Tynes’ wife says he is not responding well to staph treatment


The wife of Buccaneers kicker Lawrence Tynes has provided an update on his treatment for a staph infection, and the update provides no reason for optimism that he’ll get well soon.

Amanda Tynes, who apparently joined Twitter on Tuesday solely to give updates about her husband, described what they’re going through as a “horrible time” and said that anyone who is saying Tynes is responding well to treatment is wrong.

Amanda Tynes later tweeted that “Lawrence finally has the right people in his corner,” which may have been a suggestion that she doesn’t think he had the right person in his corner initially, and that the Bucs were slow to act to treat his staph infection properly. The Buccaneers released a statement last week saying, “Our primary concern is always the health and safety of our players and staff. Our players were informed of the situation and we sought the advice of experts, including the NFL’s medical advisor, who provided counsel and approved of our comprehensive measures including the treatment of our practice facility.”

Tynes and guard Carl Nicks both appear unlikely to play in Week One as they battle staph infections.

24 responses to “Tynes’ wife says he is not responding well to staph treatment

  1. LOL? Is she a 14 year old? Do you thing she was really laughing out loud as she was typing that?
    Maybe she should let him handle these types of things. She doesn’t sound real smart.

  2. Oh, I bet the Bucs love this. Good for his wife for calling out those who lie, to make someone’s health look better than it is, to try to maintain the organization’s image. Down here in Florida, we’ll never see a Bucs game anyways.

  3. That twitter post missed the mark just like her hubby’s kicks.

    Just kidding L.T. – Giants’ fans love you!

    Get well soon!

  4. Many times, a staph infection looks like a regular infection initially. Sometimes, a doctor will treat the infection with traditional medicine for regular infections. If it’s not diagnosed and treated as staph initially, it will get worst. Also, a lab test is needed to determine that it is staph or MRSA. That diagnosis would dictate the proper treatment.

  5. Staff infections come in all shapes and sizes. Until they isolate the type they can’t start to beat it down so to speak. The average doctor will take samples and send to a lab to determine what type and what course of action.
    This stuff doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you take the drugs, it takes weeks to kill some infections. She will just have to be patient. Doing better is the team saying, he ain’t getting worse. Doesn’t mean he’s cured.

  6. The Browns had the same issues, Joe Jurevicious had to sue them . Brady and Gronk both had infections. A significant amount of people die in hospitals after contracting staph/mrsa/ necrotizing fasciitis…in the hospital. Its a real problem in medicine these days.

  7. bmorepositive123 says:
    Aug 28, 2013 1:16 PM
    Didn’t the Bucs have an issue with staph infections a few years ago? Can anyone remind me cause I’m pretty sure there was a player or two who were affected…
    It was the Browns that had major issues with Staph infections a few years ago including LeCharles Bentley, Joe Jurevicius, Brian Russell, Ben Taylor, Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards and likely ended the career of Bentley..

  8. jlat85 says:
    Aug 28, 2013 12:15 PM

    The “LOL” was sarcasm you maroon.

    Is a maroon kind of like a moron? People who are incapable of using actual English as opposed to idiotic internet shorthand are the true morons. OMG!

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