Tonight could be Tebow’s last stand


Tonight’s preseason games are the most meaningless things ever.

Except to the guys who are playing in them.

For many, including Tim Tebow, it’s perhaps a last chance to prove they’re worth an NFL roster spot.

While Tebow had a clunker the last time he played, throwing for fewer yards than you did (minus-1 against the Bucs, for the dreaded 0.0 rating), he still has some believers.

While it helps to have the owner’s support, there’s a real sense that the Patriots are thinking seriously about keeping him around as a project for the future.

He’s great to work with, outstanding,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “Smart, works hard; football is important to him.”

While that’s standard Belichick patter, it’s at least the kind of standard patter with an undercurrent of respect.

So whether they’re hoping he can be a backup in 2014 (assuming a market for flipping Ryan Mallett by then) or want to use him as an offensive wrinkle this year, Tebow could make it easier on his patrons if he actually didn’t stink tonight.

33 responses to “Tonight could be Tebow’s last stand

  1. He may be a hard worker, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good QB… or an average one at that.

  2. I honestly think here are better high school QBs who could play better than he does. I can’t wait for the day where we have no more Tebow headlines .

  3. He would have been better served by going to Canada for year, working with a creative, QB-friendly Head Coach.

  4. I’d pay real money if this WAS his last stand, that he would just go away, and we’d never have to listen to endless ESPN coverage of him or read reams of commentary on sports blogs about him. Please Jeebus.

  5. Jesus will not abandon him. Watch out Tom Brady … the forecast is for lightening.

  6. As much as I like Tim Tebow, it’s hard to validate using a roster spot for him considering the need for depth on the New England Patriots roster.

    Tom Brady is durable, and Ryan Mallett is a formidable backup. The NFL is all about opportunities.

    Case-in-point: Wes Welker. Once cut by the Miami Dolphins and he’s now regarded as one of the best in the game. All it tooks is one chance but in New England, that chance will not present itself.

  7. The point about Mallet is a very good one. Brady isn’t retiring anytime soon, and Mallet is going to be seriously sought after by teams seeking a quality QB when his rookie contract is up.

    So if the Patriots want to start grooming a backup beyond Mallet, now would be the time to do it. That said, I don’t see Tebow sticking with the Pats this year, unless Josh McDaniels pleads his case hard enough to Belichick. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight is Tebow’s last in an NFL uniform.

  8. If this kid really wanted to play in the NFL he would have changed positions by now. He needs to decide if he’s a football player first, or a fringe QB at best.

  9. I am a fan of football…….I have nothing against TTebow. In fact I have never met him…..If we, as fans root for guys that can actually PLAY,(not produce a highlight here and there) and are valuable long term, why then are we still talking about Tebow….

    If he makes the final roster, I can only imagine him being there because of the contrast to AHernandez and all the bad publicity the Patriots are receiving, so TTebow, believer of JC and from all accounts a decent human being will sell a whole bunch of Patriot jerseys and just might help some forget about AHernandez.

    Hopefully, it will never get down to him having to enter and win a game for them though…financially and to save face it might be a good idea to have this guy on your team. It is much better to talk and answer questions about JC(Jesus Christ) everyday as opposed to continuous talk of first degree murder and what the patriots knew and when……good move Kraft……

  10. I would be shocked if he didn’t make the team. The owner went out and got him because he liked the religious aspect to him and the rah rah rah. No way he gets cut unless he totally stinks tonight. This guy seems to be like a cat with nine or more lives. Just don’t get it.

    He is not and never has been pro material but he is still around.

  11. Read a recent article by a football scout who said Tebows abilities have actually deteriorated over the past few years, not gotten better. The scout said no way he could make it in Canada. They do actually pass the ball and the field is wider so passes are tougher to complete.
    Basically he went on to say, if he gets cut, he is done. No one will take him on in the future.

  12. Here is why Tim Tebow is going to make the 53 man roster for the Patriots.

    First off, you don’t go grab someone with a name like Tebow if you don’t plan on doing something with him. He brings too much attention for it to be a causal move.

    Second, Josh McDaniels saw something in the kid that made him want to draft him in the first round. Then he spent time with him in practice and saw up close what he was capable of. He still wanted the team to go out and pick him up.

    Finally, there is more than enough game film, time spent watching him in practice and general knowledge that the Patriots are not surprised that Timmy is struggling to throw the football. If people on this site are able to recognize that fact, thinking the Pats were blindsided by the development is silly.

    The had a known quantity and went out to grab him. Even if the only point is to have him as a presence in the locker room, he’s making the squad. I’d be surprised to see him active on game day, but he makes the team.

  13. They need him. Brady can get hurt on any play cause he can’t move tfast enough to avoid it. Mallet is Not a sure fire backup. TT has been in the biggest games on the biggest stages and has won his share.

    Tebow is a Pat. Up yours haters.

  14. I would hate to be the last player cut from the Patriots this weekend if Tebow stays. Especially knowing you could actually play football.

  15. Bill will say that Tebow came up with up with some kind of injury after the game tonight. He will then put him on IR for the year and go to some quite location and continue to practice for a year.

  16. I thought he spent 2 weeks working with Testaverde and had developed into a super QB? Didn’t I read some stories about how the Jets were desperate to get rid of him because he had become such a great thrower of the football and were worried he would really mess up the Geno Smith, Sanchez competition?

  17. It’s gonna be like killing your golden retriever because he can’t learn how to bring you your slippers… hoping for a miracle tonight.

  18. Here is a common posting of Tebow from many sports articles over the past couple of yrs…

    “I’d pay real money if this WAS his last stand, that he would just go away, and we’d never have to listen to endless ESPN coverage of him or read reams of commentary on sports blogs about him. Please Jeebus.”

    It isn’t Tebow that writes these articles or makes ESPN talk about him.

    We all know he’s a decent enough person. I don’t think we’ll be reading headlines about him for doing what any number of other NFL players have been caught doing…

    Sadly, try as he might and while he has talent, he doesn’t appear to have enough talent to be effective in the NFL.

    I know there are many good guys in the NFL, its just that we don’t hear enough about them.

    Tim Tebow will be successful in life after football and I’d sure rather my daughter be with someone like him than oh so many others we hear about in the league…

  19. I certainly hope they waste a roster spot on him. Being the egotistical prick he is, it wouldn’t suprise me if BB did just that.

  20. “I’ll do whatever the coaches ask of me.” Will you play TE? No.

    “I’m just here to help the team get better, win games and learn.” Will you play full back?” No.

  21. If Tebow somehow makes the squad, what appears to be fans “tebowing” will actually be facepalming.

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