Raiders finish drop to 75 as punting battle continues


Count the Raiders among the teams that have reduced their player count to 75.  (And if you’re keeping count, that’s at least the second time I’ve phrased it that way.)

On Tuesday, the Raiders placed linebacker Miles Burris on the reserve/PUP list, and cornerback Joselio Hanson and running back Latavius Murray on injured reserve.

On Sunday, the Raiders cut receiver Josh Cribbs and waived linebacker Keenan Clayton, linebacker Eric Harper, fullback Jon Hoese, receiver Sam McGuffie, guard Andrew Robiski, receiver Tray Session, defensive tackle Myles Wade, wide receiver Isiah Williams and center/guard Alex Parsons (waived-injured).

The moves mean that, at least for now, the Raiders haven’t chosen between punters Marquette King and Chris Kluwe.  Unless the Raiders decide to keep both of them — which would be sort of a Raiders thing to do.

Coach Dennis Allen has said that Kluwe has an edge over King when it comes to holding for field goals and extra points, and that this overlooked but important skill will be a factor in the decision.

So with two punters on the roster, why not have two kickers?  The Raiders also announced on Tuesday that Justin Medlock, who played at UCLA with Kluwe, has joined the team.   Medlock played 10 games with the Panthers in 2012, after three years in Canada.

Medlock apparently has been signed so that the Raiders can give Sebastian Janikowski the final preseason game off.

Cornerback Mitchell White was waived to keep the roster at 75 with the addition of Medlock.

12 responses to “Raiders finish drop to 75 as punting battle continues

  1. C’mon Florio.

    The subtle jab was cute, but we all know that those quips were rendered obsolete once Al Davis passed.

    Also, any comments that suggest the Raiders are obsessed with drafting ‘speed guys’ are no longer relevant.

    Carry on.

    Go Raiders

  2. Man, much worse than I thought they’d be. That team might not win a single game.

    Maybe keep Kluwe after all– he might be able to play QB better than Flynn. He’d certainly do it better than Pryor.

  3. dalcow4: you just proved that you truly are from Texas…extremely uneducated and also very uninteresting.

  4. Really bummed about Murray…Hopefully a solid backup back gets cut in the next wave. If McFadden misses time (I know! If? ha!) I’m not down with Rashad Jennings as the feature guy. Or Jeremy Stewart.

    And the 2 kickers thing is funny..haha…but if you think about it our roster is really at 71 skill position players right now…we’ll have only 9 players to cut afterwards…for a young team with so much growing to do I kinda like that all of our players that will log time during the season can log serious play time in the final preseason game. Even if it is a difference of 3 or 4 players.

  5. You know you are not a good player when you get cut by the talentless Raiders.

    I can already hear Roger Goddell “The Oakland Raiders on the clock for the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.”

  6. I don’t see Flynn or Pryor on that list and they both should be.
    Looks like another long year in Oakland.

  7. i think we are kind of doing what your team is doing florio. You know the “steelers thing to do” is to have two punters like they do today with Brian Moorman, and Drew Butler on the roster.

    The only difference is the raiders thing to do will be to cut one of them (kluwe) I hope, while the steelers thing to do will be to keep both of them on the 53.

    I hope the raiders can make it 4 wins out of the last 5 games against the steelers on Oct. 27th


  8. last i knew a qb can hold the ball for field goals and extra points. Does dennis allen know this? maybewe can pay flynn 4 mill to do that for king?

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