Bengals make six moves to get to limit


The Bengals got down to the 75-man roster limit, making six moves including putting one of their draft picks on injured reserve.

Fourth-round linebacker Sean Porter will miss the season with a shoulder injury. They also waived-injured linebacker Brandon Joiner, and released offensive linemen Jason Weaver and Otis Hudson.

They made two of the spots by putting quarterback Zac Robinson and fullback Chris Pressley on the reserve/PUP list, which will keep them out at least the first six weeks.


10 responses to “Bengals make six moves to get to limit

  1. guitarkevin says: Aug 27, 2013 11:25 AM

    AFCN Paper Champs 20xx

    Hey we didnt ask to be paper champs the media crowned us….Trust the Bengals Team is focused on really winning games…With 2 back to back playoff appearances dont hate on the excitement…We are not a team full of arrest, we work hard in the community, it isnt a locker full of primadonas, a good coaching staff, talented players….I mean dont hate cause we HAVE changed the image and fans like you want to continue to hate on the team…You dont have to like us but if you are a REAL football fan then the improvements should be easy for you to see… Remove the personal feelings and look at the facts…. Good luck this season…

  2. The Bengals will make the playoffs again this year – they are NOT the pushover or underachiever they were for so many years in the past. I don’t know they’re ready to move to the next step towards winning a championship, but they could win a playoff game in January.

    And this comes from a Ravens fan.

  3. This is the team I fear the most in the AFCN as a Ravens fan. I have a feeling at the end of this season only the division champ will be in the playoffs and it will be with a record around 9-7. No wild cards. Besides our own division, we play the NFC North which has 4 teams thinking of the playoffs, no less.

  4. “We we we??? So you play for the Bengals? You mean ” they”

    This is nothing new. Fans have always identified with the team. Get over yourself

  5. fortunately, crownofthehelmet’s ingorance showed through on his usage of “old” with his first word, saving me the extra 2 seconds it would have taken me to read his inspiring comment.

  6. oh that sucks the news on porter, i was really hoping to see him play this year, but i guess this gives some other guys that i was intrigued by a better opportunity.

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