Greg Olson on Terrelle Pryor: We’re looking for playmakers


The Raiders will start Terrelle Pryor at quarterback in their preseason finale on Thursday, a game that could wind up being the final step in Pryor winning the starting job for Week One over Matt Flynn.

Pryor’s ability to make plays with his feet has given him a leg up over Flynn, who has not played as well as Pryor in the preseason and is now dealing with the same elbow tendonitis that struck him last summer when Russell Wilson took the Seahawks’ starting job. Should Pryor wind up with the job, offensive coordinator Greg Olson admitted that the team will have to alter the offense as Pryor would be doing more than playing in specific packages of plays and because he still needs to develop as a passer.

But that development may have to come on the fly during the season. Olson also said that Pryor has done some things that the Raiders are “excited about” and suggested that those things could win him the job because he has skills that are in short supply elsewhere on the Oakland roster.

“When you see Terrelle in a game, he just looks faster than the other players on the field,” Olson said, via Scott Bair of “That’s what jumped out at me, and probably jumped out at most people when they watch him play. He can run. He is a tremendous athlete, and he’s got the ability to make plays. Right now we’re looking for playmakers.”

If Pryor does win the job, the Raiders will have to find a way to make the most out of the things that Pryor does well while also finding a way to improve the less-polished elements of his game. It’s not an easy balancing act to pull off during a season, but the potential rewards that Pryor offers may make it too tempting a task to resist.


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  1. He and McFadden running the read option could be dynamic if Darren could stay healthy. If they are going to install the Pistol the better hop to it now and commit to Pryor being the starter.

  2. And we all know how successful running QB’s have been once the other teams see that’s all they can do.

  3. Last pre-season game of the year and we have a question mark for a key position?
    And we dumped Palmer and picked up Flynn for what reason?
    I’m already depressed. I usually don’t get that way until, say week 2 or 3.

  4. I’ve tried not to be a Pryor fan boy but here we are. He’s in with a legit shot here and I hope he takes it and runs with it. Figuratively and literally.

  5. Make room for the era of athletic quarterbacks. While Terrelle Pryor may not have the best arm, he’s able to create plays with his legs. Considering how long the Oakland Raiders have been the laughing stock, it’s about time that franchise puts a quarterback under center that can make a difference, not be the best player for the other team.

  6. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Pryor’s not the answer, he’s just the least crappy of the group. So he’ll start, and that’s how it should be. Because Reggie ditched our only REAL non-rookie QB months ago. Pryor will run, and Pryor will break. 2-14 if we can get a little luck.

  7. To the Raider Nation, niner fan here. The tide is turning for your franchise. You’ve weathered a long storm and will soon be restored to perennial contenders as you SHOULD be.

    Despite being a diehard for the other team across the bay; football is better when the Raiders are amongst the top of the AFC.

    Best of luck brothers.

  8. I have been hoping that Pryor would get a shot for a while now. He’s going to bring some sizzle to the offense, and even if he isn’t the traditional pocket type quarterback, his running ability and the threat of read option should open up some throwing lanes for him. He might be able to light a fire under a franchise that hasn’t been able to pull it together since Callahan threw that Super Bowl (allegedly).

    Plus he’s from my hometown, so how can I not root for the guy?

  9. As a Raider fan I am mentally prepared to for a 3 or 4 win season. The most frustrating part is knowing that they will end up winning one too many games to get themselves out of the race for Clowney. It’s going to be another long season no matter who starts at QB. We might as well go the entertaining route and start Pryor.

  10. Have wanted this guy to start since midseason last year. Won a lot of games in college (tat’s too) and can make big time plays. Has put in the work, hired Brady’s old QB coach, and is gaining the confidence of his teammates.

  11. Good luck Terrelle! Watched him his last year in high school and his time at Ohio State. He will win games. One way or another. Its what he does. His only downfall was getting a tattoo in Columbus. Screwed up his whole career. What did Johnny Football get? half game? Really?

  12. At least he will make watching Raider games interesting. If Flynn is in, they should put a sack ticker in so we could keep track.

  13. unfortunately an NFL qb can only run for so long and be successful at it (ask RGlll & Vick). But since their OL sucks they might have no other choice.

  14. I agree with 44mpo above comments. We dumped palmer because we didn’t want to pay him 13 million this year. Instead we pay him 9 million in dead space, and then give flynn 5 million this year, for a total cost of 14 million. Plus we gave seattle a 5th rd pick and a 7th round pick for flynn after giving a first and second round pick for carson. Whole thing smells like dog doo doo.

    Of everything Reggie has done thus far, this one has me scratching my head the most.

  15. “fan4awhile says:
    Aug 29, 2013 2:13 PM
    unfortunately an NFL qb can only run for so long and be successful at it (ask RGlll & Vick). But since their OL sucks they might have no other choice.”

    If you watched his preseason games, he seems to have developed the pass first run 2nd mentality. That’s what he needs to keep working on and he’ll settle in fine. Remember, Steve Young was considered a scrambler before he started putting up gawdy passing numbers.

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