Cowboys shift Ratliff to reserve/PUP and make other cuts

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The possibility of Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff ending up on the reserve/PUP list has become a certainty.

The Cowboys have shifted Ratliff over to the regular-season version of the designation, which means he’ll be out for at least the first six weeks of the regular season.  He’ll be eligible to return to practice from Week Six through Week 11; once he does, the team has three weeks to put him on the active roster or shut him down for the season.

The Cowboys also placed center Ryan Cook and defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford on injured reserve, and they released the following players:  receiver Anthony Amos, tight end Colin Cochart, guard Dennis Godfrey, receiver Jared Green, linebacker Deon Lacey, kicker Brett Maher, receiver Eric Rogers, quarterback Nick Stephens, and cornerback Brandon Underwood.

14 responses to “Cowboys shift Ratliff to reserve/PUP and make other cuts

  1. Nothing to see here, just camp bodies that were let go. Hopefully they all have a fall back!


  2. This is such typical Jerry s%&t! I don’t get how he can be so forward-thinking with players like Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. Knowing that they aren’t going to start year one but knowing that they have a future. And then refusing to see the defensive line from the same perspective where you’ve got an aging talent that played a total of 6 games last year. How he can be so short-sighted with our line is baffling when you consider his foresight at linebacker.

  3. drbrown7451
    Aug 27, 2013, 4:23 PM EDT
    When does Romo get released?

    That will be a real issue in about 2 years when Romo drastically underperforms that contract but the Cowboys don’t have the cap room to cut him.

  4. “That will be a real issue in about 2 years when Romo drastically underperforms that contract but the Cowboys don’t have the cap room to cut him.”

    Keep dreaming. Romo’s lack of success in the post-season is the same mirage that surrounded Peyton Manning in his first eight seasons. Remember Manning? Didn’t win a playoff game until his sixth season, and didn’t win the Super Bowl until three years after that? Remember how he was “too soft to win the big one”? Until he did, of course. Then he was just fine.

    QBs get way too much credit and blame for a team’s performance. Romo is clearly talented enough to take the team all the way — the real question is, is the team good enough to get HIM there?

  5. Hey delius1967 good call o the Romo story, but seriously man he is to old and Jerry Jones is a dumba_ss my god they have o% chance of doing anything. Look at how the remainder of the NFL
    manned up this season and Dallas didn’t do squat DOOMED

  6. @throwedoff1
    You clearly don’t watch or know anything about football! The cowboys will be in the mix come playoff time, they did just enough in the offseason to make that leap period! And I’m betting they go very deep into the playoffs and possibly then some!

  7. Of these QB Nick Stephens surprises me the most. He played well but threw an INT which hurt. Just needs more development.

    WR Jared Green will likely land on their practice squad unless another team picks him up. A team that needs a WR like the eagles for example, may want to give Green a look.

  8. This team will continue to perform the same as long as the same GM is at the top. Period. And not taking a DL this year is gonna be another two year setback. Oh well…same ol same ol. Go Cowboys

  9. Wait… wait… wait! This MUST be a mistake because we’ve all read more than once where Jerry said that Jay Ratcliff would be ready to start the regular season games.

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