Rex calls Geno’s performance “The good, the bad and the ugly”

Jets quarterback Geno Smith made the boneheaded play of the preseason when he ran out the back of the end zone for a safety on Saturday night. He also threw three interceptions, including two in the first quarter. But Jets coach Rex Ryan says Smith did some things well, too.

Ryan acknowledged the rough part of Smith’s game before also saying that Smith showed a good command of the offense, and saying that Smith had a better game than his stat line would suggest.

“With Geno, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. I think the ugly was the safety. The bad was the interceptions,” Ryan said. “But there was a lot of good, too. And I think his decision making during the game, there were a lot of positives there. Sometimes the numbers might be a little bit disordered. I think there were four or five drops in the game as well, which might have helped his case a little bit.”

Some critics think Ryan’s decision to put Mark Sanchez in the game after Smith left was both bad and ugly, as Sanchez suffered an injured throwing shoulder and may not be back for the beginning of the regular season, which would make Smith the starter by default. Ryan, however, declined to address that criticism at his press conference on Monday.

“Do I regret that he got injured? Of course. But I’m not going to say anything about it because I’ve addressed it already,” Ryan said.

Now Ryan just has to hope that he’s not addressing any more questions about bad or ugly plays by his quarterback when he does his first Monday press conference of the regular season in two weeks.

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  1. Rex will now have the good, the bad, and the butt ugly to lead the Jets offense for week 1 and beyond.
    Hanging Sanchez out to dry with the 3rd string O-line solved the Q-back controversy.

  2. Rex went on to say that Smith will have plenty of time to work on fixing his mistakes late in the final preseason game. Because if you can’t risk your starter’s health late in garbage time in meaningless games, when can you risk them?

  3. I can’t wait to LMAO at the Jets this season. Assuming Time Warner puts CBS back on the air in Manhattan.

    How does Bill Cowher, a CBS Employee, pimp out Time Warner on those commercials? Isn’t that some sort of conflict of interest?

  4. I don’t know why I’ll offer a defense for Geno pulling an Orlovsky, but I can kind of see how it can happen. I’m guessing teams don’t practice running plays from their own two they way they practice other unique situations. In college, it’s possible it just never happened. Still, it’s brain lock on his part, but as rookie in an intense game situation, I can see why.

  5. I stand by the notion that no college team, not even Alabama, could beat a pro team. One can’t help but wonder after watching the Jets though.

  6. The Good – Geno had his chance to start.
    The Bad – Geno had his chance to start.
    The Ugly – Pretty much everything after kickoff.

  7. To be honest, his phrase really sums up his head coaching career. He was good for the first couple of years, then it got bad, and now it is just downright comical and ugly. He has no credibility as a head coach anymore.

  8. Funny, Jets fans are calling Rexy’s performance the bad, the awful and the vomit inducing.

  9. Why does this guy think that everytime he makes a bonehead decision, he can respond, “Because I can” This guy is no head coach. He had his window in year 1 and 2 and lost. He will be done after this season and will never be a head coach again. Egos run deep in the Ryan football family and they all have nothing to show for it. Stick with defense, sir ala Rob.

  10. He had to compare Geno to my all time favorite movie.

    Sorry Rex, I only see Tuco and Angel “Feet” in this movie, there is no Bondie to come to the rescue.

  11. The good is that even if your home team stinks this year you get to watch the Jets slow motion implosion.

    Hey Rexy tell us more about your Super Bowl team!

  12. I don’t think this was good judgement – but I will bet that Ryan thought by throwing Sanchez in there, against 4th string defense, that it would help build Sanchez’s confidence – and he would lead them to victory.

    Obviously, didn’t work out like planned.

  13. Well at least this offense looks 10x better than last season. They are actually moving the ball down field and getting touchdowns (which took until the 4th preseason game last season).

    To say they will be the worst team in the league, you’ve clearly havn’t been watching and just want to jump on the Jets Hate Bandwagon.

    Get rid of the turnovers and the Jets can be in most games, especially behind that defense.

  14. Can you imagine how folks would have reacted if had been Mr. Sanchez rather than Mr. Smith laying an egg that enormous? I think Mr. Sanchez isn’t the future of the franchise and one might as well see what team has in Mr. Smith in order to move forward after what undoubtedly will be a less than stellar season, but it is difficult not to feel some compassion for Mr. Sanchez whose ship has already sailed for the majority of the team’s fans.

  15. When asked to describe Rex’s decisions while headcoach , fans simply said, “dumb, dumber and dumbest”.

  16. Jets are garbage. Always were, always will be. They play in NJ with the better NY team. Their chant is retarded….just like the dumb guy in the firefighter hat. This team is cursed. Every team playing them has put a W next to the gets name on their schedules.

  17. I always thought “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” was a reference to Buddy Ryan and his twin sons.

  18. Interesting, that’s word for word what Geno could have said about Rex’s coaching performance.

    Well, minus the “good” part.

  19. Wow. First the Tebow-Sanchez circus last year, Tebow left and here comes Geno. The circus is back for one more year everybody!

  20. Anyone with the name thegreatgabbert should not be commenting on another teams thread. I think Sanchez stinks, but Gabbert really isn’t “great”. As a Dolphin fan having suffered though my share of QB disappointments I think I am qualified to say that. By the way, Henne sucks too. Ask any Dolphin Fan.

  21. “Get rid of the turnovers and the Jets can be in most games, especially behind that defense.”
    Get rid of them? I thought that was their main play in their playbook from watching last year and this preseason so far.

  22. Rex don’t ever change. You are the most honest head coach in history.

    I will have the last laugh in about 18 weeks when Jets outplay all loser talking heads expectations and win 10 games this year with a rookie QB.


    GO JETS!!!!!

  23. Tom Coughlin said this was a critical game for the Giants…..and you want to attack the team that won?????

  24. Dear Mr. RexCanCoach (possibly the all-time dumbest handle in history) – care to put any money behind that asinine pediction?

    I thought not.

  25. Somebody tell Rex to STOP talking to the media. His time in Baltimore has made him think that they are his friends. Tell them what you need to say and then stop.

    I wish I could drill that into the man.

  26. @Patriot42

    no Chiefs’ fan wanted to draft Geno Smith #1 overall.

    I laughed my a$$ off watching the post-game comment from Rex Ryan when he was turning side to side answering the question.

    Jets are awful and will be drafting in the top 3 next year. The Raiders may go 0-16

  27. Pre-season Ryan plays his QB in the 4th qt who injures his shoulder,,,The media goes nuts, because? Ryan played a QB in pre-season. The reason for pre-season is to play players who need to play and Sanchez needs to play. Most of you morons who can barely type a sentence probably have no real idea of the NFL.

  28. ampats says:Aug 26, 2013 4:07 PM

    The Good: Eight months until the draft
    The Bad : Geno Orlovsmith
    The Ugly: New York Jets

    The Longest Yard: New England Patriots

  29. What would you trolls do if Rex didn’t screw up the Jets daily?
    The fans of the 49ers, don’t seem to trash the Jets here. They will win the SB this year.

    You’ll be in your basements watching them while your team is on the golf course.
    That’s for sure!

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