Snyder pledges support for 2024 Washington Olympics bid

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When the powers-that-be in Washington submit a bid for the 2024 Olympics, they’ll have help from the Redskins.  It’s unclear for now whether they want it.

“We look forward to assisting the Washington Olympic Committee in presenting the nation’s capital and fabulous surrounding region to the Olympic sporting world,” owner Daniel Snyder said in a statement issued by the team.  “We are fortunate to have most of the venues needed in an internationally recognized city that is accustomed to staging high-profile events.”

The obvious potential benefit for Snyder is the likely construction at little or no cost to him of a swanky new Olympic stadium that could then be used for NFL games.  The obvious potential detriment to the bidding process is the ongoing presence of the team’s name.

At a time when there is plenty of consternation regarding the 2014 Winter Olympics host country’s chilly-at-best attitude toward sexual orientation, it could be a challenge to lure an event that entails the full spectrum of human flesh tones to a place where the local football team’s nickname centers on skin color in a way that, as Packers CEO Mark Murphy has admitted, many consider to be “very derogatory.”

And so the question becomes whether Snyder would change the name if the benefit is a new stadium that he won’t have to pay much if anything to build — if the name of the team becomes a factor for the International Olympic Committee.

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  1. As I heard this news on the drive into work today… I thought… I bet Snyder would be involved in this because 2024 sounds like the perfect time to ditch Fedex Field & get a stadium downtown at a reduced price. For this area, it would be a nightmare for months to get around the city with all the construction necessary… but on the flip side, the city would get a much needed facelift and new infrastructure.

  2. The classiest, best owner in football goes to bat for the DC area and the whole country. God bless Dan Snyder, a true American hero. I’m sure RG3 will be asked to light the torch, but being the modest man that he is he will graciously decline in favor of other great Americans. #TheRedskinsArePartofWhatisGreatAboutAmerica

  3. Who cares what Murphy thinks as well as those PC folks the name stays…if they want to take issue with something how about all the roads, buidlings and bridges etc., named after racist/klan members etc., that are offensive? There is nothing racist nor derogatory about the way the Washington football team or it’s fans use the name Redskins and by changing the name won’t help fix what the Pale faces have done to these people for years.

    Secondly why aren’t any of them taking issue with the Braves, Indians, Blackhawks etc., as a matter of fact some may take issue with the NHL Redwings…is this some secret commy group?

  4. What nonsense. Nobody CARES about the name except a few activists and pc columnists like this guy. To try to tie a name change to an Olympic bid in 2024 is beyond ridiculous. Doesn’t pass the laugh test.

  5. The Olympics suck…wouldn’t want my city to bid on that nonsense. Nothing but a waste of time and money.

  6. I was going to make a joke about the IOC will bar Washington from hosting the Olympics because of an NFL team name when it lets Russia host despite that country effectively banning “being gay” in public.

    Then I saw it was already written seriously.

  7. Just how many stadium are there in the Wash-Balt. area? And why would we need another one? Whether at Dan Snyder’s expense or not?

  8. skinsrock says: Aug 27, 2013 11:53 AM

    For this area, it would be a nightmare for months to get around the city with all the construction necessary… but on the flip side, the city would get a much needed facelift and new infrastructure.
    Because it’s so easy right now? I mean the 495 to Braddock Road exit totally hasn’t remained unfinished for the last 8 years (literally). This article seems like an unnecessary cheap shot at Snyder and the Redskins, but I also think this would be a horrible place for an Olympics. I love the DMV, but there’s already way too much urban sprawl and congestion, and it isn’t like we need the economic stimulus anyway. Plus think about all the chipotles and McMansions they could put up instead of all the Olympic facilities.

  9. Uh boy, Snyder has stepped in it on this one. I can hear it now:

    “The only way Washington will get the Olympics is if the Redskins change their name. Therefore, we are going to change our name for the good of humanity, blah, blah, blah”.

    BTW, you can translate “the good of humanity” as the economic boom the Washington Area will receive if they land the Olympic games.

  10. Ok Mark you say…..many consider to be “very derogatory.”


    Describe “many” give me a roundabout number and what this is based on, then give me the number of those who don’t find it derogatory would that be infinent?

    My next question to all those PC folk um’ where do you stand on reparations for African Americans for past injustices on them? Isn’t this argument far more important than the name of a professional sports team?

  11. cowpiesnotcowboys says: Aug 27, 2013 1:33 PM

    FedEx stadium already hosts the Special Olympics eight times each NFL season and twice in the preseason.


    It’s true. And logicalvoice has won several medals there, mostly fourth and fifth place finishes.

  12. Keep trying. I’m curious if the world-at-large knows who Dan Snyder is, what the mascot of DC’s football team is, & that there is a (media driven) controversy around said mascot.

    More importantly, I don’t think I’d want the Olympics here. Traffic is bad enough the way it is… although, I could rent my house out for a week or two, & take a free vacation.

  13. I’m opposed to changing the name but it is going to happen. Then the Redskins will be (even more) irrelevant and will suffer much the same fate as the Bullets. The good news for Redskin fan is that he can jump on the Ravens bandwagon in time for our third Super Bowl.

  14. Change the logo, not the name. Remove Sitting Bull and stick a potato on the helmet. Rooting for a potato is no worse than Packer fan rooting for a sweating Polish meat packer out of Upton Sonclair’s Jungle.

  15. go9ers says:
    Aug 27, 2013 2:06 PM
    cowpiesnotcowboys says:
    Aug 27, 2013 1:33 PM

    FedEx stadium already hosts the Special Olympics eight times each NFL season and twice in the preseason.


    It’s true. And logicalvoice has won several medals there, mostly fourth and fifth place finishes.


    Don’t insult the special crowd. No way logicalvoice places anything but last against them.

  16. What a disgusting, nasty, evil, mean, and vindictive article this was.

    The Redskins are one of the rare sports teams that actually built and paid for their own stadium. Where do you repugnant reporters get off insulting the Redskins for possibly getting a new stadium financed just like most stadiums are built these days across the NFL? You jerks! You pathetic idiots!

    The Redskins have every right to be named as they are and no bleeding heart, progressive, repugnant leftist pig, nose out of joint idiot has any right to make the Redskins to change their name. If you don’t like the name, get over it. Don’t patronize their games, buy their stuff, or have anything to deal with them, but shut your traps!

    I have been a proud Redskins fan since 1970 and have endured enough mediocrity through the post Joe Gibbs 1.0 years, but I’ll be damned if I will sit here and read garbage – vomit – bilge, like I read here.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves – as innocent white victims of violent crime are not given the coverage that Trayvon Martin received, you all have the friggin nerve to showcase your profound ignorance with this great sports team! You should be embarrassed.

  17. Holy Name Calling, Batman! Is there going to be a major stink over the name or what!?!

    Look at what Russia is going through about the gay thing. Yeah, the Redskin thing is going to be HUGE.

  18. The only people reading this post now, so long after it was posted are Redskins fans and probably those who already posted checking out their thumbs up and down.

    Several of the above are saying “who finds it offensive? Nobody!”

    You need to broaden your horizon beyond the Chesapeake Bay watershed region and Washington Redskin fans.

    Took a poll at my fantasy football draft (in Ohio) and 100% of us white middle aged fans found the name offensive.

    Who finds the name offensive? Everyone who isn’t a fan of the team.

  19. No NFL team owner or fan base should want anything to do with a stadium that is built for Olympic track and field. Ask a Browns fan about how playing in that mistake by the lake cost them two SB trophies. If it hasn’t been for that terrible stadium (and Cleveland refusing to replace it) Art Model would have never took Ozzie Newsome and the original Browns to Bmore.

    I don’t think Snyder would want a city / state funded stadium. He knows what owning his own stadium can do for him. The benefits of paying for your own stadium out way the cost of building it.

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