“Concerns” (if there are any) won’t keep Griffin from playing

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So Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has gone from reportedly starting but not cleared to cleared but not yet officially starting due to concerns that coach Mike Shanahan said Dr. James Andrews has even though Dr. Andrews says he has no concerns.

And now I need to take two more Advil.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the concerns that Dr. Andrews either does or doesn’t have won’t keep Griffin from playing against the Eagles in Week One.  Also, Jones says there’s a chance that Shanahan injected concerns into the discussion in order to simply make the Eagles wonder whether they’ll be facing Griffin or Kirk Cousins.  Or Rex Grossman.  Or Pat White.  Or Joe Theismann.

In the end, it’s all noise.  Griffin will play.  If he doesn’t, someone will have some explaining to do.  And based on recent developments, it’s safe to say that plenty of people will be doing the explaining, and that all of the versions will conflict.

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  1. Wow…..do we really need an RG3 article every 15 mins? I believe Coach Shanahan said he would talk to Robert and make an announcement after the weekend. Until then, there is no value in these attempts at rabble-rousing. The repetitive nature of these articles has me looking elsewhere for NFL coverage.

    Well, at least it’s not another silly “Redskins should change their name” article. We’ve had enough of that tripe. Pass the advil, please!

  2. I think he is concerned that kyle is going call running plays for him when his knee is hurt and mike is going to stand there looking like there is nothing wrong

  3. James is as sick of Gruesome as the rest of us. “That guy is the least of my concerns. As far as I’m concerned he can flap his way half way across the Atlantic using that ridiculous hat then plunge into the ocean like a seagull with a sudden coronary.”.

  4. The Redskins need to fire Andrews. He is a medical professional not a “football” mind. I can’t imagine I’m the only one growing tired of his meddling.

  5. We have followed RGIII since his early college days. He is a good guy. Robert is not making this drama for the Redskins (can I still call them this name?). He will definitely play again when his body is ready to play.

  6. I have read and have seen so many stories on RG3 and his knee that there’s only two ways I could possibly feel they were justified. 1). RG3 goes on to throw for 6,000 yards and 60 TDs, or 2) RG3’s knee blows up on the first play of the first game he plays this year.

  7. RGKnee is going to get killed before too long. The Skins have been so reckless with his recovery. I get that RGMe also part of this problem, as he isn’t allowing himself the appropriate time to recover and then get into football shape.

  8. You can’t be like ap, he is an alien! Rest him, franchise qb in his 2nd year hurt…think long term, they don’t even have a shot at the SB this year!

  9. The media obsession with trying to find some sort of personality flaw with RG3 has gone from amusing to pitiful. RG3 has proven, from day 1, that he is a class act and he continues to rise above the noise.

    The kid was voted team captain his rookie year. He broke every meaningful rooking QB record and he carried the entire team on his back– ON ONE LEG– into the playoffs. Through it all he never once acted like a diva or primadonna and never wanted praise for playing thru so much pain. He was always the first in, last out at practice and in the gym and he was the first guy on the team bus giving all his teammates a fist bump as they entered.

    The NFL has never seen anyone with this kind of superior athleticism AND personality… and it looks like the media just doesn’t know what to do with themselves.

    Shannahan and co have learned how to protect him (as evidenced by their smart handling of him during preseason) and RG3 has passed every test so far.
    So let’s just let him play and enjoy a once in a generation person and athlete, ok?

  10. For the love of God, can we stop! Play! Don’t play! JustPLEASE stop beating this to death.

    People in DC crack me up about this guy. Yeah, he had a good rookie year, and yeah, he can run. Still, I’m not sure we’re ready to have him pose for the bust in Canton yet. Stop, already!

  11. Plenty of us are ready to hear nothing for a while about RG111. Who cares, it’s everyday, every news cast. He isn’t the only NFL player to have a knee injury and be out for a season, so lets quit with it all.
    Dr Andrews said he is alright, but be careful with “my baby”. It’s pathetic, all the publicity.

  12. The Eagles don’t care who is quarterbacking the football team from Washington. They’re not stopping anybody they have to out score them.

  13. kev86 says:
    Aug 30, 2013 8:51 PM

    Andrew Luck is the guy.


    tribefever says:
    Aug 30, 2013 8:55 PM

    Brandon Weeden is clearly the best qb of the 2012 draft.

    Double LOL

  14. The only way this gets sillier is if someone charts Griffin’s horoscope to report on whether his knee is reinjured this season.

  15. This is just another attempt by Shanahan to confuse the opponents by misinformation/misdirection. He wants them to prepare for two different quarterbacks. If Shanahan had his way, the Eagles wouldn’t be 100% positive about the date, time or location for Game 1.

  16. Shanahan is in a no win situation. If plays RGMe and he gets hurt he will never hear the end of it. If he doesn’t play RGMe, RGMe will go pouting to the press and comment on how Shanahan broke his promise to him he would be the started week 1. RGMe has hinted that Shanahan maRde some sort of “promise” to him so I am sure we will hear about broken promises if he isn’t starting week 1.

    RGMe is a great talent but this is the risk you run with a fragile QB. He was hurt in college and will continue to take a ponding in the NFL if he continues to try and make the big play everytime. Can he learn to get down and avoid contact? Maybe. But when a guy has played the game of football a certain way since grade school it is going to be hard for him to change. It’s just not in our nature to change something we have done for so long. He is going to rely on what has gotten him to this point of his career and when he feels pressure or sees an opportunity to make plays he will do so. All you Redskin fans can do is hold your breath and hope he gets up.

    I have said many times. You can have you ESPN highlights that come withe “dual threat” QB but I will take a pocket passer all day. I don’t have to worry about if my teams QB will play on a weekly basis.

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