Kelly has shown a willingness to do things differently than they’ve been done before. He’s not going to break from the pack on every front, however.

Kelly said Monday that the Eagles will be resting their starters in Thursday’s preseason finale against the Jets. The only possible exceptions could come at cornerback, where injuries have left the Eagles with only five healthy players at the position.

Kelly’s decision means that Nick Foles will be starting at quarterback, although Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Matt Barkley is slated to get the majority of the snaps at the position. The Eagles have no need to see Foles extensively since they have already decided on Michael Vick as their starter when the calendar flips to September, so it will be a shot for Barkley to get what will be his most extensive playing time of the season unless something goes wrong with both of the top two quarterbacks.

13 responses to “Nick Foles will start Thursday as Eagles rest first team

  1. I like the idea with the offense but this defense needs some more snaps before the season officially starts. They need to learn how to stop the run a little better and there corners looking really sloppy the first 3 games

  2. A lot of fans still think Foles should be the starter, but Howie & Jeff have shelled out too much money for Vick. Therefore Vick starts. When Vick gets injured Nick will start and probably never come back out.

  3. Both Vick and Foles have looked good this preseason. As an Eagles fan, I feel while QB may not be a strength of ours this year, both have shown the ability to run Chip’s offense. I’m much more worried about the defense then QB.

  4. They shouldn’t even let Foles play. There is a very low chance that Vick will go unhurt during the season, so they should keep Foles away from any potential injury during a meaningless game.

  5. Someone tell Rex Ryan about this novel idea of not playing starters at any point of a meaningless preseason game.

  6. granadafan says:
    Aug 26, 2013 12:47 PM
    Fans still have to pay full price to watch scrubs play.

    seriously ? your watching muti million dollar substitute “PROFESSIONAL” athletes and you feel the need to call them “scrubs”. scrubs was the term designated for you 3rd team high school players that feel this entitles you to mock players that wouldn’t be there if somebody didn’t think they deserved it. Too much money ? stay home.

  7. 1st we are getting Vick for a bargain, He actually gave back majority of his guaranteed contract in exchange for an incentive based contract.( Comeback player of the year). Same as the 1st year he signed and its only for 1 yr with a 2nd option. Nick Foles is a terriffic young QB but still has some things to work on. I agree that as far as the posiion of QB is concerned we arein a good position. the Defense is hurting as far as secondary is concerned. Our safety is going to come down to situations (chung/wolffe for run support), (coleman/allen for coverage). I think we will make the playoffs in this division. RG3 claims he is at 100% we will see!! Cowboys as long as Romo is at the helm the results won’t change. and The Midgets are banged up (cruz, nicks, Baas. etc.) I’m saying 10-6

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