Round one of Hernandez bonus fight begins

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It’s no surprise that the NFLPA has filed a grievance for $82,000 in workout bonuses earned by tight end Aaron Hernandez before the Patriots cut him.  The money was earned, and it should be paid.

But the Patriots, as we explained back in June, won’t be inclined to willingly pay Hernandez another penny.  Instead, they’ll force him to fight for the money that he’s due to receive.

The workout bonus represents round one.  The stakes go up dramatically in March 2014, when Hernandez is due to receive the final $3.25 million of his August 2012 signing bonus.  Again, the money has been earned, but the Patriots will force Hernandez and the NFLPA to fight for it.

The union’s statement, issued to USA Today, comes off as almost apologetic for the effort to get money for a man who has been indicted for one murder and is being investigated for two others.  Still, the money has been earned, and it should be paid.  The NFLPA has every right and reason to pursue the situation.

Hernandez also has earned a $118,000 roster bonus; it’s unclear whether a grievance has been filed for that amount.  As we’ve previously reported, the NFLPA most likely won’t be contesting the team’s ability to void $2.5 million in guaranteed salary for the 2013 regular season.

Regardless, more that $3.3 million likely will be coming to Hernandez.  And the families of Odin Lloyd, Safiro Furtado, and Daniel Abreu would be wise to file a lawsuit ASAP seeking a court order forcing the money paid by the Patriots to be held in escrow pending the outcome of any wrongful-death lawsuits.

24 responses to “Round one of Hernandez bonus fight begins

  1. The unions are out of control. Maybe hold the dough in escrow but don’t pay this criminal another penny until his MURDER charge goes to trial.

  2. I remember when the Giants withheld $1M payment due to Plax Burruss that was earned but due to him after he was cut (after he shoot himself).

    Plax won and got his money.

  3. These teams are so slimy. Always looking for an “out” to avoid payment. First it’s the 9ers being the first team in NFL history to not chastise a player for missing OTAs to avoid $2M payment and now the Pats.

    Granted, Hernandez may be a murderer. However, where does it stop? First its stopping payments to murderers, next is stopping payments to players for DWIs and, before you know it, teams will stop payments for any breach of their ridiculous morals clause.

  4. Talk about a waste of resources. Regardless of what he did off the field he earned that money.

  5. They might as well just endorse that check right over to the defense lawyers. He’s going to need it.

  6. Yeah he earned it bulking up so he could go kill people. “Earned” it by lifting weights. If convicted he’ll never get out and die either way. He doesn’t need money where hes going cuz from the looks of it the best lawyer in the world isn’t gonna get him out of this. I say if the money must be paid, give it to the victims’, yes victim plural, families.

  7. If he has earned it he will and should get paid. If I was to go out this week and build a porch for somebody and then during my time off I decided to knock off somebody or somebody’s I would still expect to get paid for service rendered although I was caught and in jail, bills still drop into the mail despite my being behind bars.

  8. When you give guarantee money to guys with questionable character (going all the way back to teenage years with suspesionof gang activty), then that is your problem.

    Dont get mad when the guy with a shady gang-banger past begins acting like a gang member even after you contractually agreed to pay him. Thats your fault.

  9. FlashPatterson says: Aug 27, 2013 4:33 PM

    I’m with the Patriots here. This is way different than an injury, they shouldn’t owe him a dime.

    He earned that money! He should get it!

  10. Slim Charles says:
    Aug 27, 2013 5:14 PM
    Yeah, anyone who doesn’t think he should get paid this money is a child.


    Guess I’m a child. In this case, the right thing to do is to fight. You don’t pay the guy, even in escrow, until he’s acquitted. Fight to the bitter end and if he wins, then sue him for damaging your brand. The argument that he earned it is wrong if he was committing felonies at the same time he was an employee. He didn’t earn anything. Would you pay him without a fight if it were your money?

  11. This isn’t a legal fight. It’s the Patriots punishing Hernandez. The Pats don’t care that they will eventually lose the case. They just want to make sure he has to scrabble away for every nickel they owe him. Can’t say I blame them.

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