Seahawks place Jesse Williams on injured reserve, release eight


The Seahawks have placed rookie defensive lineman Jesse Williams on injured reserve, the team announced Monday.

A fifth-round pick from Alabama, Williams has been sidelined with knee trouble.

The Seahawks also announced the release of wide receiver Perez Ashford, linebacker Kyle Knox, tight end Jameson Konz, tight end Andrei Lintz, tight end/long-snapper Kyle Nelson, defensive tackle Martin Parker and linebacker Craig Wilkins.

The club also terminated the contract of wide receiver Brett Swain.

In addition, the team waived receiver Donavon Kemp per the league’s daily transaction reports.

The Seahawks now have 80 players on their roster.

16 responses to “Seahawks place Jesse Williams on injured reserve, release eight

  1. I wondered what was up. Williams was listed as out rather all of a sudden last week, and suddenly Seattle traded Moffitt for interior line help.

    That Siliga guy looked pretty good in limited action this past Friday – hopefully, he’ll be able to add the depth we need.

  2. How do you keep a guy with potential but not good enough to play this year on your team, and not expose him to getting claimed before he ends up on the practice squad? An injury!!!!

    Congrats Jesse Williams… you’ve just been red-shirted!

  3. Smart move for Williams frees up a d-line spot but McDaniel sure looked like a replacement for Branch. There are a few linebackers I want fo know if we are going to keep and the secondary battle is tougher than any that come to mind. Will Chris Harper make thr team after Kearse and Williams take 4th and 5th spots? love the true depth of this team

  4. Peytonsneck,

    Blackmon will not make the team. He’s about 7 or 8 on our depth chart. And others have proven capable of returning kicks and punts in Harvins absence. I give him a 0% chance. Theirs 6 nfl starting caliber player ahead of him. I know that sounds like a homer, but it’s truly the case and their all very young besides Winfield.

  5. Yeah Blackmon won’t make it. He’s played well but there are younger options that are just as good.

    Expected this for Williams. There are about 5 guys ahead of him on the depth chart. Stash him.

  6. Yeah, Blackmon is a no-go, what with Sherman, Browner, Winfield, Thurmond, Lane, and Maxwell all ahead of him at CB.

    In fact, I find myself wondering if they’ll keep 6 CBs, and if not, who from that list gets cut.

    It really would not surprise me if it’s Winfield…who would then probably go right back to Minnesota. Maxwell or Lane would be really tough cuts at this point.

  7. Idiot draft pick, Williams had major knee issues before the draft. That’s why he slid to the 5th round. Apparently, these are chronic issues, the Seahawks are falling apart at the seams.

  8. Amurph3030 – how exactly are the Seahawks falling apart at the seams? I can agree we may have gotten a healthier pick but the 2nd DT taken in our draft wasn’t picked to be an impact player right away. Lets be realistic.

    If your team falls apart at the seams because its 5th round pick (who I guess you planned to be a starter?) at a position of strength for the team gets hurt, then you and the (assuming here) Jets need to find another new GM.

  9. Six more cuts coming in the next 24 hours. I’m interested to see if any from this round of cuts are picked up quickly by other teams, and WHICH other teams will speak volumes about our depth because besides Konz, I’ve never heard of these guys.

  10. Looks like the Seahawks won’t be getting much more production out of their 2013 draft class than the 49ers got out of our 2012 class. Not rubbing it in or rooting for injuries in any way (I’d prefer every NFL team stays healthy), just an observation.

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