Chargers somehow avoid blackout for preseason finale


As meaningless games go, they don’t get more meaningless than the last game of the preseason.  All are played on a Thursday night; none are televised by the league’s broadcast partners.

And yet in San Diego, where the Chargers struggle to sell tickets to games that count, the blackout of the preseason finale against the 49ers has been lifted.

The team announced the development on Tuesday, a day after announcing the 72-hour deadline had been extended by 24 hours to sell 1,100 non-premium ticket.

The preseason game also coincides with the team’s 25th annual Salute to the Military, with the Chargers holding a walk-through practice on the USS Ronald Reagan on Wednesday.

It’s unclear how many tickets were purchased by the team and/or sponsors at 34 cents on the dollar.  Still, it’s not a bad sign for the regular season that the Chargers at a minimum got close enough to a sellout to enable someone to write a check for the rest.

20 responses to “Chargers somehow avoid blackout for preseason finale

  1. @humbolt how fitting that the chargers play the niners, the team that blew em out of the only Superbowl they’ve been to in half a century in the NFL.

  2. Hopefully those sellouts continue for the regular season. Charger games that aren’t sold out get blacked out in the Los Angeles area, even on NFL Sunday Ticket. Those are some big games that I want to see! Show me your lightning bolt

  3. Chargers: Wins going back 4 seasons

    August 22 at Arizona Cardinals W 17–6
    September 4 San Francisco 49ers W 26–7
    September 14 at Oakland Raiders W 24–20
    September 27 Miami Dolphins W 23–13
    October 25 at Kansas City Chiefs W 37–7
    November 1 Oakland Raiders W 24–16
    November 8 at New York Giants W 21–20
    November 15 Philadelphia Eagles W 31–23
    November 22 at Denver Broncos W 32–3
    November 29 Kansas City Chiefs W 43–14
    December 6 at Cleveland Browns W 30–23
    December 13 at Dallas Cowboys W 20–17
    December 20 Cincinnati Bengals W 27–24
    December 25 at Tennessee Titans W 42–17
    January 3 Washington Redskins W 23–20

    August 14 Chicago Bears W 25–10
    September 19 Jacksonville Jaguars W 38–13
    October 3 Arizona Cardinals W 41–10
    October 31 Tennessee Titans W 33–25
    November 7 at Houston Texans W 29–23
    November 22 Denver Broncos W 35–14
    November 28 at Indianapolis Colts W 36–14
    December 12 Kansas City Chiefs W 31–0
    December 16 San Francisco 49ers W 34–7
    January 2 at Denver Broncos W 33–28

    August 21 at Dallas Cowboys W 20–7
    August 27 at Arizona Cardinals W 34–31
    September 11 Minnesota Vikings W 24–17
    September 25 Kansas City Chiefs W 20–17
    October 2 Miami Dolphins W 26–16
    October 9 at Denver Broncos W 29–24
    December 5 at Jacksonville Jaguars W 38–14
    December 11 Buffalo Bills W 37–10
    December 18 Baltimore Ravens W 34–14
    January 1 at Oakland Raiders W 38–26

    August 9 Green Bay Packers W 21–13
    August 18 Dallas Cowboys W 28–20
    August 24 at Minnesota Vikings W 12–10
    September 10 at Oakland Raiders W 22–14
    September 16 Tennessee Titans W 38–10
    September 30 at Kansas City Chiefs W 37–20
    November 1 Kansas City Chiefs W 31–13
    December 9 at Pittsburgh Steelers W 34–24
    December 23 at New York Jets W 27–17
    December 30 Oakland Raiders W 24–21

  4. Ill tell you how…Half of the tickets and stadium will be Niners fans..Just look when the Padres play the Giants..Outnumbered in their own stadiums..

  5. there is money in san diego (rancho santa fe). they just have to like the gm and coach to ‘work with them’. fast forwarding….good days on horizon

  6. We’ve gone 6 months without football….even going to a preseason game is better than no football at all….just a thought.

  7. Your obsession with Chargers attendance and blackout in particular is cause for self reflection. It would be responsible for you to point out that the Q was Super Bowl sized and 10,000 seats were added making it one of the leagues largest venues in a mid to small market. The Q always sold out with no problem prior to the two SB games being played there.

    It is well past time for the Spanos family to remove, cover, or otherwise eliminate the additional 10k seats installed since the last SB was played at the Q years ago.

  8. Duh, they play 49ers. Between SoCal Niners fans and Chargers fans who want to see an actual professional ballclub, they sold out. Chargers ownership shouldn’t get too excited – I see at least 7 blackouts at Qualcomm this year. Manning and the Broncos just might do it.

  9. Blackouts are so passe. Anyone with an internet connection can stream any game for free. NFL needs to evolve and stop shooting themselves in the foot by actively refusing to air games which otherwise could go toward selling advertisements for their broadcasting partners.

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