Report: Hernandez was on short leash before arrest


The folks at Rolling Stone have taken a close look at the life of former Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez.  The story has yet to be released, but Rolling Stone has offered up a six-pack of teases, via Deadspin.

The most significant unknown tidbit was that Hernandez already was on a short leash with coach Bill Belichick, to the point where Hernandez was “one misstep from being cut.”  The item points to “missed practices and thug-life stunts.”

That contention partially contradicts a report from Ben Volin of the Boston Globe that the Patriots had no qualms about Hernandez as a player, and that the only concerns arose from his lingering friendship with friends from his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.  It also makes us wonder when the concerns arose, given that the Patriots gave Hernandez a $12.5 million signing bonus in August 2012.

Also, Rolling Stone reports that Hernandez was a “heavy user of angel dust” (which may or may not have been purchased from Louis Winthorpe III), that Hernandez’s paranoia prompted him to carry a gun “wherever he went,” that he “surrounded himself with a cohort of gangsters,” that his parents and “much of his extended family” had criminal records, and that his mother, Terri, cheated on Hernandez’s father before he died with a “violent drug dealer” whom she would later marry.

Finally, the report contends that former Florida coach Urban Meyer “may have helped cover up failed drug tests, along with two violent incidents — an assault and a drive-by shooting outside a local bar.”

That last part likely is a reference to an alleged assault occurring in May 2007 and the shooting from September 2007, both of which happened in Gainesville.  While the report hedges with the use of “may have,” it’s the first time anyone has suggested that Meyer had an affirmative role in keeping Hernandez’s alleged misdeeds quiet.

We’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more on this one, from Foxboro to Columbus (where Meyer now works) to points in between and beyond.

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  1. Finally, the report contends that former Florida coach Urban Meyer “may have helped cover up failed drug tests, along with two violent incidents — an assault and a drive-by shooting outside a local bar.”

    Stay classy Urban..OSU will have sanctions after he bolts for his next job

  2. Well, accurate or not, Urban Meyer just can’t let that lay out there without responding to it. No way.

  3. his mother, Terri, cheated on Hernandez’s father before he died with a “violent drug dealer” whom she would later marry.

    Son’s of Anarchy

  4. This guy is no longer relevant in the nfl…I’m looking forward to cooler days and Sunday afternoons watching my favorite team play. Lock this guy up for good and throw away the media

  5. What are we faulting Belichick for exactly?

    Was he supposed to hold a press conference detailing Hernandez’ addictions or other information?

    Threatening to cut a guy less than a year after you signed him should send a pretty strong message for most people.

  6. Once a punk always a punk. He’ll be punked by Bubba once prison life begins. Sucks to be him.

  7. sounds like a PR story made up to save face. Yea we knew about Hernandez’s sordid past and illegal activities yet we still gave him a 13 mill signing bonus.

    The thing that’s interesting to me is that if they have evidence of Urban Meyer covering up a violent felony (ie. drive by shooting and or assault) why didn’t they turn that evidence over to the police and why has urban meyer not been probed in the case as an accessory after the fact?

  8. As crazy as him being addicted to angel dust sounds, it kind of explains the extreme reaction to his friend’s loose lips and the general path that he appears to have been on. Allegedly.

  9. Safe to say country music was not his favorite choice of music…. Don’t worry Aaron, u can have an mp3 player in prison so u can continue to live that life thru your headphones! Bang Bang Shoot em up! Idiot

  10. An affirmative role with the use of “May Have” pretty thin. I am not saying Urban was free of knowledge but the use of ‘May Have’ is hard to sue over if this indeed is not true..

  11. This is typical of a significant problem across many levels of competitive sport in this country. An enabled sense of entitlement. To the many athletes and coaches who honor their sport with commitment and style, thank you. To the select few who fall in the other category, well hopefully this case will convince owners and Chancellors to eradicate this cancer.

  12. Urban Meyer, an absolute model citizen, covering up violent crimes in the name of winning?

    What’s next, you’re going to tell me the guy faked a heart attack to get out of his job the year after Tim Tebow left and his team went 4-4 in the SEC?

  13. He was not on a short list.
    This is revisionist history.
    The Patriots had no idea what this guy was up to and that is why they gave him a boat-load of cash.

  14. Anybody still giving Urban Meyer a pass in this is dumb. Dude’s a scumbag. As far as the bigger pond scum puddle, Hernandez, if it’s true he was on PCP, more of this makes sense.

    I speculated when this happened that he might have graduated to lacing his weed, but PCP is even worse. I remember a rapper who was on that stuff back in the 90’s actually being discovered by the cops eating his girlfriend that he had blacked out and killed while he was high. So yea, wish MA had the death penalty.

  15. well, at least now we know why he was stupid enough to not realize the trail of “duh” he left behind….from the car rental, to the location of the shooting, to the camera footage and destruction of the surveillance system…… ANGEL DUST? Seriously?

  16. guarantee you Hernandez had some teammates in college that were in on his gang business…i won’t name who i think, but it’s not hard to make a good guess since there are many reports of some former flordia gators having shall we say, “questionable,” off field antics.

    that urban meyer story could be the biggest news of this saga to come about. it could completely destroy Florida and the near future of OSU if it is true.

  17. My concern is if any of Hernandez’ Florida teammates were also involved in any of those incidents that Meyer “helped cover up.” One of the two dunces who wore “Free Hernandez” hats plays for my favorite team.
    Football players run in packs, and I wouldn’t be shocked that when the dust settles more than just Hernandez will be exposed…

  18. So let me follow this. Rolling Stone reports that Hernandez was one misstep away from being cut. He made one more misstep (assuming we’re grouping all the alleged shootings into one for argument sake), and then the Pats cut him.

    Just solid reporting by the RS here. Dead on.

  19. …uhhh…of all the allegations from rolling stone, you chose AARon being on a short leash w/the hoodie as the “most significant?”

  20. His actions make moree sense now that its known he was a dust head……Belicheat needs to retire soon, the longer he stays the more tarnished his record gets…..HC winning 3 super bowls and DC for two more SB is an incredible feat…..but the cheating scandal and now this could be hard for him to get in the HOF

  21. Aaron! What’s this dead guy doing on the floor? Did you kill him?


    Then why is there a dead man on the floor?

    Well, a guy came in and I stabbed him 37 times.

    Aaaaarrrrrooooonnnn, that kills people.

    Oh, I had no idea.

  22. Garbage begets garbage. What’s really surprising is how U of Miami looked past all the red flags from his youth. oh wait….no, that’s not surprising.

  23. Glad Rolling Stone is actually doing investigative journalism again. Remember when there was money in that? Love the Internet but spending weeks to research a story is hard to sell…

  24. I can’t wait to see how espn either a) releases this story as their own b) weaves manziel into it or c) mentions tebow 12 times in their version

  25. Why do we insist on making someone other than Hernandez and his cohorts responsible for this crime? I’d agree that this is less and less of a “football” story every day. I’d have to accept that the organizations should have known that this was going to happen, and I don’t.

  26. He got the huge contract LAST Aug. and apparently spent the next year smoking a lot of Angel Dust… sounds like the contract came first… I would absolutely believe he was on shaky ground with BB if he was missing practices. It would kill Belichick to cut him because he had huge plans for his two tight ends— but he couldn’t tolerate that. That would destroy their clubhouse and so far- that doesn’t look like it’s happening.

  27. Is this the same Rolling Stone magazine that glorified the Boston marathon bombing suspect on its cover, in a heartless attempt to move magazines? I wouldn’t trust or read a word they say, and nobody should read the contrived controversy they spew.

  28. As much as it seems believable, although bullethead527 has good point….

    I don’t believe anything in Rolling Stone

  29. This Hernandez story is like a “media infused blob,” it just keeps growing & growing with more crap to feed it! This is reality TV people! I’m mean how do the pat’s not find this stuff out?! Even if the Belichick story is true – “you didn’t cut him dude!”

  30. May have….a beautiful term used by media. Of course everyone will take it as fact and Urban Meyer is part to blame.

    Let’s stop for a second. You think Urban Meyer risks his career to cover up a drive-by shooting and assault for a freshman??? He may be shady, but he’s not dumb. With all the high profile recruits he wouldn’t do this for an unproven 17 year old.

  31. So, Rolling Stone Magazine was the only media source that was able to uncover all these facts…..

    Rolling Stone Magazine?

    The same magazine that topped their monthly sales by putting a glamorized picture of a murdering terrorist on their cover?

  32. It just goes to show the level these academic institutions will stoop to in order to get a player on their program. I wish college sports would go away and sports for 18-22 year olds who want to go pro had its own league that paid them a max of 100 grand a year. You want to go to college and play sports? Play in the club leagues. You know football club, basketball club.

  33. Finally, the report contends that former Florida coach Urban Meyer “may have helped cover up failed drug tests, along with two violent incidents — an assault and a drive-by shooting outside a local bar.”

    IF this is true, at the very least Urban Meyer shouldn’t work in football again at any level.

    I wonder if his conduct would be criminal.

  34. Finally, the report contends that former Florida coach Urban Meyer “may have helped cover up failed drug tests, along with two violent incidents — an assault and a drive-by shooting outside a local bar.”

    IF this is true, at the very least Urban Meyer shouldn’t work in football again at any level.

    I wonder if his conduct would be criminal.

  35. Rolling Stone contradicts other reports and common sense and then throws in a “may have” accusation to boot. I hate Meyer and I’m interested in the Hernandez case, but this RS piece doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that will stand the test of time.

  36. Why do they call it Angel Dust if it makes you crazily do bad things. Wouldn’t Devil Dust be a more appropriate name? Next time I run into Larry David I’ll have to ask him.

  37. If this is the case, how would he have passed all the NFL’s random drug tests?

    the Patriot way..

  38. I have a new found respect for his brother. I am surprised Aaron made it this far coming from a family dynamic like that and having a substance addiction (PCP is no joke). I will be surprised at the accuracy of the rolling stone article, they have gone for shock value and no substance as of recent. No way is he on a “tight leash” and get a contract extension like that.

  39. themagicman1223 says:
    Aug 27, 2013 9:50 PM
    Once a gator….


    I know the Gators players haven’t had the best reputation lately (since Urban Mayer era) with numerous hoodlums. But I doubt him going to Florida made him kill his future brother-in-law.

  40. If there is any truth to this then Florida and Meyer are sunk.

    In the Penn State case, the NCAA said PSU was responsible for future crimes because they didn’t do enough to stop him.

    And in the PSU case there was no NCAA rule broken and there is no actual evidence that there was anything covered up, it was simply that they didn’t do enough that the NCAA based their ruling on.

    If it is found that Meyer and Florida actively covered up attempted murder, then they have to act similarly to they did in the PSU case. Wins vacated, and major sanctions.

  41. There are a thousand people out there who have killed people why is everyone so into this guys life? Beacuse hes a football player? What about all the other football players we should be talking about? Get over this guy people he will rot in prison with the rest if the pleople who think it’s ok to kill innocent people.

  42. “Here’s 12.5 million bucks, that we don’t need to give you this year, but one more misstep and you are gone!”

    Yeah, that’s how it works

  43. If Hernandez ever gets convicted, or when he gets convicted he should definitely write a tell all book/ movie. The stories of this guys alleged lifestyle are fascinating. I’d watch the movie, maybe read the book if there was no movie yet.

  44. It freaking sounds like the whole family line needs to be put down. Some people just shouldn’t breed.

  45. thesmartest1 says: Aug 27, 2013 9:55 PM

    This guy and his stories should just go away.
    Actually, I’m kind of fascinated with the developments of how and why someone would throw their life away.

  46. It’s becoming pretty clear the patriots championship locker room started filling up with rock stars and egos over the last few years.

    I hope I’m not being naive by saying I think it is getting better. Our young defense is getting some age, adding Wilson has greatly sped that process of maturation and adding an element of swagger to the D.

    I am an unabashed Tom Brady fan but I think it is on him to bring that championship caliber leadership to the locker room, weed out the rock stars and return to the “humble pie” mantra that brought so much success to the franchise. He leads by example and the young guys need to respond and follow his lead or hit the road.

  47. “… it’s the first time anyone has suggested that Meyer had an affirmative role in keeping Hernandez’s alleged misdeeds quiet.”

    Umm, what? I seriously thought that this was common knowledge.

  48. Not sure how much you can trust Rolling Stone after their cover glamorizing the marathon bomber. They’ll do anything to sell copies.

    Though being high on angel dust would explain the horrendously bad cover up job.

  49. I have no doubt that all of these stories are true. Actually, he has probably done worse than what is listed here. These are just incidents where he got caught.

  50. After making a barely veiled contention, using the phrase “may have” it will be interesting to see if RS has any evidence to back it up. Or maybe they “may have” decided innuendo is a good journalistic tactic.

  51. ” listen Aaron, we want you here, but yiu gotta quit shooting people”
    This is no laughing matter but that was hilarious!!
    This story gets crazier and crazier!! It does seem like something from the show, Sons of Anaracy.. WOW!!

  52. yeah he was on such a short leash they gave him a massive contract with a boatload of guarnteed money

    heres to hoping my boss tells me im on a short leash tommorrow night!

  53. Hernandez was enabled his whole life because he could play. Seems like Urban Meyer had him on one of those retractable 30 foot leashes.

    If you never get disciplined in your life, you will continue doing stupid things.

  54. Too bad nobody will read the piece since everyone in the country boycotted the magazine with their powerful “like” button on facebook.

  55. Aaron Hernandez will be another great American redemption story. After all these false charges are dropped he will return to prominence

  56. You knew this had to be true. You can’t cover up this kind of character – unless you are the Patriots and the mainstream media who want to cover it up. If he were a Raven, you would have heard about him sticking gum under the table.

    Suggs was right…different rules for Patriots, you can add Ohio State to that list too now.

  57. If this is true, and its going to be quite hard to prove, the NFL really needs to rethink its drug testing program and the Patriots really need to fire many of their management. A “Heavy user of angel dust” would and should be extremely easy to see. I can understand the win at all cost thing, but letting someone on PCP slide is absolutely crazy.

  58. Angel dust? Geez, I think that’s the first time I’ve heard that phrase used since the first Lethal Weapon movie. Looks to me like Rolling Stone is taking another turn at sensationalized journalism, which has been their wont for the last 20 years or so (coincides with the cranking up of their political activism). I really like the “may have” qualifier on their comments about Meyer. That’s a real good way of slandering a person without actually clearing the legal threshold of slander.

  59. my dear lord Florio…who knew you had an actual sense of humor???? the Louie Winthorpe reference is top notch. job well done…for once

  60. Please…we are now down to hearing reports from the Rolling Stone on the matter?
    I heard that the National Enquirer is coming out with a piece that will blow this whole thing wide open..ALIENS! That’s right, Hernandez is actually from another solar system!

    Get real or shut up.

  61. So in a nutshell:

    Football was just an intermediate step, actually a delay before AH was going to get along with his life’s work, sitting in a prison cell.

    Oh, and society is to blame.

  62. nyyjetsknicks says: Aug 27, 2013 10:08 PM

    Gave him huge contract but was close to being cut…Anyone know how to get on Belichick’s short leash?

    Make foot jokes about Rex Ryan?

  63. bullethead527 says: Aug 27, 2013 9:57 PM

    On a short leash after being given a huge contract, yeah right.


    Agreed, this sounds like PR/suck up journalism to get in tighter with the Patriots.

  64. I’m not gonna stick up for Hernandez, but at this point I believe news outlets could make up and publish anything about him and people would believe it…who are the sources for this article? Unless they have some way of proving these things, I’d take this stuff with a grain of salt

  65. For OSU fans only – don’t say we (UF football fans) didn’t warn you. Did you think we called him “Urban Liar” for no reason?

  66. It would figure some coaches/teammates knew something. Hernandez doesn’t come across as smart enough to pull off the perfect Jekyl/Hyde routine and keep everybody in the dark.

    Based on how the murder went down, I’m somewhat surprised he didn’t outright tell people what he was doing. Seems like he either thought it impossible to get caught or didn’t care.

  67. I’m just glad that Urban Meyer left Florida to “concentrate on his family and faith.” What a load of crap

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