Retired players who don’t have real injuries won’t get paid

Getty Images

Despite the flaws (and there are many) with the proposed settlement of the concussion lawsuits, which has morphed into a case including all retired players, the deal contains one very good piece of news.

Retired players who aren’t injured but who saw the concussion lawsuits as a way to get some extra money will get nothing.

Technically, they’ll get a free baseline evaluation.  And if they aren’t displaying cognitive difficulties now but develop problems later, they can try to get some of the $675 million fund.  But anyone who saw the concussion lawsuits as a way to get a little extra severance pay from the NFL will end up disappointed — and rightfully so.

None of this means that players who suffered serious head injuries while playing football should accept the deal and drop their legal claims.  But players who are injured won’t have to worry about players who aren’t injured getting compensation they don’t deserve.