Mike Patterson still fighting for job with Giants


Some of the fringe players will describe tonight’s final preseason game as having their football lives on the line.

Actually having his life on the line has changed the way Mike Patterson looks at it.

After having a seizure on the practice field with the Eagles which led to brain surgery, Patterson is trying to claim a roster spot with the Giants this year.

I don’t necessarily feel pressure,” Patterson said, via Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Naturally, I’m a little curious but nothing too disconcerting. I still have a belief that I can play this game. That’s where my mind-set is right now.

“I know a lot of teams were probably wondering if I would be able to play this season. But I still love this game and I want to play.”

Patterson’s seizure during Eagles camp in 2011 was caused by a was caused by a tangle of blood vessels in his brain. Doctors tried to treat it with medication initially, but he had surgery in January 2012, and still carries a 13-inch scar across the right side of his head as a reminder.

He played in five games last year (after a bout of pneumonia), and the Eagles released him, leaving many wondering if he’d get another chance.

“I feel real fortunate,” Patterson said. “I feel like it was part of God’s plan for me. Hopefully, I’ll find out that plan one day. I’m still here. I’m living and breathing. I’m able to play the game I love so much.”

The Giants have been impressed with his ability, but he’s still not a lock to make the 53-man roster, as it could come down to him or former second-rounder Marvin Austin for a job.

But after what Patterson’s been through already, he knows it’s not a life-or-death decision.

10 responses to “Mike Patterson still fighting for job with Giants

  1. Typical low class Giants move. Lead on a guy who nearly died and just use him as a body to beat up during training camp. Between their lack of class and lack of talent, it’s obvious why the Giants are perennial also rans who can’t even make the playoffs. HTTR

  2. @logicailvoicesays

    Usually I am able to ignore your idiotic banter but today is a new low for you.

    You wish your franchise was one fifth the class & respected organization the New York Giant are. Your owner is a moron that has proven his incompetence repeatedly with his words & roster moves.

    Read & learn a little NFL history, the reason the league is what it is today is due to Wellington Mara understanding the “all for one, one for all” mentality. Mara agreeing to revenue sharing is what MADE the NFL. Had he not did that, your team would be the equivalent of the Florida Marlins in Major League Baseball.

    That low class organization that you speak of saved the NFL & gives your jerky owner the ability to make moves like Fat Albert a few years ago.

    Get educated Dummy.

  3. God [ creates ‘tangle of blood vessels’ in Patterson’s brain ]
    Doctors [ ruin God’s initial plan for Patterson ]
    God [ gives Patterson pneumonia ]
    Doctors [ ruin God’s 2nd attempt on Patterson’s life ]
    Patterson : “Praise God! All part of his plan!”

  4. I’m hoping this turns out for Mike, this man is a classy guy. but as an Eagle fan i would be happy if he fails to make the team. I hate the Giants.

  5. Patterson has looked really good this pre-season! I would bet that both he and Austin will be part of the Big Blue 53. Austin has been consistantly injured and Underwhelming. Patterson has shown to be very athletic catching RB’s from behind down the field as well as taking on double teams and making the LB’s job that much easier.

  6. Mike Patterson deserves a place on the 53 hands down. He has done nothing but play well and dominate in every pre season game.

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