Tebow works his fourth-quarter magic one more time, somehow

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If the preseason finale against the Giants was Tim Tebow’s last stand as an NFL quarterback, he went out the only way he knows how — by leading his team to a come-from-behind win in the fourth quarter.

Tebow entered the game in the third quarter for the Patriots, with consecutive sacks killing consecutive drives.  The Giants took the lead on a short touchdown drive, putting Tebow and the Patriots in a 20-14 hole as the final 15 minutes commenced.

And so when the Patriots got the ball at their own 35, Tebow engineered a 65-yard drive with an 11-yard pass to receiver Quentin Sims, followed a few plays later by a 14-yard pass to Sims that he took 52 yards for the go-ahead score.

One snap before the touchdown, Tebow missed badly an ugly, head-scratching overthrow to Aaron Dobson that prompted a smattering of boos.

The next drive for Tebow ended with an interception and the next with a punt.  After stopping the Giants on a last-chance drive with 10 seconds left, Tebow’s last snap came with 10 seconds left — and he threw a nine-yard touchdown pass to Sims.

For the night, Tebow completed six of 11 passes for 91 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.  He added 30 yards rushing on six carries.

It’s unclear whether that’s enough to win a spot on the 53-man roster for the man who took the Broncos to the divisional round of the playoffs only two years ago.  It’s also unclear whether anyone else will want Tebow, if the Patriots cut him loose.

Regardless, if Thursday was Tebow’s final NFL game, he found a way to walk away with a win.

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  1. Talk about desperately trying to justify a roster spot for Tebow. Pats with the ball and the Giants with no timeouts, rather than kneel and run the clock out. Tebow throws a fade into the end zone for a surprise td.

    Truth is you could do worse than Tim Tebow as your 3rd string QB. He’s a great practice player and actually can help the team from a work ethic and practice standpoint. He’s useful in weeks that you are facing mobile quarterbacks. I think he will make the Pats roster. The owner is in his corner firmly.

  2. here we go again – more than enough ammo to conclude he’s not NFL caliber – just enough to give the apologists a bullet or two to keep the fight alive. yawn. week 1 the relevant players come out (starters)

  3. It actually hurts to watch this guy try to throw from the pocket. He stares his targets down, pats the ball, long slow releases…….it’s like watching slow mo. Then he gets lucky with a couple a passes and he has 2 TD passes for the night. I still can’t see how belickeck can take up a roster spot with him.

  4. Congrats on beating a defense filled with OTHER players that will never wear an NFL jersey again. Nothing like being the best of the worst out there.

  5. How to say this?

    He’s good enough to earn a spot on a roster. The right roster that it is. I’m not certain that is in New England, but if I were Carolina, I’d rather have him as Cam Newton’s back up than Derek Anderson because you don’t have to change the offense if Cam goes down. He’d fit in okay in San Fran, Washington, Seattle, Philly and places that are going to run their fair share of read option, but he’d be useless in places with traditional passing offenses like New England, Denver, SD, Arizona.

    He might fit okay with some of the west coast offenses because that offense in my opinion is so streamlined it’s hard to flub up while running it. Heck, Andy Reid made Mike Vick look decent in for a time period.

    The kid has heart. He seems sincere, and not fake like Kurt Warner came off to a lot of people.

    Time will tell.

  6. Watching that pick, it was more on Dobson than Tebow. Dumb rook quit running, then didn’t try fight for the ball even though he had 6″ on the d back. Then some steroid ape smacks Tebow 10 seconds after he threw the pass.

  7. Way to go Tebow!! If those are your last snaps in an NFL uniform, which they should be, what a great way to go out! Last NFL throw, only a touchdown. It was a blessed, and cursed run.

  8. Of course he did. Is anyone really surprised?

    How many times in this kids short career have we watched him do this now?

    Here’s the cold hard facts:

    He plays ugly 1940s style QB. Hes terrible most of the game, hard to watch. BUT, when the game is on the line, he wins, period.

  9. And the Jets cut this guy, but kept Sanchez at his Starter money? No wonder we can’t help but laugh at the morons.

  10. Good for him. With all the stories about players with major off field issues it’s good to see someone that does things right, have some success. I somehow think that even if his career ends tonight, he’ll be fine. He’s got a higher calling, regardless of any our our feelings about religion.

  11. I hate the Patriots (go Dolphins) and I don’t believe in religion but I honestly think Tim Tebow has all the physical tools it takes to be a great Quarterback. On top of that his work ethic is second to none, he has a knack for winning close games and now he has Tom Brady coaching him up. If your going to take the time to develop a QB why not this guy ?

  12. Why is Tebow the only QB you guys say stuff like “a 14-yard pass to Sims that he took 52 yards for the go-ahead score”? Every other QB would have gotten credit for a 66 yard TD. We all know his passing skills are not good but he somehow manages to consistently get it together at the end of the game and get a win. The percentage of his wins as a QB that are comebacks has to be ridiculous

  13. Tebow must go. He may be a great guy, good team mate etc, but he sucks as a QB. Keeping him would only displace someone who can actually help the team.

  14. To all the TT haters out there hear this. After Denver started out 1 and 4 TT managed to get Denver as deep into the playoffs as PM did last year yet I never hear about how much PM sucks. With that being said I say that winning ugly is better than going home to Mary Palm and her five sisters.

  15. Tebow is at his best when his team is down and it’s late in the game. Too bad he does not play with that same sense of urgency when playing from the start of the game. Doubt he makes the Pat’s squad.

    Canada or the Arena league is where he may end up.

  16. Timmeh! I think this guy is a good qb just no one will give him a chance. He deserve a chance to run with the offense and grow with an offense. Look what he did in Denver. He can make it happen and put people in the seats.

  17. Right… Two consecutive badly ovethrown passes and the TD was all the teceiver’s doing. Other than that, some running up the gut and not much more.

  18. If he is cut the Packers should sign him as backup to AR as Vince Young isnt the answer and BJ Coleman will be cut.if he comes at a decent price go for it TT.

  19. Love Tebow, but to keep him means on less spot for other talented players. As a whole, QBs tend to get hurt less than other players. If he is cut, and the Patriots had a QB injury, he could get a call.

  20. Brady loves him. Kraft loves him. Josh loves him and Bill does too.

    Tebow is a gamer. All football peeps love that.

  21. He’s a dreadful QB but I felt good for the kid the way it ended. The look on the players faces on the sidelines made it clear they really like the man. Being liked however doesn’t seem enough to overcome the fact he just isn’t NFL caliber talent at the QB position. You’re a good man Tim Tebow, good luck in life.

  22. Tebow is the only qb throw 2 tds and people say it’s terrible or justify why he did it. Just give credit where its due. That’s why his supporters go over board in his defense. He has had success, and i do feel in the right situation can be productive. He performed as he was supposed to last night.

  23. 6/11 91 yds 2 TD’s and a pick with 30yds on 6 rushes? You take his name off that stat line and insert any other QB’s name and say that was his 1 QTR of work in the preseaon and you’d be ecstatic….the kid plays hard, is he the best ever, no, and no one will ever say he is but ya gotta love his game…..

  24. To all of you demeaning Tebow’s stats as “being against scrubs”, you are correct. But Tebow is the 3rd string QB so playing against other 2nd and third stringers isn’t a story. What does it say that the NYG 1st team O took 3 drives to score on the Pats 2nd string guys on defense? I think that’s a bigger story.

  25. The only thing I can figure is that there must be a rumor that Tebow is somehow related to Adolf Hitler as I can’t think of another reason to justify all these sarcastic posts, no matter what he does or does not do on the field.

  26. When Kraft(you know, the owner of the Patriots) comes out and says he’s rooting for Tebow and hopes he makes the team, there’s no reading between the lines on that…..Tebow will be there when the cuts shake out.

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