Pat White will go the distance on Thursday night


Pat White will get his biggest chance yet to show what he can do as an NFL quarterback on Thursday night.

Washington coach Mike Shanahan confirmed today that he plans to start White in the preseason finale and keep him in the game for all four quarters. Starter Robert Griffin III and No. 2 quarterback Kirk Cousins are both recovering from injuries, and veteran Rex Grossman will be rested. (Presumably Grossman will take the field if White gets hurt.)

A spread-option quarterback in college at West Virginia, White was a second-round pick of the Dolphins way back in the old days of 2009, when people thought the spread-option wouldn’t work in the NFL. He never panned out as the Dolphins hoped he would as an all-purpose threat, but Shanahan decided to give him a shot as a quarterback this year.

It’s unlikely that White will make the regular-season roster in Washington, but if he plays well he could put enough on film to make other teams think of him as a quarterback option down the road.

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  1. Pat has looked pretty sharp so far. The Bills would be better served snatching him up than bringing in Leinart and “Practice Squad” Thad. He would at least provide a threat to opposing defenses while EJ sobers up.

  2. Good luck to Pat White. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him so far. But I just don’t see him making the team. Hopefully he can shine & possibly catch on elsewhere.

  3. The Redskins are such a classy franchise that they help players get back on their feet and get jobs elsewhere. Pat White could already start for half the teams in the NFL, but when the Redskins have the best player in NFL history as the starter, an All-Pro as his backup, and a Super Bowl QB as the third string, that’s unbeatable depth. #RedskinsAreSynonymousWithSuperBowlChampions

  4. Ultimately, an NFL quarterback has to be able to throw the ball accurately in order to stay employed. Pat White has never shown he can consistently do that.

  5. Win-win for White…if he makes the team, good for him. If not, he can jump back on the lawsuit bandwagon and begin to again display his physical ailments from years – excuse me, a year and a preseason – of trauma from playing in the NFL.

  6. I was at the Redskins/ Bills game on Saturday and both Pat White and Rex Grossman were better than anyone the Bills put out there under center.

  7. To the contrary, there is no way the Redskins will let PW getaway without some form of compensation.

    Even if he doesn’t have a great game he will beat out Grossman simply because Grossman is not sought after, and can be resigned at almost any point in the season.

  8. The best case scenario for Pat may be that he shows other teams he can run the same Washington offense that Griffin can (obviously at a lower caliber) and hope some one (Dallas?) picks him up to run it in practice for game planning against Griffin.

  9. I know it’s unheard of, but I would like to see the Skins carry 4 quarter backs. If Robert gets hurt again, I want to see the Skins be able to run the read option. Half of last years success was due to running the read option…RG1 and Cousins can’t help with that.

  10. I’m totally loving the Redskin’s QB situation…We have perhaps the best corp in the league. No Weurffels or Becks anymore just NFL caliber talent. HTTR

  11. Poor Guy. He should admire his knees a lot and do everything he can for them since they will never look the same in two days time. The fourth preseason game is boring and cruel. This guy weighs about 190. Endangered Animals probably have better rights than 3rd and 4th stringers.

  12. After losing Crawford, I kind of wish the Redskins would try out Pat White returning punts. He may not have tons of experience at it but he DEFINITELY has the skillset, based on how he can tote the rock in open field.

    If he could fill this void left by Crawford, then they could justify keeping a fourth QB…

  13. This scumbag was in on the class-action lawsuit against the NFL until that is a team came calling for his services. Then he was magically all better.

    How can anyone in their right mind root for him?

  14. Donovan McNabb believes the Redskins should start White in the season opener and leave Griffin, Cousins and Grossman on the bench.

    This is Donovan’s way of “helping.”

  15. @verskate900

    I agre with you! Pat White is a Bum. He absolutely sucked as a Dolphin who wasted a 2nd Rd Pick on this Poser. He gets cut and then joins the NFL Law Suit after Zero Completions(LOL) ?

    He is a RGIII Camp Body/ Stunt Double… Nothing more. Will play all Night Thursday, spend Friday in a Tub of Ice, get Cut on Saturday and rejoin Law Suit on Sunday.

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