Andre Brown doesn’t think he’ll miss much time

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When you hear “broken leg” in a preseason game, it’s normal to expect the worst.

But Giants running back Andre Brown called his “a tiny little crack,” and said he didn’t think he’d miss much time at all.

“No, I would love to stay active,” Brown said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “That’s how I feel. I feel I can come back from this … in a couple weeks.”

That was a brighter prognosis than coach Tom Coughlin offered, when he said he thought it would “take a while” for Brown to return.

Brown broke the fibula in the same left leg last November, and he said the immediate feeling was much different then.

“I didn’t feel any pop or anything like that,” Brown said, “so that’s definitely a positive. . . .

“You guys that have been around here have seen me go through stuff like this and [be] a little down. But this time I’m not. I’m positive.”

Of course, the bigger question might be why he was playing at all, when so many teams shelved anyone of remote importance for the final preseason game. Coughlin said the plan was to get a few snaps to a starting offense which had struggled, and he had a prescribed number of plays for Brown.

Now the Giants are without the more physical half of their rushing attack, leaving David Wilson to carry more of the burden himself.