NFL Network “trying all the time” to get Brett Favre on the air


If NFL Network had its druthers, viewers would see all Favre, all the time.

OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger told Richard Deitsch of that he’s always trying to lure Brett Favre off the tractor in Mississippi and into the TV studio, where NFL Network thinks Favre brings a great presence as an analyst.

I am trying all the time,” Weinberger said. “He likes his life, but we will always find ways to bring him on. . . . When it feels right for him, he will do it.”

It’s easy to see why Weinberger feels that way: Although Favre’s popularity took a hit in the last few years of his career, he remains one of America’s most famous former football players, and he’s also an engaging personality who knows the NFL well and can speak about it informatively without taking himself too seriously.

But Weinberger said that while he would welcome having Favre in a permanent capacity, “it’s not going to happen right now.”

So Favre won’t be on your TV much this season, no matter how hard NFL Network is trying.