49ers make several moves to get to 74 players


Tuesday was not a good day for Europeans trying to make it in the NFL.

The Lions cut kicker Havard Rugland, opting to go with David Akers over the man they call Kickalicious. And now the 49ers have announced that former British Olympic discus thrower Lawrence Okoye has been waived/injured.

Okoye’s lack of a football background meant that he was a long shot to wind up on the 49ers roster this season. Working with the defensive linemen, Okoye earned praise from coach Jim Harbaugh early in camp but the realities of the steep learning curve he faced became apparent as the summer wore on. He’ll revert to injured reserve if he clears waivers and give it another shot next season.

The 49ers also placed defensive tackle Tank Carradine, defensive tackle Quinton Dial, running back Marcus Lattimore, tackle Luke Marquardt and cornerback Eric Wright on the reserve/non-football list. Wide receivers Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham will be both remain on the PUP list with the team hoping they can return later in the season to help the offense. All those moves were expected as none of the players have been able to practice with the 49ers to this point in camp.

Defensive tackle Lamar Divens, who was allegedly hit in the face with a bottle by linebacker Ahmad Brooks, was also waived/injured as the 49ers worked their way down to 74 players. That leaves them with an open roster spot should they like any of the players let go around the league in the last few days.

33 responses to “49ers make several moves to get to 74 players

  1. Ah, Not Okoye! I think football fans everywhere have been rooting for this kid regardless of their team…

  2. Are you sure it was John Harbaugh that praised Okoye? Maybe Jim….

    Hopefully Crabtree can get back on the field during the season. Who knows how good the passing game will be with Boldin and Davis there too.

  3. It would be ethical if FraudBaugh cut all the PED users from that team full of cheaters.
    But everyone knows he is despererate.
    He knows he can not outcoach Pete Carroll.
    He knows his roster isn’t nearly as talented as Seattles.
    He knows that Seattle is the more dominate team.
    He knows Seattles fans have more education and class than the Whiners.
    He knows Russell Wilson is the best QB in the league and a leader.
    He knows he screwed up by keeping TattooLongneck over Alex Smith.

    Seattle will win multiple titles in the next decade, while the FortyWHiners will always be the stepchild.

    And there is simply nothing the whiny head coach and the whiny fans can do about it…….except cheat

  4. I can’t believe they couldn’t use him on special teams. Such a freak athlete seems worthy of a special team spot. I have to think that they have officially given up on him ever becoming a true football player because I would have to think they would have kept him until the next round of cuts if they planned on moving him to the practice squad.

  5. How can Marcus Lattimore be on the reserve/non-football list? He got hurt playing college football for South Carolina, right? Seems like a football injury to me.

  6. Not sure how SF has been so good striking out on high draft picks left and right. Crabtree, Jenkins and now Carradine. They better hope defenses don’t solve that fluky read-option this year or they’ll go right back to their 5 win seasons they’ve been accustomed to since the 90s.

  7. The Niners are aggressively addressing salaries in anticipation of 2014. Lots of big time contracts are coming up next year and in 2015 (Kap, Aldon, Iupati, Anthony Davis). I would not be surprised at all if some veterans don’t make it past the next round of cuts i.e. Carlos Rogers & Jonathan Goodwin among others.

  8. Love these draft picks that are slightly hurt and wouldn’t make this year’s team anyway — and now we could stash them on these lists and bring them back next year.

  9. Don’t you pathetic Niner haters take a day off? My god you turds are ridiculous. Although, if I were a fan of a perennial loser like the Seahawks, bad mouthing the superior team in the division might sound like a good thing to do.

  10. Iknoweverything and justibtuckrule :

    They see me trollin’, they hatin’. Well done boys.

    Although, iknoweverything is trying hard to be logicalvoice west. His problem is that logicalvoice is a true Redskins fan. Iknoweverything rolls with Seattle and Kansas City.

    I feel dirty giving logicalvoice credit. Ha ha

  11. Iknoweverything, you know nothing. Jim H. has outcoached Pete Carroll for years now. That is fact, from college and now into the pros.

    You won a single game last year against the Niners. Enough of it, we won the division, until you can say that, eat the crow buddy.

    JustinTuckrule, what are you talking about Crabtree has been a great receiver, that is not a whiff by any means. Jenkins yes that was a mistake. Carradine was already injured but was a top 10 talent before he got hurt, the Niners got him in the second round. That’s not a whiff, it’s value. They don’t need him to start right away, because they’re defense is freaking stocked.

  12. justintuckrule,

    Crabtree was a Top 10-15 receiver last season and was NOT cut. Simply placed on the PUP squad due to his Achilles tear.

    Jenkins was not a good pick and is now gone.

    Carradine is still on the team but is recovering (as expected on draft day) from an knee injury suffered last season at FSU.

    The 49ers simply transferred 8 players to injury lists and waived 2 as injured (Okoye and Divens). I would be surprised if Okoye wasn’t moved to IR or placed on the practice squad if the knee injury isn’t significant.

  13. By seeing the comments from Iknoweverything and Justintuckrule the Trolls are out in force today. How about SeaDucks fans shut their holes until they actually win a Super Bowl…As it stands they made it to ONE and lost badly…So shut up, sit down and don’t speak until you’ve done something worth hearing about. We beat the team that sent you home…and our coach has a better NFL winning percentage, with 5 fewer years in the league as a HC

  14. @ justintuckrule:

    You seem bitter, bro. I would focus on your own team. The Giants wont be winning anything for a long, long time. Our 2nd Dynasty is just beginning. Also 5 Lombardis > 4 Lombardis. Just sayin.

  15. I lol at the guy who commented first he calls 49ers fans unclassy maybe he should re read his post first off the Seahawks are the ped poppers and know they are mad they got caught they where called the seadderel Seahawks so they had to think of a name for the rival 49ers who finished with a better record when kapernick does much better then russel Wilson who are both outstanding qbs this kid won’t be found talking smack and fraudbraugh for a coach that lead his team to a divisional game and then to a Super Bowl with almost an identical squad to a team that could not go above .500 it’s hilarious how these Unclassy Seahawks fans are the first to comment on 49er articles and try to call us unclassy

  16. If I said that the 9ers are our little b-words…then I’d agree…I’d be “trollin”.

    But, if you read my comment closer, I was actually given you props. You’ve been burned of late with draft picks and you’re still solid.

  17. Aldon Smith, Kaepernick, Iupati, A. Davis, Crabtree

    justintuckrule is right, those recent top picks have been brutal!

    T. Mays was brutal (a pick championed by Mike S.) & of course the terrible Jenkins, those are the only real misses in rds 1-2 the past few years, the other 5 seem pretty legit.

  18. burned in the draft?? Crabtree is better than any receiver on your team, we have the best O-line in the league thanks to drafting them, the best linebackers in the league, DRAFTED THEM, possibly the best backfield in the league and guess what? We drafted all of them too… You’re making yourself look stupid. If you know about the Seahawks then maybe you should go post on their topics, since you clearly don’t know anything about whats going on in the rest of the league.

  19. I can’t wait to watch the hawks out another whooping on the 49ers in week 2 lololololol Kaeperpickles won’t hear anything! Except maybe his coaches yelling at him for turning the ball over multiple times

  20. @justintuckrule: The only real whiff was Jenkins, and it looks like that may have been corrected with the trade for Baldwin.

    Carradine and Lattimore were known to be injured when drafted. Had they been healthy, they would have been snatched up very early in the draft by other teams. The Niners had enough depth that they could draft them and then wait a year for them to get healthy… thereby getting essentially first round picks in late rounds.

    Crabtree was drafted in 2009, and will miss most of this season with a torn achilles.

  21. @sheriff – re: 5 > 4
    Five is definitely more than four but while we’re having math discussions I have a little math lesson for you. 8 > 1. As in…you might have 8 if we didn’t beat you 3x en route to our 3 Lombardis.

    Everyone else…you lose credibility saying Crabtree is good. He blows. Lets be real.

  22. @ Swaggy: I can see why you Seahawks fans are frothing at the mouth waiting for that week 2 game in Seattle. After all… that will ONCE AGAIN be your Super Bowl (or anyway, your best chance to play against an actual Super Bowl team).

    I can’t wait for the Sea Hags to make the playoffs again this year and ONCE AGAIN get smacked-down one game into the playoffs…. (Oh the humanity!! That’s got to really HURT).

  23. “iknoweverything” first off it is a stretch saying Russell Wilson is the “best qb in the NFC West” let alone in the NFL.

    Secondly if Pete Carroll is such a better coach how did he lose regularly to Harbaugh in college when Pete had a clear advantage in terms of ability to recruit?

    I guess you don’t realize that Stanford had higher educational standards than USC and when Harbaugh took over the program at Stanford it wasn’t doing so well which hurt with recruiting and yet Harbaugh still regularly bested Pete.

    Fast forward to the NFL the only win Pete has vs Carroll was vs a 49ers team playing with a QB on his 6th start, a defense without key players, and an offense missing key role players on a home game. Not like you swept both games vs the 49ers the teams defended home turf. That was Seattle’s Super Bowl and it showed when you needed to have RG3 get his leg torn up to beat Washington and then choked at Atlanta(btw the team 49ers put away).

    Also let’s look at that “splended offseason” you guys had. Percy Harvin- PUP list, Cliff Avril- Indefinately Injured(get used to that), no first round pick, 49ers leapfrogged the Chokehawks in round 2 for Vance McDonald, your 5th round pick at NT just broke his leg, reports are your roster is in mid-season form as far as tweaks and minor injuries are concerned. How long can the Hypehawks hold up?

  24. As for justintuckrule fans of a team that just barely looked average against the Jets should keep their mouths shut. And hey everyone is expecting you guys to win the division so no “disrespect” card to be played.

  25. Niner fan here and see no issues with what justintuckrule says. There were a few misses in the draft but every team unfortunately does. And unfortunately (for us) his team has beaten us in some big games. Just friendly banter among fans. At least his team has won which gives him the platform to speak his mind. Not saying I personally agree but who cares…

    But the Seattle fans… I don’t no if if should laugh or what. Win a Superbowl (or even a road game).

  26. This fan is rooting for Okoye to land on the Niners’ IR list or practice squad and get another shot next year.

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