Yes, Robert Griffin III will start Week 1

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Not that there was any doubt, but Robert Griffin III is starting Week 1.

Griffin, who has been saying all offseason that he’ll be ready to go for the start of the season, will indeed be the starter on Monday, September 9 when the Eagles visit Washington. That’s the word from Adam Schefter of ESPN, who reported the widely expected news this morning.

Although he has missed the entire preseason, all indications have been that Griffin made outstanding progress after suffering a torn ACL in Washington’s playoff loss to Seattle. Dr. James Andrews compared Griffin’s recovery to that of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who tore his ACL a year before Griffin and managed not only to return for the 2012 season but to be the league MVP.

The season opener comes just over eight months after Griffin suffered the knee injury on January 6. That’s a quick recovery, but Griffin says he’s running as well as ever. We’ll get to see for ourselves next Monday night.

73 responses to “Yes, Robert Griffin III will start Week 1

  1. Okay, but just know there’s no way he can possibly be in pro football game shape. This smells like more of a marketing decision that a wise and healthy football one.

  2. >>>The season opener comes just over eight months after Griffin suffered the knee injury on January 6. That’s a quick recovery, but Griffin says he’s running as well as ever. We’ll get to see for ourselves next Monday night.<<<

    Maybe you meant a week from next Monday night?

  3. Was there ever any doubt!! Can’t wait for all these Skins haters to run their mouths, My man gonna tear you up this year!!!!!!! Be afraid be very afraid. GO SKINS!!

  4. Only problem is that you aren’t Adrian Peterson there RGIII. And you have the extra worry of Shanahan ghosting your career like he did Terrell Davis.

    If I’m the Owner/GM of the Redskins I would be real worried right about now. One more knee injury to RGIII and it is already time to start looking for your next QB…

  5. The NFL has definitely become more fun with the increasing number of these multi-talented, run-&-gun athletic wonders at QB!

  6. As a Hawks fan i’m really glad to see him up and running. I hate to see a great player go down with an injury like this. Also, if we end up playing them again in the playoffs i want him at full speed. No excuses.

  7. Queue the haters…

    Hail to the 2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year!!!

    Hail to the defending NFC East Champions!!!

    Hail to the REDSKINS…and you can put that in ALL CAPS!!!

  8. Finally we can all see FraudIII exposed as the overhyped, overrated Bob Marley wannabe that he really is.

    Russell Wilson will AGAIN show the world he is the best QB in the game and cement his status as the face of the league and become Americas darling while the FraudIII will will flame out of the league in 3 years

  9. You can just tell that RG3 is a pain in the behind to deal with. Perhaps now that they submitted to the divas demands he might just close his over sized mouth for a little while.

  10. Any other non-Skins fans feel genuinely concerned for this guy’s future under Shanahan?

  11. Let all of DA comments begin about IRG3 (whatever that means), RGknee, the “horrible” field at FedEx (never mind Griffin was in the air when Ngota hit him and the field had no impact on his injury), or the Redskins (not so) racist name.
    Come “geniuses” let all of your “brilliant” comments begin!

  12. Remember when John Mara………

    Don’t forget to bring it up and dwell on it some more skins fans…

    Love Cap Man and Robbin
    Aka – John Mara and Steve Tisch

  13. Just note that Shefter has reported no source. The Redskins have not officially announced a starter for game 1.

    That said, I think the odds are that RGIII does start, but before the jackals come out and scream about how Shanny is out of control, throwing him in there without a doctor’s visit, etc. — no one from the Redskins organization has publically announced him the starter for game 1.

  14. I watched Will to Win last night and it made me respect this man so much more. He refers to people as sir or mam and is just dedicated to being the best even when it is unlikely. His wife is pretty hot also

  15. Everyone place your bets with Vegas. R-Words are guaranteed to lose week one. I predict the Eagles win 35-3. I see by the end of the year most of the R-Words fans will be cheering for the Ravens, just like last season.

  16. I don’t think it a fair comparison, RG3 to AP.

    The positions are played differently.

    And with the tacklers aiming low, knees are certainly in danger this season.

    I hope RG3 doesn’t get injured, I hope he has a long career.

    I hope he doesn’t endanger that career by coming back too soon.

  17. Hopefully for his sake Bobby G can stay healthy. It really depends on the redskins Oline because I don’t think skins fans want to see him running around too much.

  18. Here come the “oh he’s recovered better than Adrian” comments. Of course he was going to start week 1 he had a much less serious knee injury than Adrian, and RG3 is also a freak athlete in his own right.

    PFT has an article themselves written on January 9th:

    “Report: Robert Griffin III out 6-8 months with complete ACL, LCL tears”

    Adrian had a complete ACL, MCL, and Meniscus tear and is a RB. They said he’d be lucky to play in the 2012 season. Most people would be out 12 months with his injury and he came back in less than 9. RG3 has been slated from the beginning to be back on time, however, the media can’t just admire Adrian’s recovery, they have to try and one up it by taking a less serious injury and comparing it to Adrian.

  19. Skins would be far better off if they had only drafted cousins and not this self absorbed immature diva.

  20. How fitting this story breaks the day after ESPN ran their special “A Will to Win” the RG3 rehab story.

    Funny how first ballot Hall of Famers (Manning, Brady and Peterson) all went about their rehab quietly but RG3 couldn’t stay out of the media. He is a modern day diva and how fitting is it that he plays in Washington DC. With all the wasteful entitlement programs our government has it is fitting the team from the “nations capital” has a QB that feels he is “entitled” to everythings already. The guy can’t stay out of the media.

    On another note, I can wait until the NFL begin testing for HGH. Funny how just 5 years ago players typically missed an entire NFL season due to a torn ACL, now guys are coming back in 6-8 months better then ever. Dr. Andrews must be unbelievable. Modern medicine and rehab are at an all time high.

  21. You won’t stop until Robert Griffin’s name makes people want to throw up, will you? I love the guy, and I understand that this is a journalist’s job. But it really seems like you’re intentionally making him look bad with these nonstop articles.

    I also understand that we are part of the problem, and it needs to be our job as readers to stay away from Griffin articles until the media drops their obsession.

    Basically, if you like the guy, don’t comment, so that the media will quit forcing Griff down America’s throat until we start to gag. And if you don’t like him, don’t comment and you’ll hear about him less. Either way, it’s time to take a stand against preseason Griffin articles.

    And yes, I understand that posting this is self-contradictory, but enough is enough.

  22. “this is not a story about my knee. It’s a story about who I am”-RG3. FYI Bob, no one cares who you are. You’re 23. Just play football.

  23. @bigbluenationdb:

    SO TRUE! You didn’t hear any stories about Manning or Peterson last year, they just went to work on their rehab like true professionals. Peyton’s injury was career threatening, and no one gave Adrian any chance of being back for the first month or two of the season because his injury normally requires 11-12 months. He came back in 9.

    RG3 on the other hand, his injury was only supposed to keep him out 6-8 months, well in time for the start of the season, yet he’ll be lauded by the media who will put him in the two mentioned above’s category when he couldn’t hold either of their jock straps.

  24. 32 out of 32 NFL owners stated, if they were to start an NFL team from scratch, RG3 would be their first pick. Amazing. The league and the Redskins struck gold. He’s better than your QB. Class dismissed.

  25. SHOCKER!!!! No way they schedule the Skins for Primetime football, on kickoff weekend if RG3 or as I like to call him, RgHgH wasn’t playing.!!

  26. tjr324 says:
    Aug 28, 2013 9:34 AM
    RG3 in D.C., theres no better place to be!…..

    …… be mugged…carjacked…murdered….

  27. Who cares. We all know he was going to start. Lets see if he finishes the season. He still isn’t half the QB Andrew Luck is.

    I’m not a hater of LUCK but what has he done yet? really dude.

  28. Rasta028, What has Luck done yet? Really? He set a rookie record for passing yards, took a 2 win team and helped them to 11 wins, had 7 fourth quarter comebacks….is that enough for a rookie? And all with the worst O-line in the NFL.

  29. whatnojets says:
    Aug 28, 2013 9:04 AM
    What a shocker!!

    I just spilled my double scotch drink on my key board!!!
    Scotch at 9am??? I like your style…

  30. RGMe will NEVER win a playoff game. All he cares about is self promotion. The guy is a flat out bum and will be on the IR by week 4.

  31. redskinfansince82 says: Aug 28, 2013 10:38 AM

    I Think all RGIII Trolls are slightly depressed right now. pahahahahhaha!!

    Nobody is an RG3 troll, we are just real. Skins fans live in some fantasy world where RG3 is a super hero and saves lives. We are not trapped in that narrow minded bubble like you. We see the truth. Major knee reconstruction how many times now and he’s not even in his 2nd year in the NFL? With his giant ego he will be hurt again this year. That knee is nothing but a target for defense. Go ahead and try to change his playing style. The fat man Reid tried doing that with Vick and look what happened. You skins fans need a reality check. Yes he has the chance to prove everybody wrong but no matter who you are the human body can only take so much punishment. Goodluck!

  32. seattlecoug says:
    Aug 28, 2013 12:46 PM
    RGMe will NEVER win a playoff game. All he cares about is self promotion. The guy is a flat out bum and will be on the IR by week 4.


    sounds like wishful thinking from a Seachicken fan. HTTR!

  33. The skins must not be selling enough parking passes to the game or something……This league worries about losing players to injury but allow them to come back after an allotted time to make revenue. When are they going to ban stem cell research from the game just like Peterson, and RG gone has received. I’m still waiting to hear Maclin back after 8 months recovery or the super bowl, go Eagles…. I was at the game last year when RG tore it up, but that team just gave up on fat Andy way before that season started. It will definitely be one of the most highly watched games this season, and I hope to see Brady go down also just to add that in their. Tired of his sorry behind. Let’s have some fun this year guys and keep it sane.

  34. jazsrt says: Aug 28, 2013 9:07 AM

    Does that mean we’ll finally stop seeing articles about him everyday?

    Cause that’d be great.
    No. No it doesn’t Jazsrt. What it means is we will finally stop seeing posts from haters like you after week 1…HTTR

  35. This is the most annoying, overblown story of the offseason. We get it. He’s healthy. Good for him. Now enough with the minute by minute updates already…

  36. Not like it was going to be any surprise. He wants to play. Come on, just let the kid play. Sometimes, no MOST of the times, lessons are learned the hard way.

    On a side note, skin fans are the funniest people ever. I swear, they make me laugh!!!


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