Brandon Weeden: No reason to push panic button on offense


The Browns starting offense had two good preseason performances before laying an egg against the Colts on Saturday.

They produced just three points as quarterback Brandon Weeden went 12-of-25 for 105 yards in his time on the field. Since the third game is generally seen as a dress rehearsal for the regular season, the performance led some to wonder if the offense is going to be able to produce when the games start to count. Weeden isn’t one of those people.

He said that he’s not pushing the panic button off of one bad performance and that the team will learn from the mistakes in order to play better in the future.

“That’s just people being creatures of habit,” Weeden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “You lose a game and everyone wants to [panic]. But the attitude in here has been great all day, so it’s not in this room. We’re excited. We saw the mistakes, but they’re all fixable. This locker room is excited. That one’s behind us and now we’re looking forward to Chicago [Thursday] and it’s going to be here before we know it.”

It’s unwise to read too much into anything that goes on in preseason games, good or bad, so panic should certainly be off the table at this point in time. That seems especially true in this contest, which featured fewer plays down the field and fewer plays out of the shotgun than the Browns employed in the first two games. The offense is working on different things to explore how well they work and offensive coordinator Norv Turner isn’t detailing specific plans for the opposition, two things that won’t be the case come the regular season.

No one’s quite sure how the Browns offense will wind up looking this season and they won’t until the calendar has moved far beyond August.

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  1. Isn’t the preseason more about trying different plays to see if they work?? Obviously, what they tried here wasn’t successful so I imagine they won’t use a lot of it. Weeden is right and they shouldn’t panic. If this game was a telling sign of how the season will go, the Patriots look like they could be in position to get Clowney after getting beat down by the Lions.

  2. The Browns tried some different plays than they had done in games 1 and 2. These plays didn’t work out as well as the ones the played in the first two games. Oh well. Keep working.

  3. Not expecting much out of my Browns this season, so it does kind of soften the blow.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to expect much out of my Browns every season with the sole exception of ’08, which was probably our biggest letdown of all.

  4. Brandon is absolutely right. The Colts defense is fricken awesome and no matter how many weapons the Browns have they couldn’t possibly be expected to score on them. The Colts are the greatest team in the NFL and their is no doubt about it. If you hit the thumbs down button you want LogicalVoices to have your babies.

  5. It was funny how a bunch of you acted like he was the second coming of Christ after he played well against the Lions backups.
    It was a huge mistake of them to draft him. He’ll never succeed in the NFL.

  6. Not a Browns fan but I would love to see them and the Bengals do well. This divsion has always been about the Steelers and Ravens and rightfully so but its time to see some different teams in the playoffs.

  7. @ prosportswasington;

    You’re definitely right about the QB. Still pissed Heckert wasted a 1st rnd pick on Weeden. As to the coach, I wasn’t crazy about the Chud hire when it happened but as time has gone on I’ve come to like him. He’s got a legitimate plan. While I’m not expecting much this season I am excited about the future. As all Browns fans regularly are.

  8. Of course no time to panic… They are irrelevant anyways… 5 years in a row at least 11 losses.. Only in believe land. Super Bowl talk after 2 weeks, play a playoff team on road and get spanked

  9. I wouldn’t panic if I’m a Browns fan as even in that game their starters looked better than the Ravens and Steelers starters have plus the Colts defense will be hard to score on even in the regular season (why they hired Pagano in the first place). On the other hand whomever the center was who played in the fourth quarter for Cleveland needs to be sent packing immediately. He played like he should be on the Jets (the worst insult for an NFL player).

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