Darren McFadden says he wants to stay with Raiders


If the Oakland Raiders want Darren McFadden, Darren McFadden wants to be a Oakland Raider.

According to Scott Bair of CSNBayArea.com, McFadden expressed his desire to remain with the Raiders after his contract expires at the end of the season.

I love being a Raider,” McFadden said. “As long as they want to bring me back and have me here for as long as they want to have me – I love being a Raider, and I’m here.”

McFadden says the Raiders have not reached out about an extension as of yet, so for now McFadden is playing for his next contract.

McFadden’s biggest issue has been staying healthy. He’s missed 16 games over the last three season alone. If he can stay on the field and produce for the Raiders this season. The contract should end up taking care of itself.

“It’s all about playing football,” McFadden said. “If I take care of my business and do what I’m supposed to do, everything else will fall in line.”

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  1. I still remember my jaw dropping when they wasted the 4th overall pick on him. Good player but RB was like the very last thing they needed, and their subsequent season records prove it.

  2. What happened to the report that said that the Raiders had offered Darren McFadden a contract extension? but he later declined it because the offer was too low so he decided to pull a joe flacco n let his contract year decide what he’s worth

  3. If you want to stay a Raider, you’ll have to do better than 3 YPC and start way more than 7 or 8 games.
    Actually, you’ll need to do that to get a contract almost anywhere…

  4. So far, meh. Better start looking good or it will be bye-bye-baby for Darren. Too little too late if he doesn’t absolutely rock this upcoming season.

  5. When I first looked at the headline, it didn’t catch me because I thought I read something different. Low and behold , I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did I just see that a player actually likes being a Raider? To my chagrin , I did. But then I thought about said player and its Mr McFadden. I said to myself maybe he likes it so much because he misses a lot of games and its easy money and not too many teams will pay top dollar for a banged up ,( although explosive when healthy) rb. Yup its official, he is playing his cards and mucking up to upper management so he can do what Jamarcus did: Rob them without a gun.

  6. Couple weeks ago i read that the raiders Offered D Mac a contract to stay here with the Raiders after this season..im not sure what it was but it said that D Mac turned it down because he was gambling that with a good healthy season he would get top dollar by showing his talents…Being a Raider fan all I know is I would love D Mac to stay i know hes a top notch running back i seen him play healthy 2 years ago when at the half way point he lead the NFL in rushing yards until he got hurt.i have all the confidence in D Mac I want him to stay because we need his talents and his leadership..mark my word with Darren M healthy the Raiders will be a threat to win the AFC not just the west but the conferance ..I really hope we keep him and he has a great season the dude is a football player the total package man

  7. can he run hard and violent with out getting banged up? I really hope so one of the most exciting RB in the NFL when healthy. Him and TP2 can create a real excitement pact game.

  8. Other than a long injury history and a complete lack of halfback vision, he is the ideal running back.

  9. What about Darin’s article on August 9th on this very site?

    In the article it states “According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Raiders “checked in” with McFadden about a contract extension, but he preferred to wait until after this season in hopes of a better deal.”

    So which is it?

  10. He’s missed 16 games over the last three seasons or he missed one whole season spread over three years. Wish I could miss that much work and still have a job. No wonder he wants to stay in Oakland.

  11. “Sounds like a concussion, does he know where he is?”

    “Where are you?”


    “Well it’s not a concussion.”

    “Do we have dementia protocols?”

    “Are we getting sued for dementia?”

  12. WOW, my comments won’t even be posted. McFadden will have a decent year and won’t play the hurt card so he can get more money offered to him, then once he gets that contract, it’ll resort back to the same old thing. Missed games because his wheel is broke or shoulder. Most players do this just to get money, then lose interest in the game. Watch and see………

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