Redskins cut Donte’ Stallworth


The Redskins have cut wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth, a league source told PFT on Monday.

The 32-year-old Stallworth re-joined the Redskins in June after previous stints with New England (2012, 2007), Washington (2011), Baltimore (2010), Cleveland (2008), Philadelphia (2006) and New Orleans (2002 through 2005). He caught two passes in Washington’s first preseason game but was also hampered with a hamstring injury.

Stallworth has hauled in 321 passes for 4,837 yards and 35 touchdowns since entering the NFL with the Saints more than a decade ago. At this stage of his career, Stallworth’s experience and speed could be attributes that get him a look from another club seeking to improve its reserve spots at wideout.

18 responses to “Redskins cut Donte’ Stallworth

  1. Earlier in the year I had hoped the Redskins might trade/cut Dante so the Patriots could grab him to help out with young receivers development. Now I don’t think they need him.

  2. Stallworth must feel like a million bucks today. He won’t have to play for that joke of a franchise any longer. R-Words don’t even have a QB to get him the ball. He can now sit back and collect welfare like all the R-Words fans.

  3. Just long enough to pull another hamstring and get paid for it… If teams were smart they’d stay away from this guy, he’ll never be healthy enough to play another NFL game.

  4. His entire career can be defined as such: run long, blow out a hamstring, spend the next 8 games injured and on the bench.

    Fast WRs are actually a dime a dozen.

  5. No great surprise here. With Garcon, Josh Morgan, Santana Moss, & Leonard Hankerson already locks to make the team there wasn’t much room.

    Aldrick Robinson’s a lock as well. He can take the top off any D, and has made strides to become a more all-around threat.

    With Crawford’s injury I would guess Sky Dawson has a chance to make the team as a return specialist.

    That’s 6 WRs… Donte’s just the odd man out.

  6. Yamon Figurs was faster than him and Josh Cribbs is too, besides being currently available. Cribbs would catch more passes and be a return man.

  7. 24 days in jail for killing someone + never allowed a driver license for life.

    Seems like he got off good.

    Money cures all people!!!!

  8. I hope that Miami family he paid off to get his 27 day sentence for DUI Manslaughter wasn’t taking the payments in annual installments.

  9. The facts are he was slightly above the legal limit when someone on a dark street bolted from a dark sidewalk between two cars, right in front of him. This charge does not go away by paying a family. The DA must proceed. He passed all of the filed sobriety tests and blew a little over the limit. The objective DA, saw that this could happen to anyone. Stallworth also stayed and tried to revive the guy, and that’s what he was still doing when the cops and ambulance showed up. It is silly to pretend he was not in control of his vehicle, the DA found that.

  10. The charge “went away” by paying the family because his payoff of the family induced them to tell the sentencing judge that they were comfortable with his serving only 27 days. The judge placed great weight on the family being comfortable in agreeing to 27 days. And he wasn’t exactly “a little over the limit.” He blew a 12.8 which is more than 60% over the legal limit in in Florida. And the manslaughter occurred in mid-March, around 7:30 in the morning. Having lived in Florida for most of my life I can tell you it’s plenty light at that time of day in mid-March

  11. 12.8%? I’m surprised he wasn’t dead! They could have used his blood as antifreeze.

    If his speed is still there, we need someone in Detroit who can stretch defenses and draw attention away from Calvin.

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