Victor Cruz off crutches, on track for opener


Victor Cruz isn’t dancing quite yet, but it will be easier for him without the boot and crutches.

According to Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Giants wide receiver has ditched the protective boot he was wearing as he rehabs his injured heel.

From my understanding he’s getting better but it’s certainly not tomorrow morning,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Monday, when asked when Cruz would practice.

Cruz bruised his heel two weeks ago, and is targeting the regular season opener against the Cowboys for his return, with every indication that he should be able to.

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  1. I don’t think the Giants have the horses to compete this year. Sure Cruz, Nicks and David Wilson will have big plays. And Eli is Eli, but they’re defense is aging and injured, I just don’t see it.

  2. My neighbor is a retired podiatrist. He tells me that heel bruising could become a chronic problem if not directly related to a one-time sudden impact. He’ll need to be carefully taped and fitted with custom orthotics to help avoid the injury reoccurring. He said he probably also has mild plantar fasciitis. Both easily treated so it could be worse.

  3. Good luck to all NFL cornerbacks. Please keep him out of the endzone so we don’t have to suffer through his dancing.

  4. Honestly newjerswygiants I am pretty sure a franchise worth over a billion dollars such as the New York Giants will have competent enough Team Doctors and Trainers that they will be able to effectively treat a bruised heel. Especially when the one with a bruised heel is Cruz who the Giants have just given a significant contract.

  5. He´ll be fine. Giants are just being cautious with him, since it´s only preseason. I´m a little worried about the offense in general. They haven´t looked very good, and I think it´s the offensive line. Looks like they can´t protect anybody at this point.

    Having said that, I think they went 0-4 in the preseason in 07 when they eventually won the Superbowl. So, like always, everything´s possible.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  6. Hey gmen23: Just passing along information from a non-biased source, in this case a friend who happens to be a retired foot surgeon and Giants fan from way back.

    Maybe you didn’t READ what I posted? I said heel bruising could be an habitual problem IF not directly related to a one-time impact.

    Most likely, Cruz’s injury is NOT from a one time impact as this would be unusual in football. One has to do something stupid to bruise a heel, such as jumping off an 8′ ladder in sandals and landing on the heel. I doubt something like this didn’t happen with Cruz on the field and his injury is of a different kind.

    SO, what the Giants “aren’t” telling us is this injury could be chronic.

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