Aaron Curry retires


Aaron Curry, one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory, is calling it a career.

Curry, who was cut by the Giants on Sunday, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that he has decided that he’s done playing football.

“After a lot of prayer. Consulting with God. The best thing for my family and myself is to retire from the NFL. I enjoyed it,” Curry wrote.

As an All-American linebacker at Wake Forest, Curry was viewed as a sure-thing future NFL star. When the Seahawks took him with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, he was widely regarded as the safest pick on the board. Under the NFL’s old salary structure for high draft picks, Curry signed a six-year, $60 million contract with $34 million guaranteed.

Curry was a major disappointment for two and a half seasons in Seattle and in 2011, the Seahawks traded him to Oakland for a seventh-round pick. Curry lasted a year in Oakland before he was cut, and the Giants’ decision to cut him ahead of the deadline to reduce rosters to 75 players pretty much confirmed that he was not a serious candidate for playing time in New York, either. Curry’s decision to retire from the NFL came not only after prayer, but after realizing that no NFL team wants him.

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  1. Physically gifted, but no head for the game. Zero ability to read or anticipate. Never in the right spot.

  2. Please tell us @aaroncurryisabust is retiring too? He is the Oakland Raiders of PFT nation.

  3. Hopefully he was smart with his money.

    Unfortunate that a career was cut short so early, but he could be set for life if he was smart about his savings.

  4. If he woulda stuck around in Seattle when the PEDs started flowing he’d still be playing….

  5. It’s wasn’t the money that killed his motivation, it was being drafted by a perennial losing franchise.

  6. A product of the one and done year of Jim Mora. Man, I do not miss him. But I do apprecate what he didn’t accomplish in order to bring about the Pete Carrol era!

  7. That consultation with God to quit is a lot easier when you have 34M sitting in the bank. I wonder how that consultation would have gone if he needed money to feed his family?

  8. stunzeed5 says:

    “Sad thing is, he could step in and START for the Giants, Colts, and Ravens right now due to their pathetic LBs.”

    How do you figure that, seeing as how the Giants just cut him on Sunday??

  9. 80sbroncofan says:
    Aug 28, 2013 12:50 PM
    2009 draft class is one of the worst of all time. It really sucked for the teams that drafted in the top 10.


    Boy, you are not kidding. Jason Smith, Curry, Mark Sanchez, Andre Smith, Darrius Heyward-Bay, and Eugene Monroe were all taken in the top ten. Then later on there was Aaron Maybin, Larry English, Peria Jerry, Beanie Wells, and Ziggy Hood all in the first round. That definitely has to be one of the worst drafts so far in the 21st century.

  10. buddysguys says: Aug 28, 2013 1:15 PM

    That 09 draft is cursed…..the only sure thing is that almost every team drafted a Bust in the 1st rd.

    Clay Matthews is working out pretty well for the Packers

  11. It saddens me that people feel it’s so acceptable to mock those who believe in God. So he prayed about his decision – is that really so bad? To mock someone because they did, well, I guess it’s a sign of the times, huh? Sigh…

  12. Impressive draft pick Seahawks!


    Right! I guess all the late round picks we built our team on also aren’t impressive, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor plus a couple of other prospects who have shown potential. I also didn’t even name the high round picks such as ET who’s one of the best safeties in the league, Golden Tate who has developed into a pretty good playmaker. But hey I guess when a team has so many haters those people need to find the bad pick and try to mock the team. The thing you people don’t realize is that it happens to every team, Hawks still have one of the best recent draft records in the entire league.

  13. Russell Okung is also one of the best LT’s in the entire league, obviously I didn’t name them all because I don’t have the time and this is off the top of my head. But you people constantly hating on the hawks are pretty pathetic.

  14. golforepar says:
    Aug 28, 2013 12:43 PM

    Impressive draft pick Seahawks!


    I’m sure your team has never, in its entire history, ever had a high draft pick gone bust. If that’s the case, then I sure would like to know which team you root for, because they must have won every single championship going back to the beginning of the NFL.

  15. Most efficient player in history..from the player’s perspective.

    He made $172,414.00 per tackle

    or if you prefer

    $7.78 million per sack

    That’s not bad for a career!

  16. Dude busts his hump in college, gets paid $34 M, retires young. I wish I had that kind of failure in my life.

    Really, like most people out of college, your first job is not your lifelong career. He just gets a jump on all the other players who retire in their 30’s with sometimes less money and a more broken body.

    Haters gonna hate but he stuck his neck out to try to live the dream. Not his fault Seattle drafted him, can’t blame him for accepting the offer even if he wasn’t up to the task.

  17. “Clay Matthews is working out pretty well for the Packers”

    As is Brian Orakpo with the Redskins. Kinda ironic that in one of the worst recent draft classes Vinny Cerato actually managed to find a player.

  18. Say what you want about his playing career, but Curry is also one of the nicest guys to grace the NFL. I wish him nothing but the best in the rest of his life.

  19. Awful lot of bitterness and resentment being said about a good, high character guy that just couldn’t make it in the NFL.

    It’s a shame he couldn’t cut it, especially considering his draft status, but dang. Not sure why everyone thinks they can or should pile on the guy other than to feel better about yourselves.

  20. Stafford – Good
    Smith – Biggest Bust in his class
    Tyson Jackson – Bust
    Curry – Bust
    Sanchez – bust
    Smith – Came Back, somewhat underrated
    Monroe – Good, very underrated
    Raji – just okay, sometimes really good
    Crabtree – Not good but not a total bust

    The top ten was really about the same as other years once you look at it but wow, what a bad class

  21. If he was smart with his money and doesn’t have any ego/pride hangups, this worked out pretty well for Aaron Curry.

    Millions of dollars in the bank without the head injuries and deteriorated physical body that might normally come from a long career as an NFL LB.

  22. “As an All-American linebacker at Wake Forest, Curry was viewed as a sure-thing future NFL star.”

    Viewing anyone coming out of Wake Forest as a sure-thing future NFL star is a mistake I’m sure no one will make again.

  23. You are obviously horrible because many teams out there have significant injuries to their LB corp (looking at you Saints) and yet you still can’t get a spot on a roster. I hope you saved your money!

  24. Here’s to all those doubters who said the Lions can’t draft a solid player (i.e. Megatron went two picks before Curry…and the Vikings got a steal in A.P. 3 picks later).

  25. Vernon and Aaron would be quite the defensive bookend pairing for the Alouettes, with Maybin backing them up! Either that, or the 3 of them together can become the fiercest painting team in history.

  26. “he was widely regarded as the safest pick on the board”

    Actually, I remember it being mentioned a lot how it would be hard to draft a LB that high who only had like 5 sacks his entire college career.

  27. I wish I would have saved my posts about that draft stating that Aaron Curry would be a bust so I could say I told you so Seattle.
    Heck I’ll say it anyway LOL

  28. Well, at least he kept his nose clean. No arrests, no suspensions, no fines. Only negative can say is that he wasn’t successful as an NFL player. But he made into the league which is still an accomplishment.

  29. Note to Heidi trolls: A.J. Hawk has been a disappointment. Curry was a bust. And yeah, Mandarich too, at least for GB.

  30. yea the 09′ draft was whack! we picked up a guy who ran a 40 with no shirt on….He went on to break his foot in camp, gain weight at the speed of light become a very good run blocker but very avg pass blocker…got arrested or leaving his fisher price water gun in his bag in Atlanta..Asked for 9 million on the market…hilarious that was but only got 6 mill per….Do you know who this guy is???????

    09 was whack!

  31. All you guys want to bust Curry’s chops and take shots at God. You are the losers, not Aaron Curry. Football didn’t work out for him and maybe he didnt get into the right coaching staff or situation.

  32. @ audioflint – Megatron and A.P. were not in 09 draft.

    09 draft picks with super bowl rings. Clay Mathhews, BJ Rahi, Michael Oher, Malcolm Jenkings, Hakeem Nicks. All contributors.

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