Dennis Allen knows Raiders starting quarterback, but isn’t telling

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Terrelle Pryor got the start at quarterback for the Raiders on Thursday night and his performance featured some of the creative playmaking on the fly that we’ve seen throughout the preseason, but it fell short of being good enough to win him the starting job for the regular season by acclimation.

It doesn’t mean it fell short of winning him the job altogether, however. After the game, coach Dennis Allen was asked if he had made up his mind about whether Pryor or Matt Flynn would be starting in Week One.

“I’m not telling you, but yes,” Allen said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group.

Both quarterbacks said they were unaware of any choice that Allen may have made about the starting job.

Allen said he would reveal the information “at the appropriate time” and said “we’ll see” when asked if he might wait until the season opener. In some cases, that would seem like gamesmanship but the differences between the two quarterbacks means that there’s actually some reason for Allen to drag out the suspense. Pryor’s passing is not where it needs to be to threaten teams consistently, but his ability as a runner gives defenses more to prepare for than if they knew Flynn was going to be leading the offense.

The benefit to that is likely to be limited, but the Raiders offense can use all the help it can find this season.

8 responses to “Dennis Allen knows Raiders starting quarterback, but isn’t telling

  1. Regarding quarterbacks………..I belive it to be tru that never in the history of the NFL has a team tried so hard and accomplished so little as the Raiders in their quest for a quality QB.
    Yes they had Stabler, Lamonica and even a pretty much washed up Jim Plunket who they tood from the scrap heap……..but none of these could be confused with Either of the Mannings, Luck. RG3, Elway, Marino, Montana…….or many others. ANd if you look at what they took and traded it really goes way beyond pathetic

  2. @gibbyfan

    Yes, the Raiders have sucked for a while now. And quaterback play has been a big reason for that. But you trying to mention Luck and RG3 in the same sentence as Elway, Marino, Montana, or either of the Mannings is as pathetic as what you’re saying the Raiders are. They’ve played one year in the league. Let’s not crown them HOF’s just yet.

  3. @gibbyfan – washed up Jim Plunket? the guy won 2 Super Bowls for the Raiders and was a #1 overall pick out of Stanford. Yes the Raiders were his 3rd team after he was misused and misguided … Al saw the diamond and polished it.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they started McGoin? He has played more consistently although against 3rd and 4th string defenses…

  4. This team is just NOT ready to compete and are a few years away from doing so. Palmer threw for over 4k yards last season behind a pathetic OL. Until they get a good consistint OL, they will struggle no matter who is qb.

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