Broncos expect big things from Rodgers-Cromartie

Getty Images

The Broncos attracted cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to Denver by telling him about his flaws.  And now they expect him to get rid of them.

We’ve been pleased with him thus far,” coach John Fox recently said of Rodgers-Cromartie, via Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post.

Former Broncos safety John Lynch has gushed about Rodgers-Cromartie’s performance in the preseason, which will need to carry over to the regular season — especially if Champ Bailey’s foot injury keeps him from playing one week from tonight.

“First of all, maybe there was a little message sent out on his part,” Lynch said of Rodgers-Cromartie, via Hochman.  “People like myself were critical of him last year because he wasn’t really physical, and a lot was going on in Philly, but from Day One, he’s shown [physicality].  He came up and popped someone last week and there was a little extra on it.  I think they’ve done a great job of demanding that out of him.  You’ve got a rare size-speed-athleticism combo, and in camp he’s been phenomenal.”

Rodgers-Cromartie also isn’t short on confidence.  His nickname is “Git.”  Short for “Legit.”

“I’m too legit to quit, baby, I ain’t ever going to stop,” Rodgers-Cromartie said.  “I’m going to keep pushing and fighting.  I remember that song, and I’m a dancer, so that song has a nice beat, tempo to it, gets you moving a little bit.  I’d still dance to it to this day.”

Broncos fans hope he’ll be dancing after an interception or two next Thursday, or preferably after the Broncos start the season by beating the defending Super Bowl champions who vaulted to the title game with the help of shoddy secondary play in Denver.