Giants lose Andre Brown to broken leg

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In the fourth game of the preseason, every team hopes most of all to avoid any significant injuries. The New York Giants were not that lucky.

Giants running back Andre Brown suffered a broken leg in the second quarter of the Giants’ preseason finale against the Patriots, the team has announced.

Brown suffered the injury when he was tackled late in the second quarter. Giants coach Tom Coughlin will surely face plenty of questions about why Brown was still in the game at that point.

The Giants expected Brown to play an important role in their offense this year, splitting time with David Wilson at running back. Losing Brown at the end of the preseason is a significant blow.

42 responses to “Giants lose Andre Brown to broken leg

  1. So everyone will be calling for him to be fired correct? ?
    Oh wait that only applies if you’re the coach of the other team in that stadium.

  2. Coughlin has 2 superbowl rings so he always gets a free pass.

    The funny thing is that the New York Media called for Tom Coughlin’s firing twice during his current tenure, both times during the eventual Giant superbowl seasons. The point being when they criticize someone and start up a lynch mob, They are usually wrong. The times when they should criticize, they are nowhere to be found.

  3. Jacobs it time son! Is it me or does this year has more injuries to players than seasons past? I guess every player wants to make a big play every snap!

  4. It seems that every year a team or two will do this. My team QB said he didn’t want defense starter playing because they are the strength of the team, however the coaches always think the starter that the play won’t get hurt. Bill

  5. The Giants, true contenders?!?!?? Hahaha, they are a well run org but this will not be their year. Zero in the LB corp and secondary. DL will be a positive but JPP is coming off an injury and Tuck is a year older. Cruz got paid and has been out, Oline lost two starters in the preseason. Nicks historically can’t stay healthy. Now they’re also lacking RB depth. Also not a lot at TE.

  6. Sorry to see Brown break the same leg again. Coughlin will meet with Jerry Reese to find somebody else. The Giants GM is one of the best in the game.

  7. Man, quite a blow for the Giants. Hate to see anyone get hurt in the final pre season game! Let alone someone that could be a difference maker. Maybe the Colts will cut Ahmad Bradshaw? Nah, probably not!

  8. “So everyone will be calling for him to be fired correct? ?
    Oh wait that only applies if you’re the coach of the other team in that stadium.” Perfect.

  9. This guy cannot catch a break injury-wise. Blown out his knees a couple of times and now a broken leg. Damn.

  10. rg3andthensome, RG3 wont be back for another 4 games so don’t worry about my NY Giants. The NFC Eeat is ours this year.

  11. Leave to an R-words fan to be pumping his fist after an injury. It figures. But remember … what goes around comes around.

  12. It was only the second quarter and he hasn’t gotten a lot of work this preseason. Anything like this can happen.

  13. trolls, trolls, trolls – the worst anymore are the Washington Racists fans. And people wonder why other teams fans hate on RGIII. As I have said before, it’s not RGIII, it’s his FANS that make people feel as they do. Hey Redskin fans act like you’ve been there before & show some class.

    Lastly genius, it was the league that took your cap space for inappropriate behavior. Had your scummy owner & team management done things right, you wouldn’t have been penalized. The “jerks” are your own team’s management basement boy.

  14. Hope he heals up quickly, but let’s be real:

    Andre was going to be the 3rd down back and maybe take some goal line/short yard carries at best. The real running back on that team (Wilson) is going to be a beast this year. Wilson has to learn pass protection to be the complete package, but his running ability is borderline elite right now in his 2nd year.

    So it is a loss for the Giants, but not as big as some are making it out to be.

  15. rg3andthensome says:Aug 29, 2013 9:47 PM

    And the G Men collapse begins…Wish we could snatch 26 million out of your cap space. Jerks


    C’mon man, that tune was old two years ago. If you can’t think of anything original to say, please stay away from the keyboard. Thank you.

  16. What in God’s holy name were the Giants doing playing Brown in the first place in preseason game number 4? I know that they wanted to tune up the offense but this is ridiculous. Jerry Reese better find someone post haste with the same make up. Every year it is always a front line player getting hurt with the Giants. Stevie Brown now Andre Brown to go along with guys like Terrell Thomas and Rolle from the past. Yuck-this sucks!

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