Randy Starks: My punishment for skipping spring work is not starting


Like many players given franchise tags, Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks stayed away from voluntary work this offseason as part of an attempt to wrangle a long-term contract.

That effort was unsuccessful as the July 15 deadline for a multi-year extension passed without any deal in Miami, leaving Starks to play this year for $8.45 million and try for a longer contract after the season comes to an end. Starks is going to be making that bid off the bench to start the season, something he thinks is related to his absence from OTAs earlier this year.

“I’ve been there before,” Starks said, via Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I’m not going to say nothing bad about it. It is what it is. I wasn’t here so I guess this is my punishment.”

Starks also missed a lot of camp with a leg injury, so there could be more than one explanation for why the team has chosen to go with Jared Odrick and Paul Soliai at the time being. Either way, it’s hard to fault a team for going with the guys that have been on the field. Starks said he’s not upset about the situation, pointing out that he had successful seasons in the past while coming off the bench and that the Dolphins figure to play him roughly the same amount as they play Odrick and Soliai up front.

That trio, plus defensive ends Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon and, the Dolphins hope, Dion Jordan gives the Dolphins a lot of depth and strength on the defensive line, which figures to be the driver of any defensive success the team has in the 2013 season.

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  1. Formidable line: They should help the Offense as they mature. Hopefully Miami’s offense can at least put up 20+ points, if they do this Defense can keep our opponents under 20.

    Just as long as our special teams don’t turn the ball over (sigh)

  2. “Starter” does not really apply to Starks/Soliai/Odrick. They will rotate throughout the game and will all see close to the same amount of snaps. He isn’t being punished. He was also hurt. Nothing to see here unless he maintains a poor attitude.

  3. Investigation is necessary. if he’s right the coach needs to be fired for wasting the owners money. if he’s wrong cut him $8.45 million is way to much for a back-up.

  4. C’mon Randy… Odrick worked his ass off for months while you were at the Pool or in the A/C Bubble riding a Stationary Bike and if by “starter” you mean 1st down against the Browns Opener, you’re right. You will be in on 3rd down. The Fins have 6-7 “starters” in their front 4. I realize this is a typical single sentence, sound bite that the Media turned into a Story, but real Fans know the difference.

  5. There are more Dolphins fans in the Rochester, NY area than there are in the entire state of Florida. Normally a fact like this would bother me, except all the Dolphins fans in NY are Spray-Tan-Jersey-Shore-Wannabe-Losers, and I would be embarrassed to share a team with tools like that anyways.

  6. Starks is not starting because he held out, oderick came in and took advantage and now he is playing like a beat at his natural position and Starks will be the rotation player. I still say trade Starks, young guys there for depth are ready to step up.

  7. A 3 man rotation at DT is awesome when all 3 are that talented with fresh legs. We have a major O-line and redzone problem though. 2 things . If the D keeps getting the ball back to our offense it might give them time to figure their offense problems out. 2nd, the other way is if the D is that strong you can put a for sale trade sign on him to see what kind of help you can get for these offense problems. The loss of Keller imo has really hurt.

  8. I’d say the weeks of training camp he missed with a leg injury has more to do with it than punishment. The other piece to the puzzle is the fact that Jared Odrick, another big body, a former first round pick who started at DE last year, is there and healthy.

    It doesn’t matter that much anyway, Starks will be playing on every passing down and rotating in on first and second down as well. Everybody who is up in arms about 8.5 mil to a benchwarmer has absolutely no clue about how a D-line rotation works. Starks has been a pro-bowler in Miami and will be a huge part of whatever success the Dolphins have this year.

    Oh, and @losangelesbillsofbuffalo, you are smart to get your shots in now- your team is going head-to-head with the Jets for NFL’s biggest laughingstock this year. In all honesty, I do think it sucks that the Bills are going to leave town as soon as the old man dies- but it is going to suck a lot more for you than it will for me.

  9. I guess when Tannehill is crushed and comes out of the game with a concussion or worse, then I imagine we will see Starks. If I was Tannehill, I would be voicing my disapproval of the doghouse mentality. Ask Flacco how McKinnie helped in the post season when he got out of the doghouse. Doghouses are for Kennels not football teams. The best players should play as it is dangerous and disrespectful to the other players who want to win and know that someone is getting shaftedto appease a coaches feelings.

  10. xinellum,
    Next time you feel like ripping on a team you know nothing about, do some research so you don’t look quite so stupid. Starks plays DEFENSIVE tackle for the Dolphins so his lack of starting the first snap would hardly result in a concussion for Tannehill. That is unless you somehow envision Tannehill turning away in disgust and slamming his unhelmeted head on the gatorade jug.

  11. xinellum…

    What does Randy Starks have to do with Tannehill?

    I suppose you’re thinking of Max Starks.

    Perfect example of a poster on PFT.

    Randy Starka plays defense and you have no business sharing your view on a team that you obviously know nothing about.

  12. Not sure how we are going to be a top defense when Ireland/Philbin have downgraded both the corner and linebacker positions. We have three above-average players (Wake, Jones and Starks), and the rest are average at best. Tom Brady will be thrilled that Vontae, Sean Smith and Dansby have been replaced by lesser players, and also that our 1st round pick had less than 15 sacks in college. Thanks Ireland & Philbin, you two amateurs. Nice job replacing Jake Long, too.

  13. @miamimatt

    Oh, and @losangelesbillsofbuffalo, you are smart to get your shots in now- your team is going head-to-head with the Jets for NFL’s biggest laughingstock this year. In all honesty, I do think it sucks that the Bills are going to leave town as soon as the old man dies- but it is going to suck a lot more for you than it will for me.

    Don’t sweat your team. According to the trolls on the Jets board from Miami, you have the SB sewn up.
    Miami 48- San Fran 6

  14. xinellum…

    I was gonna tell you that you should be embarrassed by a goofy post like that. Then I read Wanstache’s post and realized you didn’t have the dumbest post of the day.

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