Patriots make 11 roster moves


The Patriots announced 11 roster moves on Monday, including the placement of first-year defensive lineman Armond Armstead on the reserve/non-football injury list.

Armstead had surgery for an infection in July.

New England re-signed two rookies — cornerback Stephon Morris (ex-Penn State) and defensive lineman Scott Vallone (ex-Rutgers) — whom were waived earlier in August.

The club released the following players: wide receiver Kamar Aiken, rookie cornerback Brandon Jones, linebacker Niko Koutouvides, cornerback LeQuan Lewis and rookie long-snapper Mike Zupancic.

Rookie wideout Mark Harrison has been placed on the reserve/NFI list like Armstead, the Patriots said. The club also put rookie defensive tackle Cory Grissom and offensive tackle Marcus Zusevics on injured reserve.

18 responses to “Patriots make 11 roster moves

  1. I would imagine he will be let go this wkend….Belichick is trying to collect as much good karma as he can before he tries to collectively rip the hearts out of every team the Pats play this year….haha!!

  2. Tebow is needed just to eat up some snaps on Thursday, so that nobody good gets injured.

    Then he can drop to a knee, say his thanks, and walk off with his lovely parting gifts.

  3. Niko Koutovides could be this year’s Ross Ventrone — looking like a Duncan Yo-yo as he gets added and dropped from the roster.

  4. cantonbound13 says:
    Aug 26, 2013 1:05 PM
    They resigned both camera men, allegedly.


    No need to. While this past weekend’s country fest was under way at Gillette, the Pat’s used the distraction to finish their hidden camera and microphone placements through out the visitor’s locker room and side lines. I heard that Jonathan Kraft even held a flashlight to help out. Robert would have been there but he was too busy dancing with some young country girls.

    They’re just a step ahead of you, cantonbound

  5. The decision is not whether or not Tebow is good enough to play on the Patriots right now, he is not. I’m a Tebow fan, but I realize that 3rd string Patriots QB’s don’t see the field because 1. Tom Brady 2. the Pats haven’t carried a 3rd string QB in a few years. The decision is whether Bill is going to let Josh McDaniel carry a 3rd string developmental QB for the next couple of years. So the 53rd man on the squad is a decision between the value of a special teamer vs. a developmental QB.

  6. Tebow might make the team, but he has no reason to relax. It may come down to whether they PUP Gronk or keep him on the roster for a late Sept/Oct return and what happens with Dennard. Roster spots don’t grow on trees and I don’t see how Tebow helps this team very much.

  7. Tebow is the worst throwing QB that I have ever seen and he couldn’t read a defense if it was in a picture book. BTW at four years in the league he no longer qualifies as developmental. Good guy. Horrible QB.

  8. In closed practice, Tbow is being taught other positions.
    Bb saw his value when the 2 met prior to Tbow’s draff. Bb was just waiting for tbow to realize he has no future as a Qb.

    If he pans out and can be on the field alot, then the occasional eildcat play can eork well.

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