Stay with PFT all week, and beyond, for roster cuts

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It’s a big week in the NFL.  For plenty of players, it’s a bad week.

The game of musical chairs comes to a head twice in the next five days, with the music stopping on Tuesday and Saturday.  The first time, 15 seats disappear.  Four days later, 22 chairs get chucked.

And it will continue beyond Saturday.  As teams scan the list of cuts for players who could help shore up weaknesses, guys who made it to the 53-man roster could end up being jettisoned on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or whenever.

Indeed, most teams will churn the bottom five spots of the roster all year long, with players coming and going and returning and leaving again.

Plenty of teams have gotten started on getting to 75.  We’ll post on all the cuts as they happen, and we’ll keep a master list of the moves made by each team to get to 75.

Then, after Thursday’s preseason finales, we’ll launch a 53-man roster tracker, posting on every move as they happen.

So get comfortable.  For hundreds of NFL players, the ultimate reality show gets very real this week.

7 responses to “Stay with PFT all week, and beyond, for roster cuts

  1. PFT, like the COLTS is the best. The Colts will win the Superbowl this year and you can take that to the bank. In fact, if I were you all I would sell my house, my car and everything I owned to bet on this fact. You can’t go wrong baby!!
    GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If your IQ is less than forest gump (which is still 30 points higher than any jets fan), hit the down button.

  2. Im curious to see when the Pats cut Tebow. Dont get me wrong, Ive always liked him, but have come to the conclusion that he has not improved one bit and does not deserve to be on a roster as QB, let alone on the Pats squad. Im actually shocked they’ve delayed the inevitable. There is no way the Pats keep him, no way they have 3 QBs on their roster. I expect that to happen this week, unless of course, they plan on giving him one final chance to play the 4th game so he can somehow try to show another team he is worth it. But lets be honest, even if that happens, he will be no better than he was the first two games he played.

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