Johnny Manziel suspended for 30 minutes


As Johnny Manziel starts what will surely be his final season playing football under the strictures of the NCAA, he will do so on the sidelines. For 30 minutes.

Manziel, the Heisman Trophy-winning Texas A&M quarterback, will be suspended for the first half of this season’s first game, Billy Liucci of reports. So Manziel will sit out the start of Saturday’s game against Rice but will get to take the field for the second half. Notably, that means Manziel will be on the field for the much-anticipated showdown with No. 1 Alabama on September 14, a game that will enrich the two football programs, their two millionaire coaches, the NCAA, CBS, the companies that buy commercials — basically, everyone except the players themselves.

The NCAA has been investigating Manziel since reports emerged that he had been selling his signature, which would violate the rules of the NCAA’s brand of amateurism. There has been no formal announcement of exactly what that investigation unturned, but the half-game suspension suggests that the NCAA has no proof that Manziel actually sold his signature, but that he also didn’t take any steps to prevent others from selling his signature.

Manziel has made no secret of the fact that he dislikes certain aspects of college life, and that he really dislikes the NCAA. So he’s widely expected to enter the 2014 NFL draft, which will be the first draft he is eligible for. Off-field issues aside, questions remain about whether Manziel is the kind of passer who can run an NFL offense. Manziel can start addressing those questions on the field, beginning with the third quarter on Saturday.

68 responses to “Johnny Manziel suspended for 30 minutes

  1. ….and the spoiled brat wins again….never been punished and never will….surprise

  2. A young man in need of a lesson and this is what he gets. NCAA should be ashamed of themselves. Just make it minor league football for crying out loud.

  3. Why not get as much heat as Dez?…Terrelle Pryor?…Cam Newton?…


  4. NCAA is garbage… They don’t even stand up for what they believe in anymore. Your gonna make Reggie Bush give back his Heisman Trophy & then your going to suspend your active golden boy for 30 mins for doing the same thing. I won’t watch another NCAA game, They have no credibility & have proven it’s not about the athlete, it’s about MONEY!!! Their MONEY!

  5. He has NFL bust written all over him. He should soak up the college life as long as possible….he is making good money and getting plenty of women in college so why leave?

  6. So this is college football talk now…

    Should have suspended him the first half of the Bama game…

    Won’t matter, Bama is not gonna let the same dog bite em twice.

  7. Shame on him for profiting off of his own hard work and accomplishments. Hard work gets you ahead in this country, unless you’re a college athlete…

  8. I would say it was worth the trouble. 30 minutes for $250,000, and he still gets to take the field in the second half? Well worth it.

  9. Dolla Dolla bill yall. Is that what all you teenie boppers on here call it? NCAA won’t suspend its cash cow. They’ll wait until after they’ve milked him and he’s in the NFL to cowardly take his Heisman and punish him for things we could care less about.

  10. So this is how Aaron Hernandez became a “bad boy” during his college years! No wonder!!!!

  11. Major college sports really need to remove themselves of the NCAA ; what does it really accomplish , and can we live without their labor?…….I’ll wait

  12. Oh no, not the first half against Rice. Whatever will TAMU do without him against the vaunted Rice defense.

    Seriously, with AJ Green getting suspended and the OSU scandal getting multiple game suspensions, this isn’t even a slap on the wrist.

  13. The NCAA is a joke. This kid is worth $millions to the NCAA and CBS. He knows it and so do they. Can’t wait to see him play on Sundays.

  14. avg. cost of college (tuition, room and board, books and supplies) at a division one school…. 37,000 dollars.

    4 year scholarship, value of 150,000 dollars plus trips all over the region, better food than your average student, fame and adulation.

    me, sports fan with no athletic gift, still paying student loans 9 years later.

    yep…. I feel really really really bad for them. 1/2 of them don t even qualify on SATs and grades for the schools they are admitted to, but get a free ride and opportunity to showcase their talents for a potential 7 or 8 figure a year job.

    yeah…. poor college athlete. spare me the sob story…. they receive more than any other student on the campus. their doing quite fine thank you.

  15. A 30 minute suspension makes the NCAA look like the puppets they truly are. What a joke. No suspension would have caused much less media uproar.

    NCAA = Sham Organization.

  16. Why bother…NCAA is a joke. And I’m not hating on Manziel. These colleges are making billions off these kids. The NCAA just seems to make up the rules on a case by case basis.

  17. Why is this report on a college player on PRO football talk ???? oh yeah, he is a pro cause he got PAID !! my bad….

  18. Another rich kid that can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. AJ Green got four games for $1,000. Sure would not have received that if he could afford Johnny’s lawyer. By far the biggest issue in society today, there is a completely different set of rules depending on how much money is in your bank account. In every aspect and stage of life the repercussions of your actions are directly tied to your financial standing- a complete double standard between the haves and have-nots.

  19. justintuckrule says: Aug 28, 2013 4:11 PM

    Dolla Dolla bill yall. Is that what all you teenie boppers on here call it? NCAA won’t suspend its cash cow. They’ll wait until after they’ve milked him and he’s in the NFL to cowardly take his Heisman and punish him for things we could care less about

    Actually – no it is not what they say nowadays old man. The song Cream by Wu-Tang was 20yrs ago Cornball.

  20. Absolutely ridiculous. This is why student athletes always have problems, its because they aren’t held accountable for their actions. Im a first day junior in college who has to go 2.5 more years to get a bachelor and will have to pay off 50k worth of debt for the rest of my life. Johnny complains that he is just a college kid but he doesn’t go to class drinks five days a week and hangs out with Drake and 2 chains and complains how he has it hard, im sure he would be desolate if he had to work his butt off for a degree, subsist off ramen noodles and have to settle for a drunk coed once or twice a semester instead of being on top of the world. I used to love him as a player but now I think hes just an entitled brat who wont last a second in the league.

  21. So how does this penalty compare to the penalties assessed against the Ohio State players a few years ago? The NCAA fits the definition of arbitrary and capricious when it hands out punishment.

    Other than being motivated by money, I don’t understand the process at the NCAA. It really is time that college players are treated in the same manner as Olympic athletes with regards to compensation. Base salaries should be set and outside income needs to be scrutinized (so that boosters do not corrupt the process) for scholarship players. The current system does not work and the NCAA has proven to be either totally incompetent or totally corrupt.

  22. Heee Heeee Heeeeee 30 minutes…….He…. he…..he has to sit out 30 minutes against Rice…..RICE….Ahhhhhh haaaaaaaaa woooooo…… side is splitting…..

  23. If that’s all you’re going to suspend him for, just don’t punish him at all. AJ Green gets suspended 4 games for selling a game jersey for $1,000. Good ole boy Johnny Football makes $75,000 selling his autograph and he gets 1 game?! Hypocrisy anybody? This just shows that for certain players and teams the NCAA will just look the other way and do the, “move along people. Nothing to see here.”

  24. I know everyone loves Johnny Football, BUT as per Danny Kannel (a reputable source if ever there was one) on Mike & Mike the other day, the only Heisman winning quarterback in the past 16 years to win an NFL playoff game is…

    …Tim Tebow!

    So maybe no more coverage of Johnny Football on PFT.

  25. The NCAA can’t really suspend anybody with all the irony and hypocrisy that surrounds them. It would pretty much get destroyed in appeals/lawsuit, which if I was somebody like Manziel, would be holding as an option.

  26. This is why I don’t watch college football. And if any of you crybabies who dislike this type of completely racist and dishonest misconduct, you wouldn’t either.

    Their ratings are only getting stronger, so who’s really to blame for the lack of integrity. You get what you support.

  27. This is alot of crying and moaning over nothing. Every autograph hustler he supposedly dealt with said they would not talk, as far as I know none if the videos out there show any money changing hands or anyone discussing payments. I really believe the NCAA is sick of this kid and wanted to pound him into the dirt but they had nothing but circumstantial evidence that any third rate lawyer would have beat straight outta law school. It seems they had 2 options give him a suspension that he wouldn’t fight (30 min) or drop the hammer and get their butts kicked in court. They chose the route that gave them something. I’d be willing to bet anything if this knucklehead screws up at all with concrete evidence his goose is cooked.

  28. If this game against Rice is televised nationally, the ratings are going to be off the charts.

  29. Johnny Football…That name in itself sounds too good for the NCAA. I can’t wait to see this kid in the pros.

  30. What a punk this little spoiled brat is. He is the poster boy for what is wrong with college athletics and the NCAA.
    I can’t wait til the little twerp tries to make it in the NFL. He will fail miserably and I will love it. I only hope he gets hit a few times before he gets cut.
    The only thing bigger than his ego is his nose.

  31. I suppose that he signed 1000 or more bobbleheads because he did not have anything else to do that day and instead of giving his autograph out to adoring fans, he gave them to a guy who sold them. Maybe the NCAA should require the Wonderlic for their investigators.

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