Benched for fumbling, DeMarco Murray says he’s not a fumbler

Getty Images

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett benched running back DeMarco Murray during last week’s preseason game after Murray fumbled. Murray says that if Garrett was trying to get his attention, he didn’t need to.

That’s because, according to Murray, Murray is not a fumbler and knows that holding onto the ball is essential.

I know how important the ball is,” Murray said, via WFAA. “I wouldn’t say it got my attention. I know how important the ball is. You can’t fumble. Since I’ve been carrying the ball since high school, college, even here, I’ve never been a fumbler. I won’t be so I’m not worried about it.”

Murray has only fumbled four times in 386 regular-season touches in his two-year career, so he can make a pretty good case that he really isn’t a fumbler. He says it bugged him that his coach sat him down for a fumble.

“Yeah, I let it marinate a little bit,” Murray said. “It was a little frustrating, you know, to be honest. But once again, I’m just trying to make plays, I’m a competitor. I wasn’t mad at anyone. I wasn’t pouting on the sideline, I wasn’t anything. I was just waiting for my opportunity to get back in the game. Once my number was called, I was ready to play.”

Garrett has made sure Murray knows that if he wants to keep playing, he has to stop fumbling.