Wade Phillips has no regrets about time with Cowboys


Texans assistant Wade Phillips will walk into AT&T Stadium tonight as one of the best defensive coordinators in the game.

And even though he was fired as the Cowboys head coach in 2010, he said he had no regrets about the time he spent working for owner Jerry Jones.

Whatever’s happened, happened,” Phillips said, via Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com. “And you learn from the past, but you go forward in the future with a great attitude. That’s part of life. That’s what you do. That’s what you teach players to do and that’s what I believe in. I enjoyed every day, . . .  Jerry Jones was a great owner for me and did all the things that I asked him to do, so I don’t have any regrets.

“Sure, we would’ve liked to have won it all. That would’ve been better, but I know I did the best I could while I was there, and I don’t look back and say, “What if this would’ve happened?’ or ‘What if that would’ve happened?’”

Of course, things were going pretty well.

The Cowboys won a pair of division titles under Phillips, and won their first playoff game since 1996 under his leadership. Even with a 1-7 start in 2010 which saw him canned in midseason, his 34-22 record gives him the second-best winning percentage in Cowboys history (behind Barry Switzer, ahead of some guy named Tom Landry).

Phillips is often cast as a coach who’s better as a coordinator than the boss, but the before and after points to the fact that the Cowboys aren’t necessarily better without him.

8 responses to “Wade Phillips has no regrets about time with Cowboys

  1. Wade Phillips has never coached for my team, so no homer factor — but that guy (and his dad “Bum”) are two of the classiest guys to ever stand on an NFL sideline.

    Nice guys and very good coaches — it’s just been nice seeing these two do their thing over the years.

  2. Wade Phillips will forever be known as the idiot who benched Doug Flutie in favor of Rob Johnson on the eve of a playoff game. I’m not a Bills fan, but even I’m still fuming about that moronic move. Phillips is simply not head-coaching material.

  3. I don’t know whether Wade Phillips is a better coordinator than a coach, or a better coach than coordinator, but Jerry Jones is definitely a better owner than he is a general manager. *bumping two fists together* *re-signing Tony Romo for 6 years*

  4. The Curse of Doug Flutie still haunts the Buffalo Bills organization today, and continues to follow Wade Phillips because of that stupid decision to bench Flutie for an idiot named Rob Johnson.

  5. Wade Phillips is the Norv Turner of defenses. He’s a great coordinator, but loses focus on what he does best if spread too thin as the Head Coach. And like Turner, he will likely continue getting cracks at the top job because of his work as a coordinator.

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