Eddie George questions motives of concussion plaintiffs

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Count Eddie George as one former player who’s not jumping for joy about the settlement of the lawsuit brought by former players against the NFL over brain injuries suffered on the field.

George said on the Dan Patrick Show that he thinks the lawsuit might have been more about a cash grab than about finding real solutions for former players who are genuinely suffering.

“Was the motive from the players’ side finding a real solution to concussions, or is it about receiving the money? Because if you have symptoms as a player, and you’re going through issues, with the post-career, and you’re having issues with concussions, what is the money going to solve? What is $100,000 going to solve for you? Is it going to provide the care, are you going to find solutions to your problems? That’s what kind of bothered me about the whole situation: What is the real motive behind it? Because there are some players out there, quite frankly, that could be playing the game of trying to get the money,” George said.

It’s understandable that there’s some skepticism when it comes to going after a deep-pocketed business and getting a settlement worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But assuming the settlement is handled properly, players who aren’t actually suffering from brain damage won’t get any money.

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  1. He has a great point. Sure, some of these guys are legitimately screwed up and care about preventing concussions in the future, but a lot of them just decided to hop aboard the gravy train. And more to the point, what concessions did they win in regard to preventing future concussions?

  2. They should of got at least a BILLION DOLLARS… The NFL has a 9 Billion Dollar yearly revenue? People can talk about the salaries of today, but you have to realize, a guy like Mike Webster made 9 pro bowls & never made more than $100,000 in a single season. So, with this settlement, someone posted it was $170,000 / person… That’s nothing for a lifetime of suffering. Everyone acts like it was the player’s fault but the culture back then was “How many fingers?” … “Two” … “Your good to go!”

  3. He is pretty much right on the money. I don’t think that 25-30 years ago the NFL people were mad scientists in a lab laughing sinisterly at how they were getting over. The medical world evolves like anything else, the more it happens the more they learn. The bigger question is do these former players understand the things that could come of this? Now the league has to be worried about litigation with everything, this sets that precedent. They then change rules to try and stop that. Said rules drastically impact the game, over time lessening its appeal. If that happens the money dries, then the bell cow loses its ability to pay out. I know that is a bit drastic and not all of it may happen…but tell me it’s not a possibility. Sue for change, for better care for their health. The money part of it does leave in question the motive. Do soldiers and police officers sue when they get shot on the job?? No it is part of. Now is it the league’s responsibility to evolve in their rules and care to mitigate the effects, yes. But to always go the litigation route, eventually hurts everyone. This situation is a microcosm of our society…there are no winners in this.

  4. Of course it was a cash grab, but it was also about forcing the NFL to acknowledge that concussions are a serious issue that the league needs to take more seriously. More work needs to be done but these lawsuits at least prompted the NFL to do something about it.

  5. Did anyone see Mike & Mike this AM and hear Robert Smith”s comments? if you did, now that was brutualy honest. To to watch Herman Edwards lock up like a bat at 230 was interesting.

  6. I totally agree with what George is saying. I mentioned in the 1st thread on this subject when the settlement was reached that if the money was taken out of the equation and the lawsuit was about protecting future generations from concussions and making the NFL provide Health Care for retired players, the 4500 people in that lawsuit would of dropped to 450 in 10 minutes flat.

    It was about a lot of former players who don’t get that big NFL paycheck wanting to get a last cash grab from the Golden Goose. If you don’t believe that, just go look at the list of players in that lawsuit and you will understand what I am saying.

  7. I thought the same way until I saw Kevin Fuller (former Patriots FB). And boy, he’s in really rough shape. I mean REALLY rough shape. Not sure if he’s going to make it 2 years.

  8. skinsrock says:
    Aug 30, 2013 12:27 PM
    They should of got at least a BILLION DOLLARS… The NFL has a 9 Billion Dollar yearly revenue? People can talk about the salaries of today, but you have to realize, a guy like Mike Webster made 9 pro bowls & never made more than $100,000 in a single season.

    Not sure what Webster made, but what would $100,000 be in today’s dollars?

    And who’s fault is it? Did they know back then about lasting effects? Did someone force them to play?

  9. I can’t believe a bunch of supposed college graduates didn’t realize that trauma to the head is bad for you. I really underestimated the stupidity of football players.

  10. Eddie is a buffoon many players should benefit from the settlement especially the older players, There are a few guys from my Eagle crew need that dough…hell y’ea.

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