Danny Amendola back at practice for Patriots


Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola was held out of both practice and the team’s third preseason game against the Lions last week.

We don’t know why Amendola was out of practice as coach Bill Belichick only deemed him day-to-day when asked about Amendola’s outlook. There were some reports of foot or ankle trouble, but nothing concrete and nothing that appears to be lingering into this week because Amendola was back at practice on Monday. Amendola showed that he’s learning the Patriots’ mode of operation by offering no more detail into why he was out while saying he “felt good” getting back on the field.

“I’m not concerned,” Amendola said, via Field Yates of ESPNBoston.com. “We’ve had a lot of good reps this camp so far and we’re going to continue to work and continue to get better.”

Amendola’s missed 20 games over the last two seasons, 15 of them in 2011, so any absence because of injury is going to lead to wondering about how long he might be out of the lineup. This doesn’t appear to be much more than the normal precaution teams take with veterans in August, however, and there’s not likely to be much impact on the Patriots offense as a result.

24 responses to “Danny Amendola back at practice for Patriots

  1. It will great to see Amendola rack up catches and yardage and prove all the doubters wrong. Gronk will be back in time to kick butt…and the new kids, Sudfeld at tight end and Tomkins at wide receiver will keep the Patriots at the top of the AFC East. Brady will prove once again that he can do it with whoever is there….making him the greatest of all time.

  2. Remember when Moss came to the Pats in 07 and never played a down in preseason leading some media to speculate that he was going to be cut and a lot of joyful schadenfreuders the likes of which are commenting here and always comment on all Pats stories all celebrated the Pats’ “ineptitude”? Good times. 🙂

  3. alwaysright1981 says:

    Patriots won’t win the division. Take that to the bank.


    Thanks for the laugh.

    So which awful team do you predict will win the AFCE then ?

  4. alwaysright1981 says: Aug 27, 2013 10:31 AM

    Patriots won’t win the division. Take that to the bank.

    9 division title in 10 years. Your bank su*cks.

  5. gottaplan says: Aug 27, 2013 11:15 AM

    “Day to Day Danny” …. He is going to be awesome…. for the 5 games he is able to make it on the field. Can’t fix “brittleness”!

    You’re right, cannot fix brittleness…BUT

    When you play w/a QB that just throws balls..any receiver gets BLOWN UP…Bradford put balls in places that got Amendola killed…lit up .

    Won’t get that from Brady..in fact, just the opposite. And there are only 3 QB’s in league who can throw that way.

    Do not be surprised if Danny exceeds Welkers #’s….and his per catch average higher.

  6. he’s had plenty of time to study video that the team has taken of the buffalo defensive coaches so he should be ready to go to fit in the overall offensive scheme that has allowed them to win those super bowls and all those division titles over the years

  7. Why do the Patriot p articles always draw the most idiotic posters? And why do they never admit to what team of losers they support? My name proudly displays my team.

  8. i hear ya patsfan13. i am also a pats fan myself. i’ve been posting up these ridiculous comments the last few weeks in an attempt to get a laugh from people about how absurd some of these posters are. they all tend to be steeler fans that simply cannot get over the AFC championship games from the ’01 and ’04 seasons. even though people like bill cowher have gone on record saying the video taping didnt help them. but steeler fans simply will not man up and admit they lost both those games at home because they think they’re entitled to the super bowl every year

  9. It truly amazes me that people dedicate their screen names to negative Patriot insinuations who must be insecure about their own team therefore blame a superior franchise for their team’s ineptness.

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