Rams trim 11 players from the roster

Getty Images

This week will see plenty of familiar names and experienced players let go by NFL teams as they make their way down to their opening day rosters.

None of those names or players are on the list of players let go by the Rams on Monday. St. Louis cut 11 players from their roster and they all qualify as the kind of anonymous roster filler that teams carry throughout the preseason.

The players cut on Monday are kicker/punter Brett Baer, wide receiver Demetrius Fields, wide receiver Andrew Helmick, long snapper Jorgen Hus, quarterback Tim Jenkins, defensive tackle Al Lapuaho, linebacker Joseph Lebeau, tight end Colby Prince, wide receiver Raymond Radway (pictured), cornerback Robert Steeples and offensive lineman Graham Pocic.

The moves leave the Rams with 77 players on their roster. Two more moves must be made by Tuesday afternoon’s deadline to drop to 75 players.