McElroy has knee injury, Simms to start for Jets


There’s apparently a very good — and pressing — reason the Jets signed Packers cast-off quarterback Graham Harrell.

They are running out of healthy quarterbacks for the final preseason game.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, Jets third-stringer Greg McElroy re-injured his knee in practice this week, which leaves Matt Simms as the expected starter in tomorrow’s preseason finale.

Mark Sanchez is currently rehabbing his shoulder injury, and if Simms is starting, they’re simply holding back Geno Smith to have him ready for the regular season (unless Sanchez is well and chosen to start).

The move only underscores the consistent ridiculousness of the fourth preseason game, as well as what a bad situation the Jets are in when it comes to quarterbacks.

16 responses to “McElroy has knee injury, Simms to start for Jets

  1. You peasants did the same thing to the Giants in ’07 and look what happened. J-E-T-S Super Bowl champs in their own building this. Cry about it. Too bad. I am always right so dont even try a rebuttle it will not be read.

  2. The Jets will do anything to look like the Giants … even letting their children play QB for them.

  3. I remember when Parcells was coaching the Patriots in a game against the 49ers he left an already badly injured Drew Bledsoe in the game to just keep getting hammered. I guess he was trying to punish Bledsoe or teach him a lesson or toughen him up or something.

  4. vdogg says:Aug 28, 2013 11:39 AM

    J-O-K-E Jets! Jets! Jets!

    Man this is gonna be fun to watch.

    Oh so obvious you never played organized ball in any sport on any level.
    I bet you’re great at “watching” though.

    Man I am so right. Right???

  5. first time i think i’ve ever been interested in the fourth preseason game. simms has been an intriguing prospect. i hope he wins a spot.

  6. I keep reading that Sanchez is rehabbing his shoulder injury. What is the nature of his injury? Does anyone know? What did the MRI show?

  7. @lrjets

    Oh so obvious you never played organized ball in any sport on any level.
    I bet you’re great at “watching” though.

    Man I am so right. Right???

    Not that it makes a difference when you are typing stuff out in a forum such as this, but yes I did play organized sports thru the collegiate level, football being one of them….

    But I am sure you are the best Madden athlete in your group and clearly the toughest guy in the chat rooms you dominate….Right???

  8. This guy is softer than a marshmallow hopefully this stops the McElroy should start BS ,he’s horrible makes Sanchez look like Elway, Simms should be 3rd and finally say bye bye to Mc

  9. Looks like we can sit back and enjoy more football follies from the Not Yets this year. The season hasn’t even started and they can’t field a QB..!! Well one good thing is they have no where to go but up !!

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