ProFootballTalk: Does Terrelle Pryor trump Matt Flynn?

Who will be the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders? Terrelle Pryor is a fan favorite, but Matt Flynn may prove to be more talented in the long run. NFL analyst Ross Tucker says it doesn’t matter because the Raiders will probably not do well this season regardless.


14 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Does Terrelle Pryor trump Matt Flynn?

  1. Flynn is in his 6th year as nothing more then a back up. no experience, cant run, cant see, cant throw out of his shadow and has to ice his arm and needs rest before game #1? OH, and he gets paid $6.5Mil to do that? We have 2 draft pics down or on the cut line so who in the hell is RM talking to. Looks like Idzik was right about Cribbs? Why could our coaches not see that before signing him? TP is going to struggle against Seattle! We have no line to protect him and they have beasts on the edge that gonna be coming all day long!

  2. Who was that clown on the right? horrendous? Way too early to tell. That’s why they play the games. Any given Sunday, baby!

  3. I keep hearing DA talk about how everyone needs to get better and do this and that, what about him? Sounds like that applies to him as a HC in the same words. This whole situation with my Raiders sucks! RM?, DA??? team?? dirt field?? stadium???? money cap…..better……what next? Why do all these guys in the draft that RM passed up are doing awesome on OTHER TEAMS and we cant keep ours on the roster or the field half the time??????????????

  4. Critics suck but we keep reading. Remember they said chiefs and detroit would win 14 games last year, also Miami and Indy wouldn’t win a game. Could the raiders be the sleeper? Yet to see…. I’ll tell you this, Pryor is a special talent and I’m excited to see him play. Talk all you want about the raiders. Still the best die hard, ghetto, blue collar fans!

  5. well the fact is the raiders under reggie mckenzie decided to get a stick of dynamite and blow up the place. Whenever you have an explosion, it creates a mess and you have to clean it up , and that is where we are today. We have 50 million in dead space money this year going to “ex” raiders. So almost half of the cap is going to nobody on the team.

    The question to ask is can you really compete with a 50 million cap number when everybody else has a hundred million plus to spend. Odd are against you, but still the bottom line is GO RAIDERS! 60 million under cap next year

  6. Ross Tucker…who the HELL is he? What a Douche.

    Saying that this could be the worst team ever? Obviously he has no clue. I would be willing to be that they win at least 6 games.

    So many HATERS!

  7. watching the preseason, Oakland looks BAD! no matter what quarterback they choose, they all look bad. I was excited for raiders,this year. NOW, i think they are not going anywhere, AGAIN.

  8. If we werent able to win last year with Carson palmer we sure as hell wont win this year with flyn… they should have given more snaps to pryor last year after we were out of playoff contention in week 6…

    You cant win with flyn

  9. I was really pulling for Flynn but he kinda reminds me of Colt McCoy. Colt hasn’t exactly set the NFL on fire. It really doesn’t matter if Flynn starts, he’d get injured by the second quarter of the first game.

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