Patriots contend Hernandez failed to qualify for his workout bonus

Getty Images

The Patriots are committed to never paying tight end Aaron Hernandez another penny, at least not willingly.

In some respects, such as Hernandez’s otherwise “guaranteed” salary for 2013, the Patriots are on firm footing.  In other ways, including the final $3.25 million due to Hernandez in March 2014 from his August 2012 signing bonus, the Patriots’ position holds less water than a leaky swimming pool.

As to Hernandez’s $82,000 workout bonus, which has become Round One in the Hernandez vs. Patriots cash clash, the Patriots believe they have a strong argument.

Via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft told 98.5-FM in Boston that Hernandez simply failed to participate in enough offseason workouts to earn the bonus.

“You have to hit 90 percent in our contract, and Aaron didn’t hit 90 percent, in our view,” Kraft said.

Kraft said Hernandez showed up for 25 of 33 workouts.  He needed to attend 30 of them.

If those numbers are right, Hernandez won’t get the $82,000.