Rivers scoffs at the notion he needs to be “fixed”

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While a throng of kids that stands at six and possibly counting suggests that Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers may want to thinking about getting “fixed,” he rejects the notion that, as a football player, he needs to be.

“The thing that’s gotten to me this off-season is, ‘Who’s going to fix Philip?‘” Rivers tells Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “That phrase, I almost laugh it off.  That drives me nuts, really.

“There’s no question I’m responsible for some of the plays and some of the games we haven’t won.  I’m not going to shy away from that.  But we can go sit in there and watch a lot of tape from last year, and I’ll ask you, ‘What do you want to fix?’  It’s just about eliminating some of the bad plays.”

It’s also about getting the guy some help.  The difference between Archie Manning and Peyton Manning has more to do with supporting cast than innate skill.  Early in his career, Rivers enjoyed teammates more like those who played with Peyton in Indy.  More recently, the Chargers have started to look like Archie’s Saints.

So Rivers doesn’t need to be fixed.  But it’s hard to chase championships when your top receiver is a guy who never really did much of anything during the seasons when Vincent Jackson was drawing double coverage on a regular basis.

Still, Chargers fans undoubtedly are hoping that a little of the blessing Pope Francis personally bestowed on Rivers’ youngest son will bleed through to the quarterback as he ventures into a phase of his career when he’ll be feeling from time to time like Job.

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  1. I just wish the Vikings could score a QB that people would at least respect. That is all they need.

  2. Nothing wrong with Rivers. His delivery isn’t great but it has worked for him. (Same with Stafford) His take chances attitude works some times and doesn’t work others. Last year was simply one where it didn’t work as often as before. No real reason other than maybe a less talent on the end that fights for the ball when it is thrown.

  3. Loss of arm strength (never a strength of his) combined with a gunslingers mentality….add that to the loss of talent at reciever and Gates getting old. Just not the same QB..

  4. Yea, Phil is toast, dude can’t even throw,he used to be tough as nails, but now looks like he is playing for the paycheck

  5. Really? They should have never traded Brees? Are there still some thickheaded people that still think how things went down? C’mon… Pay attention.

    Brees tore his labrum and perhaps had additional rotator cuff damage. He wasn’t able to move his arm when the Chargers offered an incentive-based $50M contract that only would pay Brees $2M the first year. Brees scoffed and demanded Top 5 QB money. The Chargers didn’t budge given that Brees might not play again.

    If any team should feel bad, it should be Miami, who opted for Culpepper.

  6. If the talk of changing Rivers posses him off then I’m all for it. His arrogance is his biggest weakness, I hope he keeps on as before.

  7. the last time they were any ‘good’, with their full complement of players, they had the nerve to show up in Pittsburgh for the playoffs in 08, we spanked them and embarassed them, so dont hand me this crap that rivers needs a good team around him….

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